Friday Reading #124

Us here at Goodstuff towers can’t be anything but impressed
by Elon Musk’s genius marketing move of firing his latest car into space –
although I don’t think our clients will be seeing any extra-terrestrial based
outdoor campaigns in the same way as Telsa achieved (unless Roy has something up his sleeve).

It doesn’t seem as fun for our friends around the corner
at the Filthy Five, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple who have had
a collective telling off in The
, Facebook unable to persuade the world that it’s actually
a positive force
, and Youtube just not getting it right on Logan Paul
and the question of diversity. It’s been a fun ride with the big tech monsters
for the last 15-20 years, but are we approaching a time for the crunch of

It’s not all bad for the big guys – Google pioneering work
on AI is being moulded for real human needs in their UX-AI project. Technology
companies trying to improve rather than disrupt human experience has to be the
way forward, which Amazon’s
show they are moving in the right direction.

While we can’t build acre large biospheres around Tottenham
Court Road, we’ve got some more practical ways to make your life better – the
big digital insights for 2018
, why everyone’s playing German
Board Games
, and a bunch of ‘90s PC parts playing Africa by Toto.

But if we can leave you with one thing as you head into the
weekend, renewed in the spirit of a new year full of possibilities, it’s a rat showing like a
human being

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