360i Adds Jacob Davis as VP, Search & Performance Marketing

We’re pleased to welcome digital media veteran Jacob Davis to 360i as Vice President of Search & Performance Marketing. In this newly created role, Jacob will be responsible for leading new business search engagements, bolstering strategic search products and partnerships, and publicly stewarding the agency’s search practice through thought leadership.

Jacob Davis

Jacob brings more than 12 years of client and agency-side experience to the role—years spent building teams, leading optimization efforts, and running clients from initial opportunity engagement to full operational capacity.

“Search continues to be a cornerstone of our media practice, and a vital part of our overall business,” notes 360i CEO Jared Belsky. “360i has built a reputation as a leading innovator in search, so it was important that we find someone with the passion, expertise, and leadership experience necessary to maintain that tradition. Jacob possesses a powerful curiosity, and an openness to novel ideas that makes him a natural innovator. At the same time, his charisma and communications skills will be invaluable as we begin to execute our business development strategy for the year ahead. I couldn’t be more excited to have him aboard.”

Prior to joining the 360i media team, Jacob served as VP, Head of Search at the digital marketing agency iCrossing, where he managed paid and organic search for the company’s entire client portfolio. Before that, he filled leadership positions for a number of agencies and global brands including Havas Media, Neo@Ogilvy, and Hilton Hotels. Jacob’s agency experience has put him to work for some of the biggest names in marketing, including Lego, Microsoft, AAA, IBM, AutoZone, Tyson Foods, Liberty Mutual, Comcast, and TD Bank.

“360i is something of an icon within the field, so it’s truly an honor to be joining the team here,” said Jacob. “So much is changing right now in the world of search and performance marketing—from the rise of voice and semantic search to the rollout of the mobile first index. I can’t think of an agency that’s better positioned to capitalize on that change and lead its clients into the future of search and performance marketing.”

360i has been a longstanding pioneer in search since its founding in 1998, when Google was redefining how consumers searched for information. Twenty years later, the agency has been named a Leader by Forrester Research in “The Forrester Wave: Search Marketing Agencies” five times, with the latest report stating “Marketers will appreciate this agency’s ability to stay on top of trends but also have a level-headed perspective on what is industry hype versus real market changes.”

Jacob’s hiring marks the latest in a string of notable promotions and additions across the 360i leadership roster, which this year has also seen the appointment of Jared Belsky as CEO, the promotion of Abbey Klaassen as NY President, and the addition of Raig Adolfo and Doug Rozen as the agency’s new Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Media Officer, respectively. In early 2018 the agency was named Adweek’s Breakthrough Media Agency of the Year, and recognized in Ad Age’s A-List issue for the eighth consecutive year.

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Think Forward 2019: The key trends to know

To mark the release of our latest Think Forward trends report, last week we hosted an early morning event on the key trends to look out for in 2019. Our Associate Editorial Director, Rhiain Temple was there to absorb and report on the morning’s highlights.

Our Head of R&I, Paul Greenwood and Strategy Director Caroline Lucas-Garner welcomed Lululemon’s Manager, Brand & Digital, Europe, Bronwen Foster-Butler, Cameron-James Wilson, the creator of the world’s first digital supermodel, Shudu and Platform 13 Founder, Leila Faatar to discuss their views on the trends to look out for in 2019.

First things first, the headlines from the report:

Social media has made the world an increasingly borderless place. The ultimate representation of globalisation and its gradual blending of cultures, it has allowed people to come together to share similar experiences across cultural divides.

But, what has that led to in 2018? Caroline and Paul put it down to the following three key behavioural changes:

  1. People have found their identities are under threat
  2. Some have rallied against social
  3. Many have taken control back of their data

Some brands have taken these change of behaviours as an opportunity to use social as a platform for change. Take Levi’s firm stance on gun control, Nike’s support of Kaepernick’s stand against bigotry, Diesel’s Hate Couture, Bonobos’ #EvolveTheDefinition of masculinity and Mercedes Tough Conversations campaign.

But, while some brands have entered the bear pit and succeeded, there are many who are afraid to jump in due to fear. Fears to commit, to have an opinion, to stand up for something and fear of audience alienation and reprisal.

Caroline, however, notes that audiences have reasonable expectations from brands. People expect honesty and proper representation and this is why our 2019 Think Forward report delves into the complex web of consumer identity.

It’s time to get trendy as Paul talks through the six social drivers that were the backbone of the report; certainty, connection, belonging, status, progression and conscience. Now, on to the report itself.

Think Forward 2019: The Nine Trends
Caroline and Paul took us through the nine key trends from the report:

  1. Social Standing
    Leading brands have taken a hard line on hate and publicly stuck by their values
  2. Fake Authenticity
    Synthetic influencers like Shudu and Lil Miquela prove that deliberate fakeness can be positive
  3. Local Legitimacy
    Consumers are doubling down on their local identities in the face of globalisation
  4. Collective AI
    Brands are utilising big data and machine learning to tap into trends
  5. New Masculinity
    The masculine debate is raging. Some brands have become passive mediators
  6. Memes Go Niche
    This branch of memes offers insights into hard-to-reach audience behaviours
  7. Minority Impact
    Marginalised groups are driving social’s biggest conversations and defining culture
  8. Democratising Data
    Many consumers feel duped and want to retake control of their own data
  9. Right Now Crowd
    Live video has left pre-recorded behind and created IRL watercooler moments

With these trends brands need to ask themselves, what are the benefits of tapping into them, what are the potential pitfalls and, finally, how brave and ready are you to get stuck in?

Thankfully, our panel may have some of the answers as Caroline and Paul open up the discussion with them.

Firstly, how has social impacted identity in 2018?
“The question of who are you has never been more prevalent than in 2018. Identity has really blown up”, says Cameron. Social has given us the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes and it’s important that we do that. Another question that social has asked when it comes to identity, is the difference between roots and community. “What is it to belong and where you come from versus who you choose to be and where you choose to live is a live discussion right now and it’s an interesting one,” says Leila.

For Bronwen, it’s awareness of the echo chamber among your community that has led to a lot of questions around identity. “We have to ask why things caught us off-guard,” she notes.

Could a brand have different identities?
The general consensus among the panel was yes, as long as the brand had one unified message. Leila says: “It’s about an exploration of truth. You need to deliver the same messages to different audiences, but there always needs to be a truth”.

For Cameron, different identities are key to his work. He says he has one message that he delivers in different ways but it’s always a unified message.

What are the tensions between creativity and authenticity for brands?
Authenticity remains king in the world of influencers. “It’s not about the millions of followers, it’s more about the difference people are making in the world. For brands, Leila says “work with people who are shaping the world, not taking pictures of it”. Cameron adds; “what people want isn’t an authentic end product, it’s authentic intent.”

Finally, what are the big trends around social standing and how do brands enter these conversations?
Across the board, our panel agreed that a brand has to back itself when it comes to discussions around social issues. “It’s got to back up what you stand for as a brand. You have to walk the walk and don’t be afraid to be bold.” To finish the discussion, Leila had a bold comment on her take on things; “brands can change the world.”

Download a copy of our Think Forward 2019 report here.

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CPG Brands: Inspire Customer Loyalty with Emotional Connections

Connect Consumers to Your CPG Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

Business owners, marketers, consumers—no matter our titles, at our core, we’re all human. As humans, we crave connection above all else. Although those connections were once reserved for people, places and things close to our hearts, the desire to create emotional, personal ties now stretches to the brands we choose to do business with.

Today’s consumers aren’t just studying product features and specs—they want to connect with the brand behind the product. They want the story behind the what and the why.

As Richard Branson once said, “The art of storytelling can be used to drive change. Today, if you want to succeed in business, you have to be a storyteller.”

Evok’s own Heather Glenn, senior account manager with a focus on CPG, adds, “Stories are more influential than facts or product attributes—they give your audience something to relate to. This approach creates a powerful relationship and establishes loyalty, and loyalty is hard to displace.”

Building connections between your brand and your audience isn’t a single action, it’s a process. And that includes getting to know each other, establishing trust with unwavering honesty and being there when your customers need you. Here’s a closer look at what that means.

Tell Your Story

Every brand has a story to tell. Whether it outlines humble beginnings or the values driving your business model, your story is uniquely yours and, in a saturated space, it may be the key to setting your company apart from competition.

A brand story makes your company—an impersonal, intangible, corporate entity—something your customers can connect to. Your story gives your brand life.

But sharing your story is about more than adding a blurb to your website. The medium should match the message. How you share your story is just as important as what you’re sharing.

On a mission to “bring Soul to the people,” boutique fitness leader SoulCycle infused their brand story into every aspect of the rider experience. From “Find Your Soul,” murals to candle-lit classes and instructors who double as motivational speakers, their indoor cycling studios embody their brand narrative. The connections forged in those dark, deafeningly loud rooms reach a deeply personal level, creating legions of die-hard advocates willing—and eager—to pay $25 for each 45-minute ride.

Sockwell, designers and makers of style-driven compression socks, takes a different approach to sharing their story, outlining on their in-depth design process in a video. Told by Sockwell’s VP of Design, Mercedes Marchand, the brand’s story includes personal anecdotes and accomplishments, bringing that all-important human element consumers search for.

Get Real with What’s Important

Here’s something to think about—94% of consumers say they’re likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. On top of that, 86% of people report authenticity is important when choosing which brands to support.

For brands, that transparency and authenticity can take on a variety of different values and meanings, from corporate social responsibility and activism, to fair-trade sourcing and sustainable manufacturing practices. No matter how you define it, consumers are asking brands to stand up for what they believe in, rather than hiding behind press-friendly statements crafted by PR professionals.

At the same time, transparency for marketing’s sake defeats the purpose. When it comes to authenticity, trying is failing—think Yoda and “do or do not.”

Jumping on social activism causes that don’t align with your values or feel like marketing ploys can—and often does—backfire. Your customers can smell disingenuous content from a mile away. Instead, shine a light on your brand’s values and mission, and how they drive the actions you take.

Committed to making quality eyewear accessible for all, Warby Parker has donated over 4 million pairs of glasses through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. Oleificio Zucchi, an Italian extra virgin olive oil brand dedicated to ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, includes a scannable code on every bottle that lets customers trace the exact origin of the olives used to create that blend. These brands’ efforts are successful because they are honest, impactful and driven by their individual values, not sales goals.

Inspire, Nurture and Reward Loyalty

Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to ten times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It’s one of the first things most of us learned about business, and a testament to why creating connections doesn’t end once you convert a prospect into a customer.

But just like any other relationship, nurturing connections between your brand and your customers takes work. It means listening to their wants, needs and goals, then responding, not reacting, to them. It’s recognizing that they chose to spend their hard-earned dollars on you and rewarding that investment with a quality product and positive experience. Of course, a little something extra is good, too.

Loyalty programs have long been a staple in the CPG world, rewarding interactions between brands and repeat customers. Whether it’s a point system to reach percentage discounts or brand ambassadorship program encouraging your advocates to share your products with others, these programs recognize and reward those who believe in your brand. Plus, returning customers spend an average of 67% more money than a new customer.

Recognizing your customers isn’t limited to rewards-based loyalty programs. Social media has minimized the gap in communications between customers and brands, encouraging real-time conversations to foster stronger connections with audiences.

In fact, 62% of Millennials say they’re more likely to become a loyal customer if a brand engages with them on social media.

A strong bond with those you serve is critical in today’s market, but making a connection is only the first step in inspiring loyalty from your customers. Nurturing that relationship is what turns one-time customers into engaged, loyal brand advocates.

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Second Chances on Second Screens: Complementing TV With Digital

Today, nearly 90 percent of television viewers are simultaneously turning to another device while watching their favorite content. Can you blame them?

According to a new study from Viant, in 2018 the average household has 13 connected devices available to use at any given time. There’s a TV in nearly every room of the house, everyone has a smartphone, there’s tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and gaming consoles – all competing for a consumer’s attention.

What is the average consumer doing on these devices?

While they’re watching TV, the stats show they’re browsing the internet, checking social media, reading emails, catching up on news, playing games, and shopping online.

As an advertiser, this means it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to grab a consumer’s attention with TV ads alone. In fact, 82 percent of marketers agree that second screens are limiting TV advertising success.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – the second screen can help your business. The Viant study found that people exposed to TV ads, and then retargeted on a companion device within three hours, were 72 percent more likely to convert within a day.

How do you capture your audience on the second, third, or even fourth screen?

Over-the-Top Advertising

OTT ads appear alongside premium full-episode content, both live and on-demand, across top tier OTT distribution platforms, such as Sling TV.

Email Marketing

Use Targeted Email to complement TV efforts, reach in-market shoppers across multiple devices, drive traffic to your website, and measure ROI through a transparent Match-Back Reporting system.

Search Advertising

An average 3.5 billion Google searches are performed each day. Search Advertising, also known as PPC, enables you to target consumers at the exact moment they search for the products and services you provide.

Social Media Advertising

Social Advertising reinforces messaging through social channels to drive well-targeted prospects to conversion through clear calls-to-action, creative copy, and beautiful visuals.


About TEGNA Marketing Solutions

TEGNA Marketing Solutions delivers proven results through simplified advertising solutions that bridge the gap between Linear Broadcast, OTT, and Digital Marketing, and connect your business to the audiences that matter most. From concept development to implementation and measurement, we offer the highest level of support as your marketing partner. Contact TEGNA Marketing Solutions and see how we can help you reach your marketing goals.

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New Update Posts

Sunnier Side of the Office – November 26, 2018

Last month, YouTube began showing free, ad-supported movies. The platform started to offer titles such as “Legally Blonde” and “Terminator” in its movie section, where full length movies have been available for rent or purchase since 2011. This is the first time, however, that users can watch movies for free in exchange for commercial breaks. According to MediaPost, most of the videos feature around 10 ad breaks.

Adam Gerber interviewed by CNBC TV 18

In an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18, Adam Gerber, Global President of Media, spoke about what Essence is doing differently in the advertising landscape. As Adam explains, by putting data and product development at the forefront of everything we do, we continue to find unique ways to stand out in the marketplace.

Click here to watch Adam’s full interview with Shibani Gharat.

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Where?Actually, I went to see the doctor.

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