New office. New home.

I’ve just realised that we’ve been in our ‘new’ building for 2 months now. Everyone seems to like it here. Not least because we have windows. Windows that let actual sunlight in – which is a big improvement on the last place. Visitors tell us it’s a great space when they see it. Clients want to have meetings here, even when we’re not in them. And the lunch options are never ending. The big things are all set up now. We have doors on the meetings rooms (we didn’t for the first month), the IT works (we had no internet cable for the first 3 weeks) and the sign is up in reception. So now the hardest bit of any move, we need to make the place really feel like home.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 15.25.38.png

I’m looking forward to seeing the personal touches coming through. Things on walls and desks that remind us what we do, and who does it. Mess that isn’t just moving in mess. Stuff that gives a sense of the agency’s character and of the people who work here. That says this is a creative, interesting place to be. I suppose we just need to start creating the stories and memories of what has happened here, so it becomes more than just a ‘cool office’. And that’s the fun bit.

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