Experiential budgets remain on upward path

The IPA Bellwether report for the second quarter (Q2) of 2018 revealed the continuing rise of experiential marketing budgets in the UK.

They rose 4.3%, second only to internet marketing, which showed an impressive 22.7% increase in  investment. Along with sales promotion (4%), these two disciplines drove an overall 6.5% net balance of marketing spend for Q2.

Elsewhere, budgets available for direct marketing, which includes email and telemarketing, were revised lower in the second quarter amid recent GDPR changes. The latest -3.2% net balance extended the period of direct marketing budgets cuts to three years. Other categories monitored by the Bellwether survey to endure downward budget revisions during the second quarter were market research (-7.2%), PR (- 6.5%) and ‘other’ (-10.3%).

This was the 19th consecutive quarter that experiential budgets have risen, showing that brands have continued and growing faith in the discipline. 

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