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Did everyone catch the Bake Off Final on Tuesday? No we don’t mean the C4 version, Prue Leith after a few gin and tonics spoiled that for us (but luckily not for the 8.8m who tuned in live – congrats to our friends at C4). Of course we’re talking about the Goodstuff Bake Off final – hosted here at Corinthian House, and featuring some unbelievable baking talent from across the agency.

The finals party brought together clients, media owners and the whole agency to watch a live technical challenge and the final showstopper. And show stopping they were, the talent was as huge as the cakes – but ultimately Carmen’s witches cauldron cast a spell on the judges to take home the crown. But more importantly, the event managed to raise over £1000 for our wonderful charities Alzheimer’s Society and SWAN UK.



Despite the slightly demonic appearance, these drawings are in fact useful models to make your presentations better. The information monster is the deck we’re all too familiar with, with hundreds of text dense charts – overwhelming you with information and failing to land any of it. The story rainbow is what it could be, based around the singular idea you want to communicate – structured as a narrative, with three key acts. The full article over at Quartz is packed with useful tips, starting points and things to consider to nail that 4pm on a Friday graveyard slot.

podcasts? Have 100 or so spare hours to check out the best the format has to
offer? Reddit user Scarscrabble has listened to ‘way too many podcasts’ and
created the definitive list of the 100 top podcasts with descriptions
personal favourites include 99% invisible, My Dad Wrote a Porno (coming in at a
strong 7th) and Hello Internet. Can you find yours?


Remember clipart? The indispensable way to liven up any document in the 1990′s was Microsoft’s library of hundreds of thousands of ready made cartoons. Looking to fill a hole in our hearts, Google have recently unveiled Poly, their free online library of 3d objects – clipart for the VR generation. In much the same way clipart was able to fast track the development of graphic design computing, Google are undoubtedly hoping that Poly will kickstart a new category of graphics.

2017 has
been the year that the power of the ‘Frightful Five’, Amazon, Apple, Facebook,
Google and Microsoft, has come into stark relief. Each of them own a
massive chunk of the digital world we live in; from commerce, to our social
lives, the collective knowledge of the internet and every computer that runs it.
However, none of them has made much of a dent into the lucrative world of entertainment
– Amazon fails to get their hit show, Google’s YouTube hasn’t made much of an
inroads into long-form content, Microsoft quietly closed down its own
entertainment studio and Apple and Facebook talk big but it’s always around the
corner. Is this sector out of the grasp of the big five?

How can
digital advertising engage, rather than simply target? The digital landscape is facing
a significant obstacle at the moment as audiences around the world increasingly associate online ads with spam and fake news, and feel that ads are intrusive and

means that digital as we know it is facing a pivotal change in our
communication with audiences: PSFK argue a shift of focus may be required to build uninterrupted engagement and relationships, rather than overzealous use
of pre-rolls and MPUs. This aligns with trends like the rise of branded
podcasts for long-term success for building a brand. From digital perspective,
we must start thinking about how we engage rather than simply target.

All the MMA SA Smarties 2017 Winners!

The Mobile Marketing Association South Africa (MMA SA) celebrated creativity, innovation, and talent across mobile marketing at the MMA SA Smarties Awards 2017, held at The Capital Moloko Hotel, Sandton on Thursday, 2 November.

The evening drew attention to pioneering mobile campaigns, following the Smarties Forum held earlier in the day at the same venue, and revealed the winners of the sought-after Smarties Awards for mobile marketing excellence.

The Liquorice unicorns came out as a big winner overall with five individual awards for three different campaigns and the title of agency of the year. This follows their excellent showing at the EMEA regional awards held last week.

Yonder Media also did very well in receiving five awards for two different campaigns, as well as the title ‘publisher/media company of the year in mobile’; while Havas Boondoggle brought home four awards as well as the best in show accolade for the Durex ‘The big O’ campaign.

Gorilla was another top performer, responsible for five awards; with Mobitainment & Brainbow Conscious Creatives and AAT (Always Active Technologies) responsible for three awards each, for their ‘Ariel impossible made possible’ campaign and ‘info4africa – Omnichannel mobile user experience’ work respectively; with Boxer Superstores’ ‘Dreams come true at Boxer with Sunlight’ receiving an award; as did Strika Entertainment for ‘KFC Supa Strikas golden shakes’; Conversation Lab for ‘Dunlop lead generation’; Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town for ‘Burger King #SWHOPPER’; as well as Mobiclicks for the ‘CNA June holiday’ campaign.

MMA SA’s mobile marketing industry awards 2017

  • Agency of the year: Liquorice
  • Enabling technology company of the year in mobile: Google
  • Operator of the year in mobile: Vodacom
  • Publisher/media company of the year in mobile: Yonder Media


Winners of MMA SA Smarties Awards 2017


Category Award Agency Brand Campaign Name
Brand Awareness Gold Havas Boondoggle Durex The Big O
Silver Liquorice & FCB Amarula Amarula #Namethemsavethem
Bronze Mobitainment & Brainbow Conscious Creatives Ariel Ariel Impossible made Possible
Bronze Yonder Media Shoprite Shoprite Low Price Christmas Brand Awareness Campaign
Lead Generation Gold Havas Boondoggle Durex The Big O
Silver Yonder Media Government Employee Medical Scheme (GEMS) GEMS Evo Switch Campaign
Bronze Boxer Superstores Boxer Superstores Dreams come true at Boxer with Sunlight
Bronze Conversation Lab Dunlop SA Dunlop Lead Generation
Product/Services Launch Gold Strika Entertainment KFC KFC Supa Strikas Golden Shakes
Silver Yonder Media Government Employee Medical Scheme (GEMS) GEMS Evo Switch Campaign
Relationship Building and CRM Bronze Liquorice Surf – Unilever Surf School of Shine
Social Impact / Non for Profit Gold Liquorice Amarula Amarula #NameThemSaveThem
Silver AAT (Always Active Technologies) info4africa info4africa – Omnichannel Mobile User Experience
Cross Media Gold Mobitainment & Brainbow Conscious Creatives Ariel Ariel Impossible made Possible
Silver Gorilla Lux – Unilever We are More
Cross Mobile Integration Gold Yonder Media Government Employee Medical Scheme (GEMS) GEMS Evo Switch Campaign
Silver AAT (Always Active Technologies) info4africa info4africa – Omnichannel Mobile User Experience
Messaging Bronze Gorilla SHIELD – Unilever It’s Your Move
Mobile Website Gold Liquorice Amarula Amarula #NameThemSaveThem
Silver Havas Boondoggle Durex The Big O
Mobile Social Gold Havas Boondoggle Durex The Big O
Silver The Jupiter Drawing Room CT Burger King #SWHOPPER
Bronze Gorilla Mondelez – Stimorol Stimoji
Location Based Services or Targeting Gold Yonder Media Shoprite Shoprite Local Awareness Campaign
Silver Mobiclicks CNA CNA June Holiday Campaign
Bronze AAT (Always Active Technologies) info4africa Non Profit Organisation info4africa – Omnichannel Mobile User Experience
Silver Gorilla AXE – Unilever You’ve got Something
Bronze Gorilla LUX – Unilever We are More
Mobile Video Bronze Liquorice SA Home Loans SA Home Loans House Rules
Mobile Audio Silver Mobitainment & Brainbow Conscious Creatives Ariel Ariel Impossible made Possible
Havas Boondoggle Durex The Big O

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Behold A Glorious Night of Fire

Don’t Panic appreciates that sometimes the best way to puncture the tension and threat of complete annihilation is with a little satire. Humour can help broach even the tensest of conversations and deliver some of the most complicated messages. After all, there’s no more ambitious rebrand than that of North Korea’s most glorious general.

Don't Panic Fireworks Feature

Working in partnership with one of the world’s most volatile and rotund leaders, Don’t Panic proudly presents this Bonfire Night’s must-have missile – Kim Jong-Un’s very own branded fireworks! As the North Korean dictator gets his new product launch off the ground, he has released a statement in support of this exciting new partnership:

“This 5th November, I am delighted that Don’t Panic are helping me to bring my unique brand of fiery death to you, the dishonourable imperialist dogs of the USA and United Kingdom. I send Don’t Panic my greatest appreciations for enabling you all to experience my ballistic joy explosions and create seas of hellfire in your very own gardens. Now we will see just who is the Little Rocket Man!”

Many kind regards and death to the West,

Invincible and Triumphant Leader

Don't Panic Kim Jung-Un Fireworks spread

Numbers are limited, so to get you hands on a box, contact this very instant, as they’re going like incredibly hot cakes. Then light the fuse, stand back and make this a 5th of November that you will most certainly remember, remember.

Kim Jong-un with military band

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