4 Highlights & Lessons Learned from eMetrics 2017

Last week, I had the privilege to not only attend, but also speak at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco. The summit, which is in held in concert with Predictive Analytics World, brings together marketing analytics practitioners and experts to discuss hot topics around the impact of data and technology on marketing ROI.

Having attended this summit in the past, I had high expectations and this year’s event did not disappoint. The agenda covered everything from propensity scores, homegrown data capture and analytics stacks, data storytelling and a great talk on personalization measurement (given by yours truly).

While I could write a novel on the things I learned by attending the summit, I wanted to provide a quick run through of the some of the highlights/lessons learned from the 2017 eMetrics summit.

1. A Stronger Focus on Women

  • This year’s eMetrics summit was all about us ladies! Not only were roughly 95% of the speakers women, but this year’s event also featured a great “Women in Analytics” lunch featuring Carla Borsoi (VP of Marketing, Nima). Carla’s presentation touched on various issues women within the data and analytics field encounter on a regular basis, and gave advice for building a meaningful career while moving up the career ladder.
  • Key points and takeaways: Insist on being in the room and a part of the meeting – step in and own your expertise.

2. There is Still a Need to Champion Data and Analytics

  • Even with the sophistication of data, those outside analytics teams don’t understand the process of data storytelling or often times underestimate its need. To ensure steady progress, there are needs for members of organizations, big and small, to continue education on the role of data.
  • Key points and takeaways: Showing how data helps drive outcomes is a great way to champion analytics for stakeholders.

3. Everything Deserves a Hypothesis:

  • I loved all the talk about the importance of having a hypothesis and what that means for digging into data. This is something I touched on in my presentation and heard about in several other sessions.
  • Key points and takeaways: Gather smart people to build your list of hypotheses, and remember that the list should be MECE: Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive.

4. Personalization Measurement Tips and Tricks:

  • Did you know that 30% of marketers cite measuring ROI as one of the top blockers to personalized marketing? During my eMetrics session (yes, I had to include myself on this list), I spoke about how listening to your data and developing a hypothesis helps marketers figure out what to baseline, how they want to personalize and what to measure to prove personalization success.
  • Key points and takeaways: Knowing personalization can help drive objectives across all industries, everyone wants to personalize. However, marketers aren’t implementing personalized marketing because measuring impact is cited as a top challenge. We need to measure personalization through the process of developing a hypothesis, baselining and measuring against the key metrics defined through hypothesis development.

My trip to the west coast for this year’s eMetrics Summit was an amazing experience. As a marketing strategist, it was inspiring to mingle with fellow marketing practitioners and experts, especially with such a large percentage being women. And though I’ve enjoyed attending the summit in year’s past, it was an honor to be selected to present and share my insights with those in attendance this year. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

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