In Nissan’s Heisman House, Bo knows chess and Baker Mayfield plants a (tiny) flag

While not all viewers will catch the reference, it is an example of how Nissan tries to weave in “easter eggs” for hard-core college football enthusiasts, Marx says. “The non-fan would just think that it is just playful hijinks,” he says. But the “real punchline is for the super fan who knows exactly what we are referring to.”

The campaign, created by ESPN’s in-house CreativeWorks unit, debuts tonight during the Northwestern-Purdue game on ESPN.

Nissan is in its 12th year sponsoring the Heisman Trophy Trust, which oversees the trophy as well as charitable programs. College sports is a big part of Nissan’s marketing playbook. This year’s Heisman House campaign will emphasize the automaker’s Titan pickup, as well as its so-called “Intelligent Mobility” technology systems it puts in vehicles. But “while Titan is in the vast majority of our work this year, we try to make it a little more subtle and indirect,” Marx says. “We just don’t want to get in the way and make this into a sales campaign,” he said. Rather, the goal is to associate the Nissan brand with the Heisman, he adds.

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We’re hiring: PHP Developer

We’re looking for a skilled, self-starting, PHP developer to grow our existing team. At Together, you’ll be working on a range of different digital projects for our roster of clients and you’ll be a key member of the team. Collaborating closely with our account management, project management and design teams, you will be working on the full software development lifecycle, taking full product ownership from day one.


  • 3-5 years’ experience working in a dedicated PHP developer role
  • Experience working for multiple consumer brands in an agency environment, comparable to the scale and stature of Together clients
  • A good degree
  • Be comfortable across the stack (HTML, CSS and Javascript), with strong ability to match design with front-end
  • Strong OO PHP skills, with knowledge of WordPress, Symfony Framework and CMS systems
  • Fully capable across a variety of software/tools, such as composer, webpack, CSS Pre-processors (SASS/LESS), jQuery, gulp, grunt, npm, node and Git
  • Experience with development, deployment, and hosting software/platforms – AWS (EC2/ECS), Linux, Apache, Nginx, Docker, MySQL and Redis.
  • Some experience with Google Analytics and SEO.


The main responsibilities for this role are:

  • Create digital solutions that answer or surpass our client expectations
  • Ensure your work is of a high quality, efficient, and works across a range of devices
  • Identify and fix bugs, work on ad-hoc amends and feature requests for existing projects
  • Collaborate directly with the wider Together team
  • Contribute directly to our technical direction.

Why apply?

For one thing, we’ll pay you a competitive salary and give you a decent chunk of holiday to boot. But as well as that, our agency is genuinely a brilliant place to work. Our team is close-knit and super friendly and we’re set slap bang in Nottingham City Centre, so it’s an easy commute – and even easier to find a spot for after-work drinks.


Read over the Full Job Specification, and if you’re ready to apply, send an email to with your CV using ‘Vacancy: PHP Developer’ as the subject line. Or, if you want to know more, give us a call.

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Consumers Look for Savings While Back-to-School Shopping

For many back-to-school shoppers, finding quality items is important, as is spending as little time as possible in the store. But nothing beats a good deal.
eMarketer takes a look at Integer’s The Checkout: Back-to-School and Back-to-College findings.
A survey of 1,254 US back-to-school shoppers by The Integer Group found that a plurality of respondents said as much. More than 70% of older millennials—those ages 25 to 34—as well as those ages 35 to 44 felt this way. Young adults in the 18- to 24-year-old age bracket were less likely to agree. 
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Facebook bans Myanmar military officials to prevent spread of “hate and misinformation”

The ban comes as the UN issues a damning report accusing Myanmar’s military of genocide against the Rohingya people.

Just as the UN issued a damning report accusing Myanmar’s military of genocide against the Rohingya people, Facebook has announced it has banned 20 individuals and organizations from the site in Myanmar. That ban includes 18 Facebook accounts, one Instagram account, and 52 Facebook Pages, which in total were followed by over 12 million people:

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Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update: What We Know

Post by Chris Chapa, Content Director


Did you (or your clients) notice a shakeup in keyword rankings throughout the first week of August? If so, you’re not alone. Google recently confirmed the release of a “broad core algorithm update” on August 1st through their SearchLiaison Twitter account, stating that there would be some broad changes made to Google’s ranking algorithm as well as some “specific improvements” meant to increase the quality of search results. As is common with these announcements from Google, they were vague about what “specific improvements” entails, leaving webmasters to connect the dots themselves on what may have changed and how to adjust.

Although Google suggests that broad core algorithm updates are routine and happen many times throughout the year, not all updates cause the kind of performance fluctuations observed across the board since this most recent change, dubbed the “Medic Update.” As SEO practitioners, we dissect these announcements from Google to try and discern what specific factors have gained or lost importance as it relates to influencing organic keyword rankings. Failing that, we turn to the greater search community to share insights and gain some broad perspective on the impact of the algorithm update. Moz reports that the change appears to have hit websites in the Health and Wellness vertical the most, leading to a great deal of volatility in organic keyword rankings. At a broader level, it seems that this most recent update is a general “tightening up” of the results to favor websites with greater perceived expertise, authoritativeness, or trust within a given vertical or industry.


At Performics, we’ve noticed that, in general, our SEO clients’ keyword rankings have seen a positive impact since the rollout of this broad core algorithm update. One of our clients was even included as part of Moz’s “Top 30 Winners” coming out of the seven day period over which the algorithm change was rolled out from July 31 – August 7. Since we work with our SEO clients to optimize their existing content and build new content to improve their authority and expertise for their given industry or vertical, we’re encouraged to see Google align their algorithm to reward those efforts and make search results more useful for their users.

To learn more about Google’s broad core algorithm change, contact Performics today.

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Friday Reading #148

Good morning everyone. It really is a good morning too! This
Friday is blessed to be sandwiched between National Burger Day (if you missed
it yesterday, treat yourself today) and a Bank Holiday weekend. Lovely stuff.

Some other lovely stuff we’ve found this week…

If you’re at a loose end this weekend, you could do worse
than checking the London
Street Photography Festival
out. It’ll definitely get the creative
juices flowing!

Love award winning films but don’t have time to watch any?
Fear not, Giphy has you covered by launching the first ever film
festival for works no longer than 18 seconds

Of course, if you don’t have time to watch a film, you
definitely don’t have time to read a classic novel (at least, that’s what you
tell yourself. We understand). Fortunately the New York Public Library’s got
your back by turning classic
novels into Instagram stories

Speaking of doing stuff ‘for the gram’, this
identified by Barclays is an interesting, if somewhat damning,
insight into customer purchasing behaviour.

If you find all that cynical fakery is getting you hot under
the collar, we suggest that you take 90, an awesome campaign in its
conception and a great cause to boot.

Finally, this petal-paint
brings a whole new meaning to flower power. Living proof that a great creative
idea can spring up in any category, at any time!

Back-to-School 2018 Forecast

Back-to-school (BTS) and back-to-college (BTC) spending are generally forecast to end up strong again this year, according to a number of recent reports. Marketing Charts reviews spending trends from the NRF’s back-to-school (BTS) survey, and takes a look at key data points from 2018 research, including Integer’s Back-to-School issue of “The Checkout.” Download the whole issue from Shopper Culture HERE.