Two Key Ways to Sell Smart, Smarter

Did you know…

Alexa tells the best dad jokes.

With a smart camera, you can check in on your cat from your desk.

A smart energy meter means never having to argue about ‘putting an extra jumper on’ again.


Introducing the internet of ‘things I actually care about’

When it comes to smart home, some ideas have started to trickle into our hearts and homes. A new report from TechUK shows 77% of consumers are aware of connected technology. And device ownership is on the rise – with 80% of UK households now owning at least one smart home product1.

But it’s down to brands to find out what really motivates us and join the dots between that and the technology. Not to mention between the products themselves.


A crucial home truth

As salespeople, we know emotion is 24 x more persuasive than reason. It stimulates the mind 3,000 more than rational thought2.

And nowhere is as emotive as home – as a physical space and as a social idea. It’s the centre of our world (some of our favourite people even live there). A sanctuary, a playground and a door we get to close on any daily chaos we come across. Which might explain why 1 in 4 Brits admits to continually redecorating their place3. There’s nowhere quite so important.


Too much smart, not enough home?

With that in mind, you’d think a category called smart home, would sell itself. And yet…

One in three consumers remain on the fence about the smart home revolution. Even when it comes to the fun stuff like home entertainment or saving money on energy costs, where appeal sits above 40%. For most of us, operation smart home still feels a bit out of reach. And – unlike moving to Italy, or working a 3-day week – ‘going smart’ isn’t as aspirational as it might be.


So what do paint retailers understand that tech companies don’t?

First, let’s run through a few key, reasonable barriers standing in the way of Total Tech Utopia (TTU):


39% of Brits are concerned about the cost of smart home

Making your home smarter involves many products, none of them cheap. And even though the cost of devices is becoming more affordable, many consumers question the value of a big smart home spend.


22% are concerned about the privacy and security of smart devices

We’ve all seen the high profile hacks in the news. And we fear corporations knowing too much about us; using smart devices to bank data on our lives that we never offered up. A concern not based on Black Mirror-esque fantasy alone. A recent survey by Which? revealed 8 out of 15 tested smart home devices contained at least one security flaw4. Yikes.


16% of Brits are put off by devices that work across different systems

Until recently, brands have acted as islands. Treating their own tech products and operating systems as gospel. Which is great for corporate profit margins, bad for usability and consumer satisfaction. We want to mix and match what we buy and for it to all work together. Thankfully, voice controlled smart hubs (“Alexa, turn the lights on”) are helping to create connections room to room, device to device, person to person5.

Despite these barriers, the appeal of smart home devices is growing. Today, 39% of people agree connected home technology offers an attractive proposition. An increase of 10% from 2016.


It’s getting late, shall we get the bill?

Okay okay. We get the hint. Let’s wrap this up with a few practical tips.


Selling smart: recommendation #1

If you’re going to sell smart tech, you’re going to need to be human about it. Only 10% of Brits claim to ‘know a lot’ about smart home technology. And no one likes to feel stupid.

Brands need to demystify products in plain speak. Online, in advertising and in person. Lead with tangible benefits. Always put people, their homes and their personal concerns first. Gadgets and fancy features second. And only sell hard when you can show how tech will make real contributions to someone’s life, with very little effort and no routine upheaval at all.

Ask yourself…

What’s in it for them? Why do they need it? Will it make their life easier, more convenient, simpler?

…Then tell them precisely how.

Store staff are crucial in turning abstract concepts into handy everyday tools that make home life more fun, less faff. So be sure to put your people at the heart of everything smart you do.


Selling smart: recommendation #2

51% of people interested in connected devices say they are more likely to buy if they can demo them first. In-store demonstrations break down consumer barriers with personal service and real-time experiences.

A model example of this is the dedicated smart home space in John Lewis on Oxford Street. Visitors wander room to room, seeing connected home devices in situ. Using them as they would in their own kitchens and bedrooms. The technology becomes both aspirational and attainable all at once.

So consider giving your products a showroom. A changing room in which consumers transform from ambivalent into I-can’t-wait-to-get-this-thing-home.




Then let’s close this conversion gap together.

It’s time to bring smart innovation home.



1Tech UK Report, 2017

2SBXL Research

4Which? UK

5Mintel, The Connected Home 2017 – UK

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Golley Slater PRM tackle GDPR by launching new award

With the looming ‘full effect’ date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, PRM – the B2B marketing experts within Golley Slater group – are investing in specific training for every employee in preparation for the new requirements.

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing have developed the IDM Award in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and each member of the PRM team is undertaking the relevant study and training to gain the award. 

The certification complements PRM’s commitment to develop the skills of it’s workforce, building on the work already undertaken in launching their City & Guilds accredited PRM Academy.

“Our people are the backbone of our business, and it’s crucial for our clients that we retain and enhance a highly skilled and motivated workforce.” said Jason Horsman, Managing Director of Golley Slater PRM.

Hollie Johnson, Client Services Director said “The training gives good insight into GDPR for all colleagues, as well as providing confidence to those that handle data on a day-to-day basis, that they will be operationally competent and compliant under the new requirements”.

We’d love to talk

If you’re on the hunt for new customers, supported by a fully compliant process, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Our customer acquisition programmes are tried and tested in B2B and Education, delivering an average ROI of 10:1.

Let’s talk

about how to find, engage and acquire new customers

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Hiscox Displays Real-Time Cyber Attacks in Digital OOH First

Today, in a bid to drive awareness of advanced cybercrime and the threat to small businesses, Hiscox insurance has launched an intelligent and hard hitting Digital Out of Home campaign. In a media first, the data-driven creative is powered by real-life hackers and displays real-time cybercrime in a tactical digital OOH execution which will run nationwide across key city and roadside locations from the 19th – 26th February.

The unique campaign works by pulling data from a purpose-built honeypot system typical of any standard small business server set-up. The honeypot monitors live hacks and the poster creative responds with a real-time pulsing “Cybercrime” headline and a ticker showing passers-by the cumulative amount of attacks to have hit the honeypot that day. As the breaches build, so too does the headline, with each poster evolving and reacting throughout the course of the day.

The campaign was created by AMV, with production and tech build by Grand Visual. Dynamic content is managed and delivered by QDOT, using the AdTech platform OpenLoop to analyse real-time data and distribute to multiple screen formats and networks across the UK. Media planning and buying is by Goodstuff and Talon and supports a broader campaign.

Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer, Grand Visual commented:

“Clever use of data and technology means this digital OOH campaign delivers a hard-hitting message and a compelling call to action for Hiscox Small Business Insurance. The threat is real, the proof is here, and the figures speak for themselves.”

James Brunton, Client Director at Talon adds:

“This campaign showcases the real potential of digital OOH and how for the right client you can steer the message using real-time context and data to match a real issue to the Hiscox brand strategy.”

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How a prospect universe will change your B2B marketing

THE most important investment your business will ever make.

It’s a conversation from the boardroom that we hear all too often. Sales are down. Brief marketing. We need to do something – pick a channel, and make it work. The best marketing is built on customer understanding – learning everything about them to deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time. Some marketers would argue that’s easily achieved in B2C marketing, but what happens when your business is built on B2B relationships?

Getting the data right

Rarely do we hear that B2B marketers want to invest in building a highly sophisticated and believable data set of who they can do business with in the UK. But maybe that’s because they don’t know how? Maybe they’ve not been convinced that this is something which can be done. Or maybe it’s because poor data quality and profiling are issues they have often had to deal with. And let’s not forget that some budget owners responsible for marketing simply see data as boring and not as sexy or glamorous as producing eye-catching creative.

Add those opinions and viewpoints to the digital argument about building databases (arguing that with the advent of digital we should be building our own databases by driving engagement with our custom content) and you have a real uphill battle.

Within B2B, where for most there is a limit on the size of the audience that will be relevant to buy your product, finding and locating that audience is actually the most sensible thing to do. Once you’ve done that, every single pound of marketing investment is going to work twenty times harder (or more!) than trying to pump your message out to the masses…

Creating your Prospect Universe

Here at Golley Slater we call this ‘Prospect Universe Creation’. Using sophisticated tried and tested methods Golley Slater build Prospect Universes that are robust and believable, providing businesses with a clear view of who they can really do business with in the UK and beyond.

A Prospect Universe provides your company with a real view of both the size of your marketplace, and also when prospects are going to be in the replacement window. This strategy means you can build structured nurture programmes to maintain and build relationships with the prospect until they are ready to transact. Every single pound of your marketing budget really will be working harder.

Making the universe GDPR compliant

Away from the tangible sales and marketing return-on-investment, brand positioning and more, building a Prospect Universe ensures that your data is fully compliant to GDPR guidelines (which becomes live in May 2018); meaning there really isn’t a better time than now to invest in building a universe of who you can do business with.

We’d love to talk

Golley Slater PRM, part of the Golley Slater Group, are on hand to discuss how to build a prospect universe for your business. We can share with you the methodology and the tenacity of blue-chip clients who are already reaping the rewards of incremental sales performance as a direct result of building a Prospect Universe.

Jason Horsman
Managing Director

Golley Slater PRM

Let’s talk

about how to find, engage and acquire new customers

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How Does Google Handle Javascript When Crawling, Rendering & Indexing Pages

Here are some notes I have collected for those optimising a website built with Javascript and the challenges with Javascript in terms of search engine optimisation in 2018.

Read the full article here How Does Google Handle Javascript When Crawling, Rendering & Indexing Pages

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Navigating SXSW madness, as told by GSD&Mers

We’re a month away from SXSW. Yep, that’s right—the week that fills our streets with music, people and even more booze and food than usual. Deep breaths. For those of us who embrace the madness with open arms, we caught up with both GSD&M’s SXSW vets and new mavens to get the best tips, tricks and tracks for SXSW 2018. Spoiler alert: playlist included.


Name: Bill Bayne

Years attending SXSW: 15

Pro tip: When there are a few bands I don’t know on a lineup, I’ll stay in that venue to experience their show versus running all over town with a schedule.

Must-see band: Quiet Slang. More commonly known as Beach Slang, they’re reimagining their Replacements-y gnashed catalog into a softer vibe played with piano and cello.


Name: Mason Endres

Years attending SXSW: 5

Pro tip: Never plan for things to go as planned. If you make a schedule, it’s not going to happen.

Must-see band: The Magic Gang, Sunflower Bean and Jared & The Mill.


Name: David Rockwood

Years attending SXSW: 25 whole years

Pro tip: Random is way better than planning.

Must-see band: BRONCHO


Name: Candi Clem

Years attending SXSW: 1

Pro tip: Stay hydrated. Take advantage of networking opportunities.

Must-see band: My favorite artists at SXSW are the ones I haven’t discovered yet.


Name: Jack Epsteen

Years attending SXSW: 8, I think?

Pro tip: Don’t overschedule, let the day and night guide you. And most of all, NO FOMO.

Must-see band: Ratboys!


Name: Rye Clifton

Years attending SXSW: 7, I think

Pro tip: Go alone. It is a lot easier to sneak in places when you aren’t part of a group.

Must-see band: The Fantastic Plastics


Name: Elizabeth Thompson

Years attending SXSW: At least 12?! How is that possible? Does 10 make me sound younger?

Pro tip: Forego fashion for function when it comes to shoes, and attend the events you love, even if your friends don’t.

Must-see band: The best I can do, so far, is local favorite David Ramirez, Will Varley, Peach Pit, The Yellow Traffic Light, a TBD beautiful crooner at St. David’s church during the Communion Showcase.


It seems as though there’s a general consensus that going with the flow of SXSW is the most fun and effective way to make it through the chaos—that, and comfortable shoes. Aside from the tips and tricks, there is a playlist with all of the above musical suggestions and then some.


Happy festing!