Presenting: The Experience Brand Index

Despite the billions of dollars brands spend each year in advertising, nearly half of global consumers agree that if a brand doesn’t live up to the image it promotes through its marketing, they can no longer trust it. But there’s good news: Brands that deliver experiences that live up to their promises reap big returns.

At Jack Morton, we believe in the power of brand experience, but we were curious about what consumers thought. So we fielded a global Experience Brand Index study in late Spring 2018, surveying 6,000 consumers in the US, UK and China.

Brands must balance promises with proof of delivery
We learned consumers care more about and buy more from brands that deliver proof on the promises they make. And brands that ranked as Experience Brand Leaders are more likely to boast higher recommend-ability and loyalty rates.

Learn the five lessons in brand promise and proof
To help you deliver the best consumer experience for your brand, we’ve broken down what we learned in greater detail. Fill out the form below to receive the full report!

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