Sharing our branding advice with the New York Stock Exchange

We are passionate about startup companies at Moving Brands and are fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe, including Uber, Asana and Flipboard.

When the New York Stock Exchange approached us to provide a chapter for its new book ‘The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: From Concept to IPO’, we were confident that we had valuable advice for anyone looking to set up.

We always stress to any startup we work with the importance of carving a meaningful brand space for itself within its market. Having seen the benefits of this approach first-hand, our chapter naturally goes on to explain ‘Why Startups Should Spend on Brand’.

In the book, we look at how a startup can shape its identity through its story, structure and customer experience. We have found that this approach ensures a new business develops an authentic, engaging identity that helps inform all the other practical choices for a successful brand, such as tone of voice and color palette.

It’s true, in the hectic early days of establishing a startup, it can seem more important to focus on developing your product, hiring your team, setting budgets and identifying funding, and considering when and how to scale up. It can also be hard to justify the expense and time required to develop a killer brand.

However, we firmly believe that putting time, thought and energy into branding right at the start of a business delivers direct benefits in the long term. A strong identity can attract investment, with well-thought-through brands securing higher valuations from venture capitalist firms.

Our chapter includes the advice that your brand experience should flow throughout the business, whether that is the micro-interactions in an app, the conversational exchange of a chatbot, or the motion design of a web page. This is where the magic of your brand lies, and the things that customers remember about your company. Helping you to stand out from competitors in a ‘sea of sameness’.

To read the chapter of the book in full, download it here.

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