Friday Reading #138

Thanks for staying with us! The great GDPR Purge of the 25th
May (email-aggedon, or the spam-ocalypse?) cut the wheat from the chaff,
vacuumed the email inbox, and hopefully restores email subscriptions back to
what they’re supposed to be – a useful update on the new and interesting, you actually
read. Great to have you with us.

Machine learning has often been called the cause and solution to the
future’s problems – their ingenious
and mendacious
ability to solve problems is one of the more fascinating
parts of the science.

Buzzfeed’s investigative journalism has been a shining light in the
last year or so, and their article on fake Amazon
is a belter!

Publishers are starting to carve interesting positions on the digitally
at the moment – Vogue is using Instagram
to push talent over content
, the economist are using data-visualisation
to drive subscriptions and the industry is pivoting away from facebook
to Youtube

Squeezing money out of popular content on the web has always been a
nightmare – with Patreon now supporting 100k creators with $350m worth of
patronage, have they solved
the problem

In other things to read at your desk to shake off the hangover: the
most authentically
creepy sloth costume
and what a Flat
convention is like.

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