Simplicity Talks: Empty vessels make the most noise?

Simplicity Talks: a conversation exploring the issues and trends in the worlds of business and brand through the unique Siegel+Gale lens of simplicity.

New logos, new identities, new mistakes? We’ve just had the seasonal circus of fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. The world of fashion and retail is in a constant state of flux as brands and retailers try to figure out who they are, what they stand for, who their customers are and, in many cases, how to just ride out the storm many have been calling the ‘Retail Apocalypse’. The trend of putting high-profile designers at the front of the stage with brand heritage and story taking the back seat, luxury players all following the same standardized thinking on a logo, and reactive, unconvincing steps by UK high-street players to look like they’re turning things around and are relevant. So where’s the calm in the storm? Rob Costelloe and Mitchell Cooper talk with London’s Strategy Director, John Matthews and Design Director, Mike Tyson to explore what’s going on.

Listen to the latest episode of Simplicity Talks here.

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