Designers at top companies don’t use trendy fonts. Here’s what they use instead

“People don’t look like their Instagram shots. True. People are not as happy as their Facebook profiles are trying to convince us. True. And designers don’t use all that trendy font combinations. True.”

What typefaces do designers at top startups really use? According to some fun new research from the icon company Icon8, it’s not the latest, trendiest fonts. Instead, in practice, they used tried and true system typefaces–and that’s not all they discovered about the theory versus practice of these designers.

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In conversation with… Dario Mitidieri

Every month we feature a different artist in our 3×3 Instagallery. This month, our artist in residence is photojournalist Dario Mitidieri, twice winner in the World Press Photo contest.


So Dario, we’re storytellers, you’re a storyteller. How central is storytelling in your work?

Since I have started working as a photojournalist back in 1987, storytelling has been at the centre of my work. Being able to tell a story through pictures is a mental process and an exciting way to experience a new situation, regardless if is the backstage of a fashion show or a shelter for street children in India. It is a satisfying way to look at life and often I feel incredibly privileged to witness and experience something that most people will not be able to.


And what gets you in the mood to create? What sparks your creative juices?

What gets me inspired the most is the work of other photographers. And not necessarily the work of great masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado or Robert Frank, to name of few. But especially the work of emerging photographers, who often risk their lives to cover important stories, with little or no money. This is very evident when attending the World Press Photo ceremony in Amsterdam or the international festival of photojournalism Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, where incredible work created by incredibly talented photographers is on display. In most cases the work is self financed and hardly published in the printed media.

Bombay, India, 1992

Tell us your secret, what makes a great shot?

When I look at a photograph I always ask myself “What’s the point?”. Is it a photograph with great content? Does it convey a social meaning? Does it move me? Does it inspire me? Is it aesthetically amazing? Does it have a great composition? A good photo should have at least one of these requisites. A great photo will have all of them!

My opinion about what makes a great shot has not changed, but my opinion about the delivery of great photos has. For the most part of my professional life, I have always been drawn towards analogue black and white photography and reportage photography in particular, whilst now I have embraced all mediums, including digital photography, fine art and photography shot on different cameras and gadgets such as potable phones, as long as my question is answered: “What’s the point?”


What should the creative industries do more of?

What I would love to see more is for the creative industry to push more for social responsibility. There is no reason why advertising could not be used in a more challenging way, by telling stories about big brands whilst raising money and awareness. Global campaigns, involving global brands, where advertising can be used to sell products as well as to promote social change. I am not a particular fan of Oliviero Toscani, but I love what he did at Benetton. Oliviero Toscani MADE Benetton with his controversial ‘United Colors of Benetton’ campaign, whilst using the power of advertising to bring into the open subjects such as AIDS, Sex and Religion.


What tips do you have for young artists?

“Don’t give up”, of course. The creative industry, and photography in particular, is a tough and often brutal industry. There will be a lot of setbacks and becoming a working photographer is a rollercoaster ride. When going on job’s interviews, don’t believe other people telling you that your work is great. Most likely they are lying. Put you ego aside and ask instead for a truthful and critical review of your portfolio.


Last of all, what’s next for Dario Mitidieri?

On a smaller scale, I am going to Rome next week and again at the end of September to shoot a rebranding campaign for a re-launched hotel. What makes the project interesting is that I have not been asked to photograph the hotel in a traditional way, but instead to tell story of the hotel by photographing the experiences that the hotel has to offer and the historical context of the location.

I am also in discussion with a NGO working with street children in Afghanistan and hopefully I will be involved in this campaign as well.

Exciting stuff and a nice mix, happy shooting!


The 6 Stages In The Evolution of AI and Customer Experience

Guided Selling and Medium cited Integer’s artificial intelligence research in “The 6 Stages In The Evolution of AI and Customer Experience.”

Customers want your business to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their experience and make their life easier — even if they don’t know what it is or what it does.

8 out of 10 businesses have either already implemented AI (37%) or are planning to adopt it by 2020 (41%). They understand that they must enable AI-powered experiences to better serve customers and to keep up with competitors.

But even with adoption and interest being as high as it is, we’re just at the beginning of the AI journey.

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3 cool things Cramer-Krasselt’s interns made in 2 months for just $1,000.

Muse by Clio – August 13, 2018

By Angela Natividad

Ad agency Cramer-Krasselt has something called the C-K Create internship program, where college students and recent grads across the country join the company for two months and are tasked with the goal of making something that solves a problem.

Two months isn’t a ton of time; it’s barely enough to integrate new blood into existing processes. So, it’s kind of cool that this internship onboards a bunch of people all at the same time and gives them a project all their own from the get-go.

Using just $1,000, the batch of interns must identify a problem to solve, create an integrated campaign, and execute it over two weeks.

Below is some of the cool stuff they came up with this year.


Some 60 percent of women won’t exercise after dark, versus 14 percent of men. We’ll let you guess why. Being an all-female group, the interns this season organized a stunt at Chicago’s the 606, a popular running route, to score first-hand testimonials from both sexes. After that, they organized a night run to get women out in the dark safely.

“Despite the Dark” was created in partnership with aSweatLife to raise awareness; meanwhile, the campaign’s Instagram created traction around the world.

The Migraine Perspective

One in seven people suffer from migraines; the other six mostly think these are just bad headaches, and you really need to tough up.

Sucks. Especially given that migraines are characterized by symptoms so diverse and severe that they could debilitate even the bravest of us. (Oliver Sacks wrote a whole book about them; he didn’t mess around.)

The Migraine Box is an immersive experience that enables people to actually feel what a migraine is like. On July 23, one was set up in the Michigan Plaza lobby of downtown Chicago, maximizing bang for buck. This was done in partnership with the National Headache Foundation, to whom the project was donated once it was over.

The Union Swing

We all love a porch swing, and here’s one that’s been put to good use.

New Yorkers have a reputation for being busy and brusque, but many tourists leave the city with the sense that they are actually much nicer than advertised. (We would actually call this a good strategy—lowering expectations so people are impressed you even bother to glance in their direction, thus resulting in an outpouring of emotional gratitude that you may otherwise not get if you positioned yourself as “pretty nice” from the start.)

Anyway, on July 26, a pop-up stunt dubbed The Union Swing was placed in New York City’s Union Square Park with the goal of encouraging tourists and locals to get to know each other better.

It’s pretty much just a swing. There is probably more to it. The case study video goes live at week’s end, so we encourage you to follow the campaign’s Instagram (linked above) until then.

All told, this is grassroots stuff that packs a punch if you’re measuring by a desire to just, you know, help out. (And the people we’re targeting often are using just that metric.) In just two weeks, per C-K, the intern projects generated around 71,000 impressions and nearly 2,000 website visits.

That’s not a lot. But fresh out of school, across two weeks, for a thousand bucks, it isn’t bad. (We’ve certainly seen worse for much larger budgets.)

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Research suggests discounters are eroding the value of established food and drink brands

The rise of discounters continues to have profound implications for grocery brands. Discounters’ strong focus on own label (consider that only around 7% of Aldi’s lines are brands) means shoppers are becoming increasingly used to shopping in retail environments where …
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Omnichannel marketing and the importance of consistency

It’s Monday morning, and you’re late for work.

You run out the door, but not before noticing an eye-catching pamphlet lying on your front porch. As you hurry to your car and start the engine, the radio turns on to some story blaring from the speakers. Even as you speed out of your neighborhood, you look up to see a digital billboard flash by your windshield.

Today, people are bombarded with messages coming through all kinds of different channels. The rise of smartphones, where people can be plugged into the Internet 24/7, has only added more outlets to the mix.

But how can companies use these new channels to increase their business?

Two words: Omnichannel marketing.

The phrase, considered a “marketing buzzword” by the advertising industry, ties in with the idea that companies need to provide a seamless experience to their customers. Across all channels, companies must focus on providing an experience that remains both consistent and complementary.

Omnichannel marketing does just that. Every device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, must maintain the same message, woven together flawlessly.

If this marketing is carried out effectively, it can be a fantastic way to win, and keep, new customers. In fact, according to an infographic by PK4 Media, companies with a strong omnichannel presence experience an average 9.5% increase in annual revenue.

Advertisers can do the same. By focusing on an omnichannel approach, sending a consistent message across different outlets, they can target potential customers in a more diverse way that can get more and more people excited to try out the new products.

But remember: consistency across these different channels is key.

Finding the right marketing agency for your business

It’s important to take your time and consider your options carefully when you wish to enlist the services of a marketing agency. Make the wrong decision and it could have disastrous consequences for your business, resulting in a great deal of time and money being wasted. The best marketing agencies are the ones that work hard to gain an in-depth understanding of your specific needs and requirements and use their skills and experience to create an affordable package that meets your objectives perfectly whilst making the most of the technology and other resources available to them.

Maximise your reach

Marketing a business involves attracting new clients and customers whilst retaining existing ones, heightening brand awareness and enhancing your reputation. A reputable and reliable marketing agency will work hard to convince your target audience what your unique selling points and why they should choose you over the competition when they need the kind of products and services you are offering.

Why outsource your marketing efforts?

There are many reasons why the vast majority of companies and organisations outsource marketing to specialist firms rather than keeping such activities in-house, including objectivity, expertise and cost. It’s generally far cheaper to outsource your marketing efforts to a dependable firm with an excellent track record. When you work with a reliable marketing agency, you can benefit from the services of an entire team of professionals, who will work alongside each other and combine their skills and experience to deliver the outcome that you desire. High calibre marketing teams can use a range of tactics and strategies to help you achieve your aims whilst you focus on your core business duties. Many successful entrepreneurs are not natural marketers and are unable to gain an objective perspective, whereas first-class marketers are able to adopt a more clinical approach. Removing the marketing burden from your shoulders and handing things over to more experienced professionals can be all that is needed to achieve the results you are striving for.

A passion for progression

Leading marketing and advertising agencies treat their clients as they would like to be treated and are always seeking to develop and improve the way they do business, building upon their existing skills and constantly acquiring new ones. Continuity is also a key factor to consider when it comes to choosing a marketing agency, with contracts always being handled by directors from start to finish rather than being passed down to junior team members once agreements are reached. When directors remain fully responsible for the execution of your project, you can benefit from indispensable analysis, insights and recommendations that mean you constantly remain in the loop and are always able to benefit from expert advice. The best marketing agencies always provide their clients with a primary point of contact to prevent confusion and misunderstandings whilst delivering as much clarity as possible.

GettyImages-842214506-1024x646 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

An objective approach

Objectivity is also incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right marketing service for your needs. The agency you choose should never hold back when it comes to offering alternative opinions and suggesting improvements. They should adopt a meticulous approach and should leave no stone unturned when it comes to identifying the most suitable and relevant methods of assistance. Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence of past successes. Agencies must be able to provide robust evidence to support any claims they make about their quality and efficiency, even putting you in touch with former clients to deliver a further insight into their operations and how they achieve their goals.

GettyImages-931446518-1024x683 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

Keeping track of developments

Your agency should always keep you informed on how your campaign is developing and work as closely alongside you as possible to get the best results. When agencies and their clients collaborate closely, problems can be shared and resolved more effectively, with trust and respect being continually strengthened. Another thing to ask when you are considering signing up with a digital agency is how they measure their activities and achievements. Robust strategies must be in place so the agency can analyse and assess its performance and find out whether it is surpassing, meeting or falling short of its targets. It’s also advisable to meet in a face-to-face environment before you sign on the dotted line with a marketing agency as this can create trust, establish rapport and help you make a more informed decision on whether the service is right for your specific needs. You shouldn’t be charged for the meeting and it should come with no obligation to proceed.

GettyImages-820162044-1024x683 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

Transferable skills

It’s not essential to work with a marketing agency that works with companies in the same sector as yours. In fact, it’s often beneficial to do the exact opposite. Great marketers have valuable transferable skills that can be applied to all kinds of businesses. What’s more is that agencies can not only become more versatile but avoid conflicts of interest too when working on marketing campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

GettyImages-516729348-1024x683 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

Avoiding mark-up charges

Some less than scrupulous agencies charge mark-ups for goods and services that are vital to your campaign in order to increase their bottom line. These agencies are generally best avoided. It’s always best to opt for a results-driven agency that never applies mark-ups and takes no backhanders from providers of such goods and services. There’s always a chance that changes will be required during your campaign, whether it’s because something has failed to deliver the right results or because you simply wish things to be done differently. Reputable agencies are happy to make as many changes as needed without charging you more and aim to keep prices as competitive as possible without compromises being made on quality and efficiency. If they decide more work needs to be done after your budget has been spent, they will be happy to go the extra mile to achieve the required results.

Transparent payment terms

It’s also essential to look for clear, transparent and mutually acceptable payment terms and costs when acquiring the services of a marketing agency. Make you sure you have a complete understanding of the contract you are signing and be clear when it comes to ownership of assets. Many SMEs only have modest marketing budgets, which means every pound they spend on creating exposure for their business must be justified. It’s often possible to make alternative arrangements if you can’t quite raise the capital you need to launch a suitable campaign. You may be able to secure the right deal by agreeing to make payments only when results have been delivered, or by offering shares in your enterprise in exchange for quality marketing services. Some marketing agencies are incredibly flexible and will make all the allowances they can in order to deliver the right campaign for your business.

Find a virtual marketing partner

From time-to-time, you may only need assistance with a few ad hoc marketing projects as opposed to a comprehensive campaign. Not all agencies offer this kind of service, so you may need to shop around to find one that can accommodate your requirements. Your chosen marketing agency should have the experience and resources needed to act as your virtual marketing partner and prioritise your best interests in everything they do for you, acting with integrity at all times, priding themselves on accuracy and delivering the right outcomes in a swift timeframe. What works for one company or organisation won’t always be effective for everyone, so it’s also vital that a bespoke strategy is developed to suit your specific requirements.

GettyImages-695776950-1024x683 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

The value of rapport

The better your rapport with your agency is, the more successful your campaign is likely to be. Your agency must make you feel comfortable enough to express any concerns you have about your project and take everything you say on board when creating your strategy. It’s essential that their values mirror yours and that they are able to deliver quality results from the start of your campaign right to the end. They should be able to provide all reports and analysis for free, explaining figures and developments to you in plain English to help you gain a detailed understanding of how things are progressing, enabling you to clearly see the positive change their work has generated. They should also be able to adapt their strategies when necessary in order to optimise results, whilst deriving as much value as possible from the technological advancements available to them. It’s also wise to opt for a trustworthy marketing company that has worked and continues to work with a series of discerning, prestigious and well-known brands.

GettyImages-904207790-1024x683 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

Compete with the biggest brands

When you work with the right marketing experts, you get the valuable opportunity to dramatically enhance your reach and compete with your biggest competitors. The evolution of digital marketing has made it much easier to create powerful and effective campaigns even on a tight budget, enabling you to connect with your customers via a range of media channels. When your campaign is expertly planned and executed, you can make the most of the possibilities available to you and achieve things you may have never previously thought possible, whilst emphasising the value of your products and services.

GettyImages-482750557-1024x644 Finding the right marketing agency for your business

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