From Doing It to Preaching It: Graduate Advice

I was recently invited to speak at a Careers event for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) about the challenges Marketing graduates face after University. I don’t consider myself a marketing expert as I’ve only been working in the field for a year. My topics were exclusively based on personal experience and on how I managed to get where I am today.

One theme that seemed to have resonated with the audience most, was “standing out from the crowd”. Easier said than done, right? Yeah… but not really. There’s a way to crack it. Here’s what I did: I took a close look at what made me, me. I knowwww, sounds fluffy. But allow me to put it into context.

Recruiters take, on average, 6 seconds to read a CV or application. That’s a Vine. That’s almost two eye blinks. If an applicant doesn’t stand out in two eye