ACL survival guide, brought to you by GSD&Mers

As ACL Fest comes barreling around the corner and Austin prepares for the madness that takes over Zilker Park, we reached out to our in-house festival experts to help guide festival newbies and old hats alike through not one but two of the wildest weekends in ATX. Complete with pro tips and must-see artists, everything you need to survive is right here, including a playlist featuring this year’s artists.


Name: Mariah Kline

Years attending ACL: 2

Pro tip: Unless you’re camped out, skip the headliner. You’ll be so far back you’ll just be watching a screen.

Must-see artist: Marian Hill


Name: Jacob Stern

Years attending ACL: 11

Pro tip: Get there early and see someone you’ve never heard of. Wander around with open ears and no agenda, and you could stumble onto your new favorite band.

Must-see artists: The National, St. Vincent, Alvvays, Japanese Breakfast, Sweet Spirit


Name: Kevin Lane

Years attending ACL: 5

Pro tip: Bring a handkerchief. Tie it around your neck and breathe through it so you don’t die of allergies when the dust gets kicked up.

Must-see artist: Golden Dawn Arkestra. Their feel-good music and theatrics make the perfect festival act.


Name: Marie Graw

Years attending ACL: 4

Pro tip: Keep your head up and your eyes open—you never know who you’re going to see out in the crowd.

Must-see artists: Brandi Carlile for the sweetest voice, Trampled by Turtles for some Northern Minnesota jammy bluegrass and Sweet Spirit if you’re looking to dance your face off.


Name: Karla Macias

Years attending ACL: 5

Pro tip: Organize beforehand. Make a spreadsheet of bands you want to see and the stages they’re on. Don’t forget nondrowsy allergy meds.

Must-see artists: Greta Van Fleet will take you back through time. Golden Dawn Arkestra will get you moving. Sweet Spirit is a must-see local band. Charley Crockett if you like country/blues.


Name: Jack Eptseen

Years attending ACL: 5

Pro tip: When you want to recharge, check out the BMI stage. Always great music, always mellow.

Must-see artists: The Nude Party, Ruston Kelly. I also hear that McCartney guy is gonna be huge.


Name: Miguel Masso

Years attending ACL: 4

Pro tip: Force yourself to go to the restroom prior to waiting for an artist.

Must-see artist: Khalid


Name: Alex King

Years attending ACL: 1

Pro tip: Bring an empty water bottle or Camelbak. Bring a totem if you have a big group, and bring a bandana for sweat, cooling down and as an emergency napkin.

Must-see artists: St. Vincent and Golden Dawn Arkestra


Well, the experts have spoken. Let the festival come to you and go with the flow, don’t forget to take allergy precautions and get your dance moves ready for Sweet Spirit. In case you need some help deciding who to see, press play on this playlist featuring a whole bunch of this year’s performers and find your favorites.

P&G’s ‘The Talk’ wins top honor at AdColor Awards

Procter & Gamble’s “The Talk,” a sobering look at the difficult conversations African-American families have about racism and police violence, won Ad of the Year at the 12th Annual AdColor Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

“The Talk” is part of P&G’s long-running “My Black is Beautiful” campaign, which seeks to connect with black women and girls. BBDO New York created the spot, which was directed by Malik Vitthal of The Corner Shop. In it, mothers must explain the realities of racial bias to their children: being called “pretty for a black girl” is no compliment; good driving is no protection from getting pulled over; being out after dark can be dangerous no matter how innocent your actions.

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The importance of brand in a changing talent landscape

This article originally appeared in Media Post

A brand is more than a logo — it’s a promise. In today’s talent landscape, organizations must use the power of their internal brand champions to remain relevant in a competitive job marketplace.

Today’s talent pool is different than previous generations, but what accounts for this transformation? Three major shifts have changed the way top talent navigates corporate America, leading to a rise in new demands on company culture, growth development and purpose.

Shift 1: The Mindset Shift

It’s no longer just about a paycheck, but, instead, a holistic employee experience that encourages people to bring their whole selves to work. Traditional benefits are now table-stakes, giving rise to a new normal in which employees seek dynamic work environments, creative company culture, and inclusive work communities. How this experience comes to life across an organization is critical to a brand’s reputation and its ability to retain top talent.

Shift 2: The Technology Shift

Digital channels have fundamentally changed the recruitment process. The new status quo resembles a virtual employment shopping mall where talent can peruse, consider and shop for their next gig. While you may have once found job inquiries in the local newspaper, it won’t be long until we see talent swiping right for their next big break.

 Shift 3: The Generational Shift

While past generations were steadfast in their loyalty to companies, newer generations’ loyalty to their craft supersedes loyalty to employers. This shift creates a macro climate in which employees are willing to change companies for better growth opportunities where they have the ability to create impact. Engaged employees who reap these benefits are more likely to become brand champions, who are 35% more likely to feel productive on a typical workday and 40% more likely to look for ways to improve their work. 

Companies that embrace these shifts leapfrog the competition to retain top talent. Case in point: Google which prioritizes culture, growth, and purpose to attract top talent.

Culture: Google has fostered a clear and distinct company culture that champions uniqueness and rallies behind those who break barriers and defy the status quo. This further reinforces Google’s brand promise to be the world’s number-one source of information for its customers, employees and stakeholders.

Growth: Google reinforces its information for everyone mission through personalized employee growth plans. With an emphasis on personal development, Google exemplifies its brand promise to enable knowledge expansion.

Purpose: By empowering team members to solve the world’s most pressing problems, Google provides its employees an opportunity to have a global impact.  This opportunity to make a difference gives deeper meaning to work and aligns team members toward a higher purpose that ignites innovation and unites team members toward a common goal.

By aligning team member initiatives with brand strategy, Google has changed the conversation about talent. Employees are Googlers, each celebrated for their unique googliness. If you’re a programmer and loyal to your craft, you can be a programmer anywhere. But, if you’re a programmer at Google, you’re a Googler first and a programmer second. And you can only be a Googler at Google.

Cultivating Brand Ambassadors

Brand experience is cultivated from within an organization. Creating and living up to an employee value proposition that empowers, entices, and invigorates team members is critical to a brand’s success. By cultivating a strong culture, companies can empower ambassadors that will excite and delight customers, in turn, driving business performance and positive brand perceptions.

Joanna Komvopoulos is a senior brand strategist at Siegel+Gale

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