Confessions of a marketing technologist

When Paul Gottsegen grabbed the CMO reins at Mindtree in 2013, he noticed a major deficiency in both himself and his teamthere wasn’t a single marketing technologist among them. Throwing down the gauntlet, Gottsegen shocked his team by mandating they all become more tech-centric since until that point, “everybody thought that was someone else’s job.” While Gottsegen admits there have been missteps along the way, he also believes that marketing has played a big role in the growth of the company, perhaps best reflected in the quadrupling of Mindtree’s stock over the last 5 years.

There is an ironic lesson here. Indian-based Mindtree is a consulting company that competes with the likes of Accenture and PwC in the so called “digital transformation” space. That means they help others be more tech-centric and expand their “digital value chain.” In essence, by focusing on marketing technology, Gottsegen was “taking his own medicine,” prescribing a course of action that could systematically yield big results. And yet in the end, even Gottsegen admits, ultimately marketing is both art and science, “it’s not a math equation.”

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