4 questions that employers should ask every job candidate

A CEO and head of HR share what they ask job candidates in interviews in order to gauge their focus and hesitations early on.

When it comes to recruitment, good hiring managers look beyond credentials and the idea of finding someone they’d want to “grab a couple of beers with.” That kind of approach is rife with unconscious bias and isn’t always an accurate prediction of how good they’ll be as an employee.

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This week: Tips For eCommerce Holiday Sales, Instagram’s New Sticker & SEO Insights Of The Year.

Happy Tuesday!

This week we are back again with more internet marketing news; we’ll be covering tips for effective social media marketing for e-commerce holiday sales, Instagram’s new ‘countdown’ sticker, and utilizing site search data to improve your awareness campaign.  Lastly, we will cover content marketing in 2019, and highlighting some SEO insights from Google. Let’s dive in!

5 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing to Boost Your eCommerce Holiday Sales in 2019

It’s the most beautiful season of the year; the holiday season is here! This is time for marketers to invest some more time than usual in holiday marketing campaigns. Present marketing campaigns are stronger when they are made festive for the 2019 holiday season.

In his article, Ronak Meghan gives us some tips on how to boost e-commerce sales this holiday season. To begin, plan your holiday marketing campaign way in advance to avoid last minute rushing. Target your audience correctly; the best way to do this is doing thorough research and creating a persona based on characteristics, attributes, and buying habits. Add some holiday spirit to your store by applying graphics design to create a festive ambiance.
During the holiday season, handling multiple social media channels can be little overwhelming. Hootsuite is commonly used by companies to monitor and manage social media channels. Buffer and Lithium are the other two tools that can be used. Your social channels can get highest traffic holiday season through paid marketing efforts.  Run some paid (sponsored ads) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other relevant sites for your e-commerce niche support the organic campaign.

Lastly, think about hiring professionals to manage your social media channels. Experts at TechWyse can help you manage your social media channels, so contact us here.

Instagram Adds New ‘Countdown’ Sticker to Instagram Stories

Instagram has added a new ‘Countdown’ sticker, which displays a timer for a chosen event.  Matt Navarra and the team from later give their rundown (and screenshots) of the new functionality. This new countdown sticker is now available in stories and can be used by anyone, individuals and brands. You can customize it for your story by selecting the ‘end date’ and the time of the countdown, and the colour of the sticker. As a brand, you can set reminders for your upcoming product launches or sales events, and connect with your audience by keeping them updated and aware of your major events.

There’s a wide range of ways in which this could be used – set up reminders for an upcoming Twitter chat, prompt users to review their settings, help your audience stay on track with upcoming events – and many more options to consider.

Utilizing Site Search Data to Improve Your Awareness Campaigns

In this article, Jose Martinez discusses how PPC advertisers can improve awareness campaigns by utilizing site search data.
Custom intent audiences can be used to test new audiences in your display or video campaigns.  For a display ad group, start adding the search terms you want to be grouped. Google will then give you ideas of other keywords you could add to our audience. For video ad groups, on the other hand, Google Ads won’t provide suggestions.
Keep seasonal timing in mind, as it can impact your awareness campaign. If you find out that a group of people in the past three years have looked up for the same particular product during a specific season, you can use this data and apply it to your creative ad.  While remarketing your audiences, Google Analytics is the most valuable tool. You can create audiences in Google Analytics from so many metrics that the platform tracks. If enough users are looking for specific products, you can build an audience of those site searches, and remarket to those users with display ads showcasing that exact product.
PPC advertisers can use all the information they get from site search intent not only to reach more audiences but to build a keen awareness of the product and services of their campaign.

Content marketing for Google SERPs in 2019

As we are wrapping up 2018, there is one thing we can predict about 2019 for sure is that content marketing will become more important than ever. This article explains some of the advantages of using a featured snippet in content marketing as it generates more clicks, more visibility and a higher conversion rate. Practically an SEO dream come true, right?.
Your content needs to answer the questions that people are asking. Visual content can answer these questions too, but more appealingly.
You can create content for different reasons and different audiences, but with Google’s growing demands, we need to consider all of these factors at various stages of content production.
Google has purposefully created the featured snippet to help people. So, if you excel at helping people, you could excel in creating some valuable content.

Top 36 SEO Insights of the Year from Google’s John Mueller

As 2018 comes to a close John Mueller from Google gives us some SEO insight.

He provides us with some insight on Mobile-First; sites that are switched to mobile first needs to make sure that mobile versions aren’t oversimplified & include relevant content that helps Google understand the page. He also touched on content and pointed out that there are no differences in how content in the HTML is treated depending on whether or not it’s visible by default.  Later in crawling, he thinks we need to ensure that scripts in the page header don’t close it prematurely.
Read on for some more exciting insight by John Mueller on SEO from JavaScript, linking to structured data.

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Navigating the economy of trust

Data privacy is on everybody’s minds these days. But while some companies see this as impeding growth, smart business leaders are embracing it to spur innovation.

Consumers want privacy. But we also take eager advantage of products, apps, and tools that rely on our personal data. These conflicting demands can make it challenging for companies to determine how best to both protect and make use of their customers’ data. They can also make it challenging to innovate, as executives balance privacy concerns with product development.

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How you might unwittingly be making your bad boss even worse

No one can be a bad boss on their own. Here’s how you might be unknowingly enabling destructive behavior, and what you can do to make a change.

Dishonesty, disagreeableness, and carelessness are not traits you want in a boss, but a collection of research published in Frontiers in Psychology finds that employees can enable these three “nightmare traits” in a boss and make them worse. If the employee has anxiety or low self-esteem, or if they ignore bad leadership behavior, the combination of leader and follower can be lethal.

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All I want for Christmas is a giant roll of toilet paper

Imagine the joy on Christmas morning as little Sophia or Jackson rush under the tree and tear into the giftwrap to find a sleek new Quip power toothbrush or Crest Express Whitening Kit with blue-light activator — or even a Tushy toilet-to-bidet converter kit.

It’s not as far fetched as it sounds, though realistically all these gifts are more likely for adults than kids. Packaged-goods and personal-care marketers are finding gifts with a decidedly practical bent have gotten popular, and they’re taking steps to make them more so.

Historically, the October-December quarter has accounted for 35 percent of Crest Whitestrips volume, reflecting the holiday gift appeal, says Greg Barnsten, North American associate brand director at Procter & Gamble Co. This year, the brand has been pushing the idea more overtly with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat advertising from in-house performance-marketing agency 87Hundred and Publicis, including a $20-off Cyber Monday deal that has extended into the remainder of the holiday.

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4 Steps to Earning Customer Loyalty with a Relationship Banking Strategy

How Relationship Banking Helps Reduce Customer Attrition

If another financial institution offered your customers or members a better deal, would they take it? According to a recent survey, 43% of bank customers would be quite or very likely to switch from their current bank. While poor service is ranked number one for reasons why customers leave their banks, over half of customers said their decision could have been swayed if their institution had made an effort to keep their business.

Customer loyalty has long been a point of pride for the financial industry, with the average American keeping a checking account for 16 years. But a widening world and shifting consumer preferences threaten to disturb that status quo. This threat is particularly applicable for institutions focusing on products and sales, rather than understanding customer needs, earning trust and strengthening relationships.

6 Reasons People Switch Banks or Credit Unions


How Relationship Banking Wins Over a Transactional Approach

Historically, banks have operated under a transactional approach—product-centric and sales-focused. Shifting the focus to providing value versus simply increasing products-per-customer, relationship banking takes a benefit-driven approach to service. This long-term strategy aims to get to know what customers or members really need to strengthen the bonds between you and those you serve.

By creating a partnership with customers, you’re fostering a feeling of dependability, consistency and trustworthiness. Relationship banking inspires customers to view your institution as a one-stop shop for whatever they need, when they need it―whether that’s a mortgage, auto loan or interest-bearing savings account.

“Experience has taught us that keeping existing customers or members satisfied is just as, if not more, important to overall success as signing on new ones,” Cheryl Parker weighs in, evok’s director of client services. “Relationship banking, and the idea of truly getting to know what your customers need from your institution, works to extend the connection between customer and bank or member and credit union beyond transactional to a mutually beneficial partnership between equals.”

Marketing Relationship Banking to Current Customers and Members

Start with your “why”

In tackling any challenge leading to significant change, we must look inwards before taking action. Whether it’s coming up with a game plan to finally kick that bad habit or a shift in long-standing internal processes, getting to the “why”—the real reason you’re embarking on this journey—helps define your mission with more clarity and improve your chances of success.

For financial institutions shifting from transactional to relationship banking, this introspection calls for a fresh look at brand pillars, including values, mission and positioning, as well as internal processes. Does your messaging align with your vision? Or does the pressure to meet sales quota place products sold over customers’ real needs? If there is a disconnect, it may be time to reevaluate and redefine your brand, starting with your employees.

Embody relationship banking from the inside out

Your institution’s employees are the vehicles for delivering your brand’s promise to customers or members. To truly embody the spirit of relationship banking, you’ll need their support and determination. But first, you’ll need to ensure they are fully immersed in your brand, your mission and your goal to earn your customers’ loyalty with personalized service.

Internal rollout of updated brand elements is about more than introducing a new identity—it’s about getting your staff reacquainted with what’s unique about your institution. Whether it’s through a brand manifesto video, like the one we produced for Pita Pit following a brand and positioning refresh, or a suite of rollout materials, bringing your employees on board should be equal parts educating and exciting.

Develop audience personas

Relationship banking is defined by matching customers with the right products for them—a personalized cross-selling strategy. And while there is no shortcut to getting to know customers better, you can develop audience personas to act as guidelines for more personalized marketing.

Audience personas are structured as profiles of individuals, but are meant to represent larger audience segments with shared qualities—Sarah the college student, Luke the recent homeowner, Emily and Joel the newlyweds, etc. These personas dig into the attitude, behavior and motivation of your primary targets based on data from real customers. They also outline preferences and interests, including which products and services would be most applicable for them at their current life stage.

These personas can be applied when marketing specific products and services to ensure the message matches the audience. However, for personalized marketing to be a possibility, segmentation must first take place.

Segment your marketing

To connect with today’s consumers, personalization is the name of the game. Whether they’re choosing what to watch next on Netflix or the best rewards-earning credit card, customers are looking for recommendations based on their history, preferences and specific needs. This one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach calls for institutions to take on an advisory role for each member or customer.

Developing personas is the first step in delivering personalized marketing, but segmentation is what makes this strategy plausible.

Segmenting your audiences according to your brand’s personas allows you to tailor marketing depending on who is on the receiving end. And while your personas act as a great starting point for creating those groups, the ways you can segment your audiences don’t end there. Consider segmenting your audience based on recent products used or accounts opened, transactions during in-branch visits, or new products/features relevant to their needs or existing products used.

Investing in Loyalty Leads to New Customer Acquisition

The formula is simple—customer satisfaction inspires loyalty, which inspires advocacy. Because recommendations from friends remain the most credible form of advertising, inspiring existing customer advocacy is a direct investment in customer acquisition.

Relationship banking, which focuses on delivering relevance and value for customers or members, is the key to increasing satisfaction and building ongoing partnerships with those you provide services for. It all comes full circle to define a long-term, growth-driven strategy for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.

CBS board denies Moonves $120 million severance after probe

CBS Corp.’s board denied a $120 million severance payment to former Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves, capping the dramatic descent of a longtime Hollywood mogul felled by accusations of sexual harassment and assault.

In deciding to refuse Moonves’s pay, CBS said he flouted company policies and failed to comply with an internal investigation. The move followed a more-than-four-month investigation that also delved into the corporate culture at the broadcast network.

“We have determined that there are grounds to terminate for cause, including his willful and material misfeasance, violation of company policies and breach of his employment contract,” the New York-based company said in a statement Monday.

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