Halloween Stunt Gets Results for Mr. Mercedes

It’s the day of Halloween and you don’t have a costume yet. What do you do?

Mistress used this simple insight to engage fans of Mr. Mercedes, the Stephen King + DirecTV original series, by giving them some great costume ideas, and promoting the series at the same time.

We tapped into the unique platform features that were native to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help fans recreate their favorite characters. Then, to activate our fans for a chance to win exclusive Mr. Mercedes swag, we asked them to tag a friend in the comments, plus use this emoji 🙃, an emoji that we constantly utilize and own in the TOV of our brand.

The results were killer! With 7.2K total engagements, 200K impressions, and some awesome interpretations of our iconic characters from the series. And because the fans have used this emoji 🙃 in their responses, it will now appear in their most recent section on the emoji keyboard, which continuously keeps our brand top of mind. This emoji keyboard is an untapped metric that we jumped on.

Facebook’s marketplace feature

Mr Mercedes Facebook Halloween Post

Instagram’s Carousel Feature

Halloween Social Activation Mr Mercedes
Stephen King's Mr Mercedes Social Campaign
Mr Mercedes Brady Halloween Costume IG
Mr Mercedes Ice Cream Man

Twitter’s Starter Pack

Stephen Kings Mr Mercedes Brady Starter Pack Twitter
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