Previewing some big Super Bowl ads.

TMJ4 – February 2, 2018

It’s almost here! The Super Bowl is this Sunday on NBC, and while people are looking forward to the game, a lot of people can’t wait for the commercials! For those who can’t wait, we’re sharing a Super Bowl ad preview with a couple of advertising experts, Heather Shannon and Eric Ebenhoch from Cramer-Krasselt.


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Friday Reading #123

It’s a sad
week here at Goodstuff Towers, as we say goodbye to two cracking Goodstuffers,
Anna May and Alice Vida, who are off to conquer the digital and real world,
respectively. In honour, we’ll be playing Brian May and “Livin’ la Vida Loca”
on repeat all day. Should be fun. But of course, in between we will be reading
some of these fascinating things we have found from around the internet this

Editor’s Note: Anna May hired me so felt I had
to put something nice in.

I’m sure we’d all like the chance to one up the current
White House in some way but the Guggenheim have had just that chance. Despite a
request for a Van Gough, they
instead offered a golden toilet
. Trump probably took it as a compliment.

That’s right the hallmark holiday is fast approaching. Valentines is just
around the corner with its dreaded pitfalls.
Restaurants will be all booked up. You’ll break the bank for a decent
meal. Well what if you could enjoy a romantic meal for a slice of the price. A
steak slice to be correct. Greggs have
ingeniously paired up with Open Table
to offer a romantic four course meal
in their flashiest establishments for only £15. Table for 2, garcon…

Stop the waffle. Keep it relevant. So
BBH say
Editor: As a fan of waffle, this was tricky for me.

In a move to create more ‘meaningful connections’, Facebook recently announced
changes to their news feed algorithm. The aim, reduce the number of viral
videos and publisher content people see in their feeds, and increase the visibility
of posts from friends and family. The result, as expected they
have already seen a 5% dip in usage
. In our view, it can only be a good
thing, improving the social experience for all.

You’d think with people using Facebook less and having more time on
their hands, they would spend it in the great outdoors, say walking their dogs.
But after Wag, an on demand dog walking app, managed
to raise $300 million pounds
in funding it seems most people won’t be
bothering with that. Surely this kind of defeats the object of a having a dog?

So, what will people be doing with all that extra time? Obviously, they’ll be playing with Flame Throwers. Well they will now Elon
Musk has managed to raise $7.5m for his Boring Company, by selling 15,000
them. Crowdfunding has never been less boring.

Branding something that doesn’t yet exist: Cyprus’ Trilogy

By Roberto D’Andria, Owner & Creative Director at BEAR London

Growing in popularity over the last few years, property developers are beginning to see real benefits of creating standout branding before or while a property is in its initial stages. Used to build a sense of anticipation about the new project, branding helps to immediately define a sense of personality and reason in a positive manner, appealing to a range of target audiences and creating buzz around the new build itself.

Trilogy development in Cyprus

A step-change in recent years
The new trend for property developments establishing a strong brand presence and promoting this prior to launching has grown rapidly in recent years. Here in the UK, this can be seen in many projects across the UK, especially in cities as developers look to make their mark in the local area and ensure hype builds around the new properties.

However, this poses one major question: how do you begin to create a personality with a recognisable voice through branding for something that hasn’t begun to take shape yet?

One tower of Trilogy development in Cyprus

The psychology behind branding a property that doesn’t yet exist
Seeking a much more strategic approach other than using the address itself as a statement, branding is now a key element in creating an identity that takes a step further from the bricks and mortar, focusing more on creating a location that audiences can identify with and want to be a part of for years to come.

This can be seen across many new developments worldwide, however one award-winning project has been the recent redevelopment of the Kings Cross area here in London. With the new identity created to reflect various ghost signs in the local area, the new ‘KX’ branding from our friends at SomeOne adds personality to a major redevelopment that could have stayed relatively quiet to allow its proprietors to take centre-stage. Instead, the Kings Cross redevelopment has created an identity that surpasses the businesses who now call it their home, added to by a newly-created postcode, events and even a newsletter. With the use of the new branding, it created more of a community than a series of buildings.

Cybarco’s Trilogy – creating a luxury destination for the ground up
Having worked with Cybarco for over 15 years – including the development of the Limassol Marina – BEAR has extensive experience in creating a brand around something that doesn’t yet exist. With the Limassol Marina, no architectural plans or visuals had been created, yet we were tasked to position the marina as one of the most fashionable destinations. Our concept of ‘living on the sea’ successfully underpinned the message of this location being cool and fashionable, while determining the location as the hottest cosmopolitan seafront location in the Mediterranean.

Trilogy pool area outside

The power of three
Following the success of the Limassol Marina, Trilogy will be the leading destination of commercial offices and residential living in Limassol. With a brief that simply highlighted the initial build stages of the three towers, the Trilogy identity was formed with a colour-scheme which reflected the bright hues of the Mediterranean, while the logo incorporated the buildings iconic designs, and a tagline that embodied the three main benefits of Trilogy: ‘Live, work, play.’

Identifying Trilogy as the number 1 destination for premium living before a single brick is laid only amplifies how necessary it is to build a brand through design. Simply saying that you plan to be something specific is one thing, but showing it is another. The Trilogy towers are already a huge success – especially in the Russian market – and this unique and exclusive development is now one of the most fashionable pieces of real estate on the market thanks to its iconic branding.

Trilogy development at night

To find out more about Trilogy and how we handcrafted an entire brand for them, please check out the case study here. For exciting developments as they happen, follow Trilogy on Twitter.

Want to find out more about BEAR’s services, including brand identity, strategy, UX, tone of voice and much more? Please contact the team at