Obvious: AR Made With Apple’s ARKit Would Work Way Better On iGlasses

ARKit may be just the first step in a warmup process that leads to the release of Apple AR glasses.

Shortly after Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month, I wrote that the announcement of Apple’s new augmented reality developer tool ARKit would lead to new 3D sensors in future iPhones. That’s true, but it seems inevitable that it’ll lead to something more interesting–a set of AR glasses–a little later on.

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From Amazon To Emailing While Angry: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top stories ask whether Amazon has gotten too big, explain how to write emails when you’re frustrated, and an ex-Tesla intern weighs in.

This week on the Leadership section we considered whether Amazon is heading toward a platform monopoly after its Whole Foods acquisition, we learned how to write work emails that don’t sound passive-aggressive, and heard what it’s really like to intern at Tesla.

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This is the third in our series of posts from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Like waiting for your exam results, your child to be born, the new season of your favourite show to start, your Guinness to settle, or this blog post to get to the point, time moves slowly when you’re shortlisted at Cannes.

So we were pleased and relieved when we heard that as well as winning a Silver PR Lion, our #BrutalCut campaign for ActionAid was the only UK campaign to win a prestigious Glass Lion – a category that celebrates ideas intended to change culture by addressing gender equality.

Winning at Cannes has the potential to transform an agency, helping us impress CMOs, land bigger-budget briefs and propel the careers of those who played an integral role.

But there were 43,101 entries this year. With such colossal competition, how do we keep winning?

Every year, I look through the winners, trying to crack the code. Because if we crack that, we’ll transform our work and all become billionaires.

Last year after Cannes, I wrote about “Blurred Lines”: the premise that the best ideas in the world usually come from merging unexpected disciplines and channels. Which is why you see the same great campaigns winning across totally different categories – PR, Cyber, Promo, Direct, Film – and why we all need to keep embracing different specialisms.

Very true – and you can see the same again this year.

So here’s a formula inspired by the work this year. In fact, it’s based on all the greatest creative work, of any type. A code so true that I’m going to hold myself and all work up against it, from now on.

Great creative work is Timely. And Timeless.

Timely, because

… great work taps a bigger cultural context. Riding a wave of surging public interest can give an idea unstoppable momentum.

great work is inextricably linked to the time of its conception, to society’s concerns, fashions, memes, hopes or dreams. It can only live now.

… great work is expressed in a way that can only live now, too. It uses new technology, new creative techniques or new media channels.

Work that doesn’t feel Timely is easy to spot. Just ask yourself, could I have made this idea five years ago? Hopefully, the answer is no.

Timeless, because

… even though society is changing faster than ever, mankind does not. The work that makes us laugh, cry, the magic that send shivers through our spine, the stuff we talk about and share with friends does not fundamentally change, and never will.

… if an idea doesn’t contain a universal seed of human truth or meaning, it’s just jumping on a fad. A bandwagon. A gimmick. Another bit of marketing fluff that will be washed away by the relentless surge of content that floods our newsfeed, every day.

we want to create work with a legacy. Big ideas that stand strong in the face of time – that enable us to continue creating new executions for our clients for years, not just one-off tactics that nobody cares about.

Work that isn’t Timeless is easy to spot. Just ask yourself, will this idea still feel interesting and powerful in five years? Hopefully, the answer is yes.

So, let’s try to create “Timely and Timeless” work. If we do, we will have even more cause to celebrate next year.

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The future is now

I met Jørg our CFO in the lift. He raised his eye-brow, looked at me who was holding a handful of packages from Taobao, asking sarcastically “what did you buy again?”  I shamefully couldn’t answer, because I had already forgotten. Every night before I go to sleep, I will browse on Taobao or JingDong as […]

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China Clamps Down on Webcasting by Weibo and Other Media Firms

China’s broadcasting regulator ordered Weibo Corp. and two other internet media firms to halt video and audio webcasting, accusing them of operating without a license and disseminating opinions potentially harmful to social stability.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television said services operated by companies including Weibo — often called China’s Twitter — had been broadcasting negative commentary in violation of government regulations. The regulator didn’t say what action had been taken, and Weibo declined to comment while it studies the order.

The regulatory ban could disrupt a revival for Weibo that’s getting underway. The messaging service controlled by Sina Corp. has turned to video streaming over the past year to rejuvenate growth. The company has since reignited user interest, pushing its typical monthly audience to 340 million people — surpassing Twitter’s — and its stock market value above $16 billion. Chairman Charles Chao is now focused on expanding Weibo into areas including news aggregation and live video streaming. Weibo’s advertising and marketing revenue increased 42% in 2016, reaching $571 million.

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Police Raid Havas Headquarters Amid a Probe Into Party at CES

French police raided Havas’ headquarters this week as investigators probe how it was awarded a contract to organize a party promoting French tech startups during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year, news reports said.

A government agency that promotes French companies overseas tapped Havas to put on the January 2016 party. About 500 people reportedly attended the event, which took place on the sidelines of CES, including then-Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron. Macron was elected president this May.

Le Monde and other French newspapers reported that authorities are looking into whether the government agency, called Business France, selected Havas without asking for bids from other companies, as is required by law for contracts of that size. The party cost around $425,600, according to Le Canard Enchan, a satirical French newspaper also known for its investigations.

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[Vlog] 5 Tips to Google Search Like a Pro

Research…whether for school or business or even pleasure, you’ve likely researched something or many, many somethings. If you’re online, then you’re probably well versed at researching using the Google machine. You may even be well versed in using advanced search and filters. Today we want to give you a few more options you may not be […]

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