Stop believing these 4 common misconceptions about success

These common beliefs can do you more harm than good.

There are myriad paths you can follow to success–but if you believe in some career myths, you’ll end up at the opposite end of successful: overworked, underpaid, and unhappy. What are these myths, and what should you believe instead? For the answers, we turned to two career experts who will blow the lid off what success really looks like in today’s workplace.

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Agency brief: ‘Squeaky bum time’ for agencies?

The encroachment of consultancies onto agency territory in this industry brings a mix of emotions ranging from low-grade panic to total nonchalance.

But my favorite reaction to this week’s news that Accenture was launching a dedicated programmatic ad unit came from Twitter, where one user had an original take: It’s “squeaky bum time for agencies.”

If you’re not a Brit, your reaction was probably a little something like mine, which was wondering what time that is and how to avoid it by all costs. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the phrase refers to “the final stages of a football competition when more than one team can win and people become very excited and nervous.”

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Facebook and Google get their first GDPR complaint and it’s over ‘forced consent’

That didn’t take long. On day one of Europe’s new data regime, the General Data Protection Regulation, privacy watchdogs filed complaints alleging violations by Facebook and Google.

They accused the internet companies of flouting GDPR because they appear to force consumers to agree to their terms of service. The new regulations guide how companies can collect and use data, what kind of disclosures they must make to consumers and when and how to seek consent.

As the rules took effect on Friday, websites, apps and electronic services across Europe were displaying pop-up messages notifying users about new data policies and asking for their permission.

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Gas prices expected to be 31% higher this Memorial Day than in 2017

The higher gasoline prices in the U.S. are due in part to a larger demand.

U.S. gas prices are expected to be 31% higher this Memorial Day weekend than they were at the same time last year, according to AAA. Fifteen states are already seeing prices at over $3 a gallon. AAA says the reason for the higher prices is in part due to the fact that people are simply driving more. The organization expects that 41.5 million Americans will travel this weekend, up almost 2 million from the same time period last year. Thanks to the rule of supply and demand, higher demand on the existing gasoline supply is leading to higher prices, CNN reports.

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Look: Here’s what EU citizens see now that GDPR has landed

The European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation took effect today, and many popular websites seem squared away in having their consent aspect in place. The new regime, more commonly known as GDPR, is intended to provide people in the EU’s 28 countries more control of their data.

In its simplest form, GDPR is “setting guardrails around surveillance marketing and surveillance advertising,” Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst at Forrester, previously told Ad Age.

That means contextual advertisingi.e. showing ads for “Gatorade” to someone visiting a football-focused websiteis completely fine. What’s not is tracking consumers all over the web while modeling data against personal information without consent, Khatibloo says. Most people understand that ads pay the bills for many services in a general sense, but GDPR has arrived to make sure companies track only if they have permission.

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Watch the newest ads on TV from Samsung, Ford, Meijer and more

Every weekday we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new TV commercials tracked by, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from more than eight million smart TVs. The ads here ran on national TV for the first time yesterday.

A few highlights: Meijer says that “Together we can turn golf into meals for our hungry neighbors,” highlighting its partnership with the LPGA Classic to benefit the Simply Give hunger-relief program. Reggie Miller helps Samsung sell the Gear S3 smart watch in an ad that ends up being a subtle suggestion for a “brilliant gift” for Father’s Day. And a schoolteacher undergoes a transformation when she steps into her Ford GT.

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