Fast Company Feature: Land O’Lakes Anthem ‘SHE-I-O’

Maggie Rose’s “Old MacDonald” is a feminist farmer anthem for Land O’ Lakes


It’s rare when branded content manages to raise its head above the fray of our fractured media landscape. Efforts like Nike’s Breaking2 doc, GE’s The Message podcast, or the artful inspiration in Yeti’s ongoing short film series often invite a repeated refrain by many marketing professionals citing those brands’ size, scale, or product fit as making it easier to create quality and unique content. Land O’ Lakes’s newest campaign blows all those excuses out of the water.

The dairy brand known for its butter and cheese is not only the benefactor for country artist Maggie Rose’s newest single and music video; it also worked with The Martin Agency to create the “All Together Better” campaign around it to raise awareness and celebrate female farmers ahead of Women’s Equality Day on August 26. “She-I-O” is the song, written with Grammy-winning songwriter Liz Rose, and the video features real women farmers who are part of Land O’Lakes’s cooperative of 1,791 farmers. The company also partnered with hunger relief organization Feeding America to donate $1 for every like, share, or comment on the video or music track across social media, SoundCloud, and iTunes, up to $100,000.

It’s not a brand or product category that anyone would immediately link to pop culture, but Land O’ Lakes managed to find a way to do so that doesn’t feel forced or superficial, and ties directly back to both its product and brand values. An impressive feat with a country twang.

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