Gin and sparkling wines lead alcohol drinking trends into 2018

As part of Savvy’s Themes and Outlook for 2018 report, we focused our attention on alcoholics drinks. Here we share a couple of the key findings. Firstly, Savvy’s research indicates a slow down in alcohol consumption across both the on- …
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Economic uncertainty to test shopper demand in 2018

The economic performance of 2017 was better than many had expected. GDP is on course for annual growth of around 1.4%, unemployment is low and consumer confidence has proved fairly resilient. Despite uncertainty and ongoing shifts in channels of distribution, …
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Performics and Northwestern University’s Intent Lab Releases Travel Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI), Comparing Digital Satisfaction in Airlines Across Delta, American and United

Delta Bests American and United in Nearly All Factors of Digital Satisfaction, Including Satisfaction around Utility, Trust and Privacy

Performics, the premier performance marketing revenue growth driver, released the first edition of its Travel Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI), which compares digital satisfaction across travel websites and apps, including sites used to find and purchase trips, airline tickets, hotels and rental cars. The Travel DSI also compares satisfaction across specific airline brands: Delta, American and United.

The DSI is a quarterly measure of consumer attitudes and perceptions of online marketing, produced by the Intent Lab, a research partnership between Performics and Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing. The Travel Brand-Level DSI surveyed 1500 respondents in the U.S.

The DSI uses four key factors to understand consumer satisfaction:

  • Utility: Usefulness of site/app experiences
  • Social: Ability of brands to create communities
  • Privacy: Comfort around site information collection
  • Trust: Credibility of information from brands

Regarding digital satisfaction for airline brands, the Intent Lab ranked Delta as first overall, with American and United following. Respondents found Delta’s online experiences most useful, and they thought Delta was the most trustworthy and secure brand. Delta led in terms of website satisfaction, including ease in comparing prices, ease in comparing flight times and online check-in. American Airlines narrowly bested Delta in the Social factor, as respondents were particularly satisfied with American’s use of emerging social channels like Instagram and Pinterest. United led only in app satisfaction.

Esteban Ribero, Performics SVP of Planning and Insights, commented “Utility—the ease at which people can get things done on your website—is really critical for travel consumers. Delta had the highest digital satisfaction versus its competitors because respondents felt that Delta’s website did the best job in making it easy to find and book flights.”

The Travel DSI also revealed that travel shoppers, especially millennials, want information like personalized recommendations and consumer reviews. However, they’re overwhelmed by all the options and content. “Consumers seek all the information they can get from travel sites. But, to avoid information overload and dissatisfaction, travel brands must focus on curating content for their consumers,” said Ribero.

View the 2018 Travel Brand-Level Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI) for more insights into overall travel site/app satisfaction, as well as satisfaction comparisons between Delta, American and United.

About Performics

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A Look at Our Bookshelf: Books that Keep us Sharp at 97th Floor

Reading. It’s something you probably do every day. You read tweets, and emails, and Slack messages. But why do you read? If you are like me, your main purpose for reading is to complete tasks and move projects forward. But do you ever read for other purposes? Do you intentionally read to gain new insights, […]

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Battle of the Wallets: The Changing Landscape of Consumer Activism

At a time when consumers appear to increasingly vote with their wallets, either in support of or against companies, Weber Shandwick and KRC Research surveyed consumers in the US and the UK to explore the motivations behind consumer activism. The research, Battle of the Wallets: The Changing Landscape of Consumer Activism, investigates the motivations behind boycotters and those who show support for companies by intentionally buying from them (“BUYcotters”).

The research finds that the BUYcott movement is growing and expected to outpace boycotts. Eight in 10 consumer activists in the US and UK (83 per cent) agree it is more important than ever to support companies that do the right thing by BUYcotting. Fewer (59 per cent) say it is more important than ever to participate in boycotts. BUYcotters have taken more supportive purchase actions in the past two years (5.7, on average) than boycotters have taken in opposition (4.5, on average). BUYcotters are also more likely to take action in the future: 37 per cent of BUYcotters expect to take more supportive actions over the next two years versus 28 per cent of boycotters who expect to do more boycotts.

The primary motivation for BUYcott behaviour is to support a company or brand’s reputation, cited by 48 per cent of BUYcotters. For boycotters, changing the way a company or brand does business is the top motivator (36 per cent), but that is nearly tied with harming the reputation of the boycott target (35 per cent). In both boycott and BUYcott cases, wanting to influence sales takes a back seat to impacting reputation.

Battle of the Wallets provides six guidelines for companies to navigate the changing landscape of consumer activism and to leverage the growing BUYcott movement.

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Sonali Malaviya joins Essence in India to lead Google business

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Sonali Malaviya, our new VP, Client Partner in India. Reporting to Anand Chakravarthy, MD for Essence in India, Sonali will lead on the Google account from our office in Delhi.

Anand said, “Sonali’s diverse experience and her width of exposure working on both the agency and the client side, makes her a real asset to have at Essence and the ideal choice to steward our longstanding relationship with Google. Bring onboard key leadership like Sonali is a priority to Essence building a strong, differentiated offering in India.”  

Sonali said, “I am excited to join the team at Essence in building an integrated, world-class marketing product in India. As one of the few digitally led full-service agencies, it gives us the opportunity to create breakthrough work for our clients, and I look forward working with this dynamic team of professionals.”

Read more about Sonali’s appointment on Campaign India.

How To Get Google To Crawl and Index Your Website Fully

A part of SEO is to make sure Google can crawl your website and index all your primary pages. Google is sometimes picky about what pages on a site it will index. If you have a website indexation problem and want to get more of your pages indexed on Google, read on. Table of Contents […]

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Bringing a programmatic mindset to traditional media

Whereas some start out as traditional media agencies and are coming around to integrating digital, we were founded as a digital-first agency and are now investing in pushing the traditional media space into a data-driven future. How are we doing that? 

Our very own global CEO Christian Juhl spoke to AdExchanger about our transition in an exclusive interview. Read the full piece on AdExchanger.