Dallas Ad World Shows Off Their Best and Brightest

The Frontiers of Flight Museum was the venue for the 2018 Dallas Shining Stars Gala on June 21st hosted by AAF Dallas.  This was the second year for the program that encourages peers from the Dallas ad community to nominate their favorite advertising woman to the status of Dallas Shining Star. Integer’s Ellen Cook, President, Dallas was recognized, and AdChat DFW featured an interview with Ellen surrounding the recognition HERE.

We’re hiring: Social Media Manager

We’re after someone pretty special to create stunning visual content for our social media clients, including Fox’s Biscuits, Pukka Pies and Belvoir Fruit Farms. If you’re a brilliant social media manager and content creator, read on. You could be just who we’re looking for.


  • 3-5 years’ experience working in a dedicated social media role.
  • Experience working on consumer brands comparable to the scale and stature of Together clients
  • Fully capable across all the following: social media planning; campaign implementation – organic and paid; community Management and associated software/tools; analysis and associated tools
  • A relevant degree
  • Some time working client-side would be an advantage. If all experience is client side, they would need to demonstrate exposure to a wide range of platforms, campaigns, analytics, organic and paid.


Your main role will be to work jointly with clients to set objectives for social media activity, contribute to the process of improving social media strategies that are consistent with, and integrated into, overall marketing strategies in order to meet objectives. Create annual/quarterly/monthly social media plans and reports according to client needs. Working with the creative team to generate content for clients’ social media programmes as requested. Act as Community Manager and actively manage client relationships and ensure they are strong, recommending client socials, client professional development etc.

Why apply?

For one thing, we’ll pay you a competitive salary and give you a decent chunk of holiday to boot. But as well as that, our agency is genuinely a brilliant place to work. Our team is close-knit and super friendly and we’re set slap bang in Nottingham City Centre, so it’s an easy commute – and even easier to find a spot for after-work drinks.

Ready to send your application? Great. Email hello@togetheragency.co.uk with your CV and a brilliant portfolio and/or showreel, with ‘Vacancy: Social Media Manager’ as the subject line. Or, if you want to know more, give us a call.

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Could social media be a new TV platform?

Instagram launched a new standalone video platform to compete with YouTube. This new feature is a way for users to film and watch longform videos without leaving the app. The videos can be up to an hour long, in comparison to the previous 60-second video feature on Instagram.  

The issue with a 60-second limit: Users would post a video to their “Instagram story” and then a link to a follow-up, longer video, on YouTube. The new Instagram TV removes YouTube from the equation, keeping the whole video on Instagram. Realistically, no need to ever leave.

The longform video will take up the entire screen of your phone, and will eventually get its own app called IGTV. The Instagram algorithm will pair you with videos you might like, videos that are popular, and videos from creators you follow. Once you reach at least 10,000 followers, Instagram allows you to post videos up to 60 minutes in length. If you are an average Instagram user with less than 10,000 followers, you can post videos up to 10 minutes.  

In the past few years, social media platforms have become increasingly complex, transitioning from just a place to socialize to news and media platforms. Instagram’s recent direction has taken aim at fellow social media platform, Snapchat. When Instagram created the “stories” feature and soon after the “story highlights” feature, competition between the two rose. The new IGTV launch will put Snapchat’s video focused discover page at even more risk.

But, the main competitor this launch targets is YouTube. As the dominant video platform, YouTube has yet to face much competition since Google purchased it in 2006. There is really no other platform just quite like it. If YouTube content creators shift to Instagram, YouTube might lose its dominance, similar to how Vine’s decline was marked by content creators shifting to YouTube.

This new launch will be a test to see how social features integrate with a video platform. YouTube tried to implement social features in the past, most notably the failed Google+ integration, but they are at the very core of IGTV. As Instagram remains a popular social media platform, will longform videos be as engaging as the shorter posts for which Instagram is known?

Grand Visual Kicks-Off an Augmented Reality Football Experience for Coca-Cola

Today, Grand Visual has launched a unique, large-format Augmented Reality experience at Zürich’s main train station for Coca-Cola. The campaign celebrates the soft drink brands continued support of football and gives lucky football fans the chance to experience firsthand, what it’s like to play alongside Switzerland’s Xherdan Shaqiri on Friday, 15th and 22nd June.

Coca-Cola AR

Participants are treated to a show of skill from Shaqiri and are invited to get involved and play a few shots against the Swiss star. At the end of the experience, the user is prompted to take a photo moment with Shaqiri, with the option to enter their details to receive a copy of the photo and a chance to win a FIFA World Cup Official Match Ball.

The campaign was created by Top-Spot and market leading DOOH creative services firm Grand Visual, who also directed and built the bespoke creative technology set-up. Project initiation and promotion consultancy were performed by GroupM Out of Home. Media planning and buying was by Top-Spot and Mediacom. Anthem provided video assets and delivered a social sharing App to further engage audiences on-the-go.

Coca-Cola AR

Robert Percze, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Switzerland said:

“Coca-Cola Switzerland is pleased to offer a new type of experience for football fans. It’s the perfect way to get people into a perfect football mood right at the beginning of the FIFA World Cup 2018.”

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Director, Grand Visual said:

“It is great to be working with Cola-Cola again on a project that taps into the most coveted cultural event of the year. The appetite to innovate and collaborate, right from the start, has made the delivery of this project seamless. Clever use of technology has produced a memorable experience that participants can share online with family and friends.”

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IGTV: What It Is & Why It Matters

Today, Instagram rolled IGTV, a long-form video app that will allow all users to share videos up to 10-minutes long. Instagram users with over 10K followers will have the opportunity to share videos up to 1-hour long. All content shared to IGTV will mimic the look and feel of Instagram Stories (Facebook’s fastest growing product) using the vertical, mobile-optimized format. While IGTV is immediately open to all users, Facebook is prioritizing content creators on the platform, just as they did with their launch of Facebook Watch. As of right now, there are no paid ad opportunities within IGTV, but Instagram will likely test monetization in the future. See below for immediate marketing implications and how we see IGTV impacting the larger social media landscape:

What Marketers Should Do Now

  • Test your audience’s appetite for long-form video. Until now, users have only been exposed to short-form video (60 seconds or less) on the Instagram platform. With the opportunity to share longer-form content, consider testing how your audience responds to deeper and longer stories on the platform. If your brand already has a robust video strategy across other social platforms, consider repurposing content (once optimized to the vertical format) on IGTV to test your audience’s resonance with long-form content before investing in platform-specific content. It is important to note that long-form video is still getting its footing in the industry (i.e Facebook Watch, YouTube Premium, etc.) and won’t resonate with every audience. Brands see incredible success using short-form video on Instagram and should continue to use the format to drive business results.
  • Incorporate IGTV into your social influencer strategy. The balance between unpolished and polished content on the Instagram platform has caused Influencers and content creators to flood the feed in recent years. Since users with over 10K followers will have the capability to post content up to 1-hour long they have the opportunity to tell deeper and more meaningful stories around your brand on the Instagram platform.

What This Means For The Industry

  • Mobile is becoming the first screen. Since social media’s inception, we’ve considered mobile the second-screen to television. However, there are various factors pointing to a potential shift in how consumers prioritize their screens. In addition to the decline in time-spent watching traditional television, we’re also seeing a new generation of consumers preferring content by amateur content creators with an unpolished look and feel (i.e. Stories). As of right now, this unpolished content can only be found on social, which can potentially be a reason why mobile video is forecasted to account for 78% of total mobile data traffic by 2021.
  • Consumer behavior is evolving towards long-form content experiences. While Instagram has historically been geared towards short-form video, consumers can spend hours scrolling through the feed or flipping through Stories. In aggregate, users are having long-form video experiences on the platform, they are just spliced into multiple 15-60s increments. These long-form video experiences have also been occurring in more traditional settings with the advent of binge-watching. Users prefer watching hours of content bundled together rather than spreading out the hours of content over the course of a few weeks.

Over the last year or so, social platforms have tried their hand at long-form content, but users have yet to fully adopt the format (creating and consuming). While Instagram has a history of converting the masses (i.e. ephemeral content), only time will tell how users will respond to IGTV and long-form content across the social landscape.

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The virtual reality driver’s seat

Rokkan and Cadillac are putting consumers into the virtual reality driver’s seat
Cadillac wants to put you in the driver’s seat, and with the help of Rokkan, is doing that literally through an innovative new virtual reality experience.

Cadillac’s new 360/VR experience is a room scale visualizer that allows you to experience the full fleet of 11 current and future vehicles. With the option to customize the vehicles however you wish, it’s time to let your imagination take control.

This immersive technology puts the consumer first, allowing them to have a true-to-life product experience with their chosen vehicle before purchasing. Additionally, Cadillac can gain invaluable insight on how consumers engage with specific features of each vehicle model and, from this, prioritize consumers’ wants and needs.

The VR experience launched at the Cadillac of Greenwich in early 2018 and within six months, Cadillac and Rokkan have expanded the VR footprint to include 8 global markets and dealers around the country with a focus on showcasing the power of the technology as both a sales and brand-building tool.

Demonstrating Cadillac’s dedication to agile innovation, immediately after Cadillac’s first ever XT4 model was revealed at the New York Auto Show it was made available both in headset and via mobile 360. In fact, it’s the only way to encounter Cadillac’s XT4 model. Proving its effectiveness, the first night the XT4 VR experience was shown in dealership to consumers, 3 vehicles were sold on site.

With more work in-progress, we’re excited to be an innovation engine and partner to Cadillac in helping to bring their bold vision to life.

Rokkan welcomes its newest crew of interns

Rachel – Project Management Intern

Where are you from? Houston by way of California
What does the sixth sense mean to you? Intuition!
What do you want to get out of this summer experience?  I want to learn as much as I can and go into different fields and experience it all!

Rylie – Strategy Intern

Where are you from? Oklahoma
What does the sixth sense mean to you? Uniqueness and unique thinking.
What’s an inanimate object you wish was removed from existence? Stop signs in small neighborhoods – just have roundabouts.

Evgeniya – Art Direction Intern

What does the sixth sense mean to you? Relying on your senses but on a new, unique level.
What do you want to get out of this summer? New connections, new friends, a lot of new experience and understand how the company works
What is your favorite office snack? M&Ms.

Katey – Connections Team Intern

Where are you from? Oregon
What does the sixth sense mean to you? Something additional that puts you above the rest.
What do you want to get out of this summer? Skills in data; A fun experience in the city; build connections and friendships.

TJ – Copywriting Intern

Where are you from? Oregon
What’s your favorite office snack? Cold Brew on Tap

Ling Jong – Art Direction Intern

Where are you from? Korea
What does the sixth sense mean to you? What Rokkan stands for
What is your favorite thing about New York? Walking around the street without thinking.

Elaina – Copywriting Intern

What does the sixth sense mean to you? Bringing your own unique value to a brand
What do you want to get out of this summer? Make meaningful connections and take advantage of opportunity
What’s the hottest and least-hottest name?  Hottest name – Ryan Gosling;  Least-hottest name – Gertrude

Sahir – Product Design Intern

What does the sixth sense mean to you? A Spidey-Sense
What do you want to get out of this summer? Work experience and meet a lot of new people
What is your favorite Instagram handle? @crimebydesign

Ray – Experience Design Intern

What does the sixth sense mean to you?  The ability to figure out an insight
What do you want to get out of this summer? Learn how agency life works; workflow; how do different depts. Work together and handle clients
Are you afraid of the Rokkan 15? My team is serious so the group doesn’t eat the snacks

Josh – Product Design Intern

What did you think of the movie, “The Sixth Sense”? What movie?
What do you want to get out of this summer? A great experience and meet like-minded people

Elani – Client Partnership Intern

Where are you from? New York
What does the sixth sense mean to you? Being in the know
What’s the silliest trend right now? The Shoot Dance