Why Artificial Intelligence Will Widen the Wealth Gap

In a follow up piece, Integer’s I&S Director Jacquelyn Ethredge and team also penned a byline surrounding Artificial Intelligence and Socio-Economic Impact based on Integer’s research, appearing on The Huffington Post, AW360 and Business Intelligence.

“One of the fundamental issues AI will bring to the forefront is how different people prioritize time or money as their most valuable asset. Unsurprisingly, in discussions about AI, our data indicates that households with more money prioritize time. They, therefore, are more likely to see AI as a potential tool for saving or creating more time by delegating low-involvement decisions to a computer. Conversely, lower-income households show a higher priority on cost savings; 78% of all shoppers want AI in the future to bring them the best deals and sales. They are interested in the potential of AI to further this goal but are concerned about its ability or likelihood to deliver on this potential.”

Click on the links above to read the full article.  For more information on Integer’s AI research, visit: integer.com/artificialintelligence.

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