Delivery based DNA

The Oxford English Dictionary definition for marketing is “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” So, are we seriously considering Moz the Monster good form? Emotional storytelling is great for party small talk and opinion column fodder, but does it bring home the bacon? Are brands getting more than a viral video and some great tweets? Does the whole thing end in one single person picking up their product and taking it to the cashier, because if not, what’s the point?

Having worked with retailers for nearly 30 years, from Morrisons to World Duty Free, we’ve learnt a thing or two about physically shifting products off the shelves. We were born out of retail and we’re tired of seeing lame video campaigns and ballsy social media content – at the end of the day, we want to guarantee stability and financial security for our clients. It doesn’t always have to be a short film that wins six LION awards, but it does have to sell and make clients’ money.

There’s nothing wrong with personality, and everyone loves a great story, but we know our clients need purpose. Zany marketing campaigns trying to pull on heartstrings or cause a PR buzz are fine, but do the numbers add up? Are the millions spent on video editing and sound bites worth it? It’s time to dig down through the chaff to the fundamentals.

We know, brand awareness matters. OF COURSE it’s important, we’re not denying that, but it’s too easy these days to become sidelined by blowout creative ideas. Regardless of trends and likes, we remain focused on one thing: selling. We live for the KPIs and we thrive on hitting targets. A brand only exists if consumers are spending money on it, otherwise it’ll wilt and shrivel up. We’re never down for letting that happen.

Our purpose is to diminish the gulf between brand communication and sales conversion. How do we do this? Through years of experience in this field and a roster of 75 hugely talented staff. We have shared knowledge that makes us smart, agile and capable to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We not only admire but respect our clients – we care about the brands that we work with and this translates through our work. One of our key messages is to imagine every point of interaction as a point of purchase. We give our clients the courage, tools and skills to jump on those opportunities to close the conversion gap. Because you do have to mind that gap and it’s hella important to bridge it, make it smaller, bring it together or whatever you need to do to make sure sales ring true.

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How To Handle Out Of Stock Product Pages on An Ecommerce Shop For SEO Benefits

John Mueller from Google gave us all some tips on what Google expects to see from e-commerce sites they rank in their index. The question is; what to do with “out of stock” pages? We have 3 scenarios with out of stock pages: the product is permanently out of stock and never going to be in […]

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Previewing some big Super Bowl ads.

TMJ4 – February 2, 2018

It’s almost here! The Super Bowl is this Sunday on NBC, and while people are looking forward to the game, a lot of people can’t wait for the commercials! For those who can’t wait, we’re sharing a Super Bowl ad preview with a couple of advertising experts, Heather Shannon and Eric Ebenhoch from Cramer-Krasselt.


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Friday Reading #123

It’s a sad
week here at Goodstuff Towers, as we say goodbye to two cracking Goodstuffers,
Anna May and Alice Vida, who are off to conquer the digital and real world,
respectively. In honour, we’ll be playing Brian May and “Livin’ la Vida Loca”
on repeat all day. Should be fun. But of course, in between we will be reading
some of these fascinating things we have found from around the internet this

Editor’s Note: Anna May hired me so felt I had
to put something nice in.

I’m sure we’d all like the chance to one up the current
White House in some way but the Guggenheim have had just that chance. Despite a
request for a Van Gough, they
instead offered a golden toilet
. Trump probably took it as a compliment.

That’s right the hallmark holiday is fast approaching. Valentines is just
around the corner with its dreaded pitfalls.
Restaurants will be all booked up. You’ll break the bank for a decent
meal. Well what if you could enjoy a romantic meal for a slice of the price. A
steak slice to be correct. Greggs have
ingeniously paired up with Open Table
to offer a romantic four course meal
in their flashiest establishments for only £15. Table for 2, garcon…

Stop the waffle. Keep it relevant. So
BBH say
Editor: As a fan of waffle, this was tricky for me.

In a move to create more ‘meaningful connections’, Facebook recently announced
changes to their news feed algorithm. The aim, reduce the number of viral
videos and publisher content people see in their feeds, and increase the visibility
of posts from friends and family. The result, as expected they
have already seen a 5% dip in usage
. In our view, it can only be a good
thing, improving the social experience for all.

You’d think with people using Facebook less and having more time on
their hands, they would spend it in the great outdoors, say walking their dogs.
But after Wag, an on demand dog walking app, managed
to raise $300 million pounds
in funding it seems most people won’t be
bothering with that. Surely this kind of defeats the object of a having a dog?

So, what will people be doing with all that extra time? Obviously, they’ll be playing with Flame Throwers. Well they will now Elon
Musk has managed to raise $7.5m for his Boring Company, by selling 15,000
them. Crowdfunding has never been less boring.