The Nun: ‘The Darkest Chapter In The Conjuring Universe’

To promote the release of the latest instalment in the horror movie franchise, Warner Brothers launched a haunting Digital OOH campaign.

The film is set in a secluded Romanian Abbey, where upon learning of the suicide of one of the Nun’s, The Vatican sends a Priest (Bichir) and Novitiate (Farmiga) to investigate. As they uncover the Abbey’s unholy secrets, they are haunted by the sinister presence of Valak – the demonic Nun itself. 

The Nun Digital OOH campaign

For the film’s Digital OOH campaign, Grand Visual produced two different motion creatives for an impressive 38 markets. There were two creatives consisted of ‘main’ and ‘alternate’ artwork animation. The ‘main’ artwork animation features an image of Farmiga which partially burns away half of her face, revealing half of The Nun’s face instead. Whereas in the ‘alternate’ artwork animation, the image of Farmiga completely burns away, revealing the spine-chilling face of The Nun. 

In Mexico City, custom creative was produced for a Junket event which was attended by select members of the press and the stars of The Nun. This creative was a multi-panel special which ran across 3 portrait screens. A green screen was used to create the effect of The Nun walking from screen to screen (pictured below). Whereas in Toronto Canada, creative was customised for the huge 188-foot long motion digital display in the popular Yonge-Dundas Square.

By utilising Digital OOH, Warner Brothers and Grand Visual were able to craft a haunting campaign, ensuring that anticipation for ‘The Nun’ was extremely high. This positively contributed to the film having the best opening debut of the whole series! In recent years, Digital OOH has become one of the best advertising channels for the entertainment industry – and continues to gain momentum and importance for brands such as Warner Brothers. Digital OOH advertising in the entertainment industry has given campaigns for films like ‘The Nun’ a new lease of life.

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