We raise money for War Child, with the help of Sean Bean

When War Child came to us to help raise money we thought what better way to do it than with a good old fashioned quiz!

Sean Bean made it out of middle earth to host and he even managed to survive the entire night! Despite numerous lazy jokes like the ones you just read… HBO supplied us with great prizes and even some props from the show to dress the room, including a life size Dire Wolf! 

After raising a significant amount during the evening,

Get involved with War Child here.



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Laundry Service Bags Celestial Seasonings Tea

Celestial Seasonings, a tea brand that has been part of consumers’ lives since 1969, is looking for a new spin with Laundry Service.

The agency begins working with Celestial Seasonings following an internally run review in which it was awarded digital media, social strategy, creative, content creation, community management, and media buying for the company. R/GA Chicago previously worked on the business. Representatives from R/GA were not immediately available for comment.

Celestial Seasonings Vice President of Marketing Tim Collins told Ad Age that the brand decided to work with Laundry Service on its digital-first marketing strategy because of the shop’s “sophisticated approach to content.” He says that Laundry Service is able to create content with unique messages for specific audiences along different paths to purchase.

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Social Media and the Festival Season

Social Media and the Festival Season

It’s the time of year when festival ticket releases flood the land, with more and more new events being announced each time. However, it wasn’t always this way and the number of attendees grows each year thanks to the relationship between social media and the festival season.

30.9 million people attended festivals in 2016 compared to 27.7 million the year before. It’s a business that keeps on growing because of its collaboration with social media.

Music Industry V Social Media

The music business has integrated with social media and technology and has benefited vastly from it. Anyone can upload a video of them singing for the world to see and people can stream music seamlessly for a set price a month. Originally, the music industry was fighting a battle with social media that they were losing – people were taking artists’ music and posting it for themselves, which meant a great loss in profits. However, the festival industry seems to be the music business’s fight back against social platforms. They’ve manipulated social media for their benefit – targeting people as soon as they’ve bought a festival tickets with advertisements tailored to their interests.

The Journey of Live Music to the Stage

Live music was transported and visualised. With footage of festivals being shared and used in artists’ actual music videos, the world of laser shows, pushy crowds and overpriced beer entered our screens. Such a variety of acts, meant a bigger crowd was drawn in, and more specific groups were targeted.

Social media means we can relive not only our own experiences at a music festival, but also our friends’ and other attendees’ weekends at the event. We can get an idea of what the festival will be like, before we even go. A lot of buzz is created around a festival, before the tickets even go on sale. Social profiles will often release the line-up week by week, with the promise of more acts to be announced.

Serious FOMO

Festivals have pushed this FOMO disorder upon all social media users – the new found fear of missing out. When we see videos of everyone having a great time and jumping up and down to a rhythmic beat, we feel like we’ve missed out on a good time. Festival ideology plays upon this idea of being in the ‘in’ crowd and if you aren’t there, then you’ve missed a whole weekend of fun and frolics. It’s the same reason why people revisit festivals every year – they couldn’t bear to see a phenomenal video from the event, the one summer they choose not to go.

This sense of community created on social media has really made a cult-like group that oozes ‘if you weren’t there, then you won’t understand it’. Pictures celebrities post of themselves at festivals also push this socialite group, with the promise you may bump into a famous face when you’re there. Coachella is one of the most aesthetically pleasing festivals with its beautiful setting and Instagram-friendly backgrounds. It promotes a lifestyle through its presence on social media, that makes it more of a brand than a festival.

Summer of The ‘Gram

Instagram becomes the hotspot for the weekend, with users posting pictures of their new outfits, glamped out tents or videos of the acts performing. It’s such a trend, that often artists will ask people to simply enjoy the music and put their phones away, instead of watching them perfrom through their screen. Some festivals promote hashtags with the promise of appearing on a stage’s big screen if they hashtag the event’s name. Thus the Summer not only becomes months of festivals and music, but also creates a spike in denim shorts sales, glitter and selfies with blurred singers on stages.

Social media and the festival season have created a romance that just keeps going from strength to strength and it is certainly a relationship that will only grow and expand over the next few years.

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Mark Zuckerberg wants you to call your member of Congress to support Dreamers

The Facebook CEO posted his plea on Wednesday. In it, he says Congress’s ability to pass DACA legislation that will protect Dreamers is ultimately “a basic question of whether our government works.” Zuckerberg has been an outspoken proponent of Dreamers in the past, as have most tech leaders. Recently he cofounded FWD.us, a lobbying group …

The Facebook CEO posted his plea on Wednesday. In it, he says Congress’s ability to pass DACA legislation that will protect Dreamers is ultimately “a basic question of whether our government works.” Zuckerberg has been an outspoken proponent of Dreamers in the past, as have most tech leaders. Recently he cofounded FWD.us, a lobbying group focused on immigration issues.

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Evian Will Make All Its Water Bottles Out Of 100% Recycled Plastic

Can the bottled water industry solve its sustainability problem?

One million plastic bottles are sold around the world each minute. Most are used for bottled water, and most end up in the trash. As demand for bottled water grows–particularly in China–so does the bottle problem. By 2021, humans will use an estimated half a trillion bottles plastic bottles a year.

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Whether You’re Acquiring or Exiting, Do Your Diligence

Selling a company can be plagued with pitfalls. A good guide can make all the difference.

Navigating the sale of your company is difficult whether you’re a startup rookie negotiating your first exit or a wizened executive brokering a massive corporate deal. Teams will inevitably get drawn into the minutiae of due diligence—an issue that gets amplified if there’s no dedicated business development group or if your company doesn’t have experience with mergers and acquisitions.

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Marketer’s Brief: Guinness Takes the Buzz Out, Halo Top Picks Agency

Halo Top scoops up an agency of record

Ice cream brand Halo Top named agency and consultancy Wolfgang as its first agency of record. The agency selection comes as Halo Top, an Ad Age Marketer of the Year, continues to broaden its outreach amid growing competition in the lower-fat, lower-calorie, higher-protein ice cream segment. Last summer, it ran an online campaign from Red Tettemer O’Connell & Partners, followed by a 90-second spot featuring a woman being force-fed ice cream, directed by Mike Diva. Wolfgang says it will work on Halo Top’s strategy, creative and production. The agency’s first work is expected to break later this year.

Just a massage, no more, please

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Facebook Investigating Possible Russia Meddling in Brexit

Facebook is expanding a U.K. investigation into possible interference by Russia ahead of the country’s 2016 election to exit the European Union, after facing pressure from lawmakers who were unsatisfied with an earlier probe by the social media company.

Facebook and Twitter previously told U.K. lawmakers that they found minimal use of their platforms compared to the more comprehensive Russian misinformation campaign ahead of the U.S. presidential election. The companies reached that conclusion by analyzing accounts U.S. intelligence officials said were used during the American election. British policy makers have pressed the companies to investigate further to see if Russia had used other methods on social media to influence the important EU vote.

“We are committed to making all reasonable efforts to establish whether or not there was coordinated activity similar to that which was found in the U.S. and will report back to you as soon as the work has been completed,” Facebook’s policy director, Simon Milner, said in a letter Wednesday to the members of a House of Commons panel investigating the use of social media to spread misinformation ahead of the EU referendum.

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Martin Lands #3 On 2017 YouTube Ad Leaderboard

Here Are the 4 Creative Agencies That Ruled YouTube in 2017


January 10, 2018

Each month, Google and Adweek present the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, a listing of the 10 most-watched commercials on YouTube in the prior month—with the caveat being that the spots must have significant organic views, not primarily paid views.

Google has now looked through all of the 2017 Ads Leaderboards and identified the creative agencies that placed the most spots on the monthly lists throughout the year.

Below are the results.

Runner-Up: The Martin Agency

YouTube Ads Leaderboard placements in 2017: 4

Sample spot: Geico – Triangle Solo

When was the last time you noticed the triangle player in an orchestra? The Martin Agency took an often neglected instrument and gave it a moment in 2017. The ad was watched by millions and even inspired a series of equally funny parodies across YouTube.

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SHOOT Names GEICO Game Night Top Video of 2017

Comedy Spots Dominate SHOOT’s Ten Most Watched Videos of 2017

A rundown of the top 35 videos of the year from our ScreenWork gallery

By Shoot Staff Reporter

Of the 10 most viewed SHOOT videos of 2017, eight were marked by humor, perhaps reflecting the need for comic relief during what many regard as serious, trying times for society at large. 

Indeed the need to get away from it all was the theme driving the entry which generated the most views of 2017–Booking.com’s “Kindergarten” directed by Jared Hess of Community Films for Deutsch. In the spot, a beleaguered kindergarten teacher surrounded by classroom chaos talks of how she values her precious vacation time, which she gets the most out of thanks to Booking.com.

The second most viewed SHOOT video of 2017 yielded more comedy–Little Caesars’ “#1 Dad” directed by Mike Warzin of production house Arts & Sciences for agency Barton F. Graf, New York. In this commercial, a dad pays the price for not bringing home the Little Caesars “Extra Most Bestest” pizza which has the most cheese and pepperoni at an unbelievably low pricetag. Going to somewhere other than Little Caesars and paying more for less toppings is a big mistake. A father makes this mistake and as a result, his son demotes him, stripping the #1 off his cap. So the “#1 Dad” is demoted to just “Dad.”

The year’s #3 entry, Lexus’ “Man & Machine,” takes a break from comedy and moves into the visually driven, stylized arena compliments of director Jonas Akerlund via Serial Pictures for agency Team One. “Man & Machine” features dancer Lil Buck and the single from Sia titled “Move Your Body.” The spot parallels the relationship between the shapes and movements of the human form and the power and athleticism of Lexus’ most premium models. Minnie Driver debuts as the new voice of Lexus, introducing the new global tagline, “Experience Amazing.”

Finishing fourth and returning to the comedy discipline in SHOOT’s 2017 video derby was Nissan Titan trucks’ “No Lazy Horses” directed by the Traktor collective of production houses Supply & Demand and Traktor for TBWAChiatDay New York. When a guy’s truck conks out, he lifts up the hood to reveal how powerless his horsepower had made him. Under the hood are hybrid human/horse characters (actually folks in cheesy horse costumes) who are lazy and insist that in order to rev up they need the gent to sing a ridiculous “Pretty Pretty Pony” song and then accompany it with a dance. At the mercy of his “lazy horses,” the man sings and dances only to be seen by the driver of a Nissan Titan truck who stops to lend a hand, thus rescuing our song-and-dance man. TBWAChiatDay turned to humor in a product category not known for it. Titan disrupted the myth that to be a serious truck, you need serious advertising. Comedy appeals to the younger truck buyer–as does the Titan which sports a customer base that has tapped into the GenX demographic.

GEICO continues the laughter with the #5 entry, “Game Night” directed by Randy Krallman of Smuggler for The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. In the piece, a neighborhood game night gets a little tense as people become a bit exasperated as they try to guess what a sloth is drawing (at a painfully slow pace). At the end of the ad, a spokesperson relates: “As long as sloths are slow, you can count on GEICO saving folks money.”