China’s Live-streaming Trend: Paving the Way for Increased Engagement

By Glenn Osaki, President, Asia, Shanghai, China, MSL and Liki Qin, Regional Senior Manager, Asia, MSL 2016 will be known as the dawn of the era of live-streaming in China, with over 325 million users — about half of the entire online population of China, according to the China Internet Network Information Center. As the […]

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PR – Driven Media: Hero of The Day

By Guillaume Herbette, Global CEO, MSL Every brand is a media company now. This message has undoubtedly been instilled in every communications and marketing professional. And what it means is that every brand must create content – lots of it on various platforms – if they want to influence consumers. This is a very exciting […]

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Social Media News Roundup: July ’17 Week 3

social media news july 17 week 3
In the news this week – Twitter updates users on safety, Amazon is building its own messaging app and Snapchat will have a daily news show…
Twitter updates users on work to make network safer

A recent post on Twitter’s official blog provides data on products introduced to increase safety and limit abuse on the network since January. The article states increased action on abusive accounts as a key signifier for progress. Twitter now cites taking action of ten times the number of abusive accounts every day compared to this time last year.

The post also mentions driving change in behaviour through limiting account reach, and providing personalised controls for users to customise their experience. According to Ed Ho, general manager, consumer product and engineering, what can be expected now is more improvement, transparency and speed.

“While there is still much work to be done, people are experiencing significantly less abuse on Twitter today than they were six months ago… Online safety is an issue best solved in partnership with others, so we’ll continue to collaborate with our Trust & Safety Council, industry experts, and academics to solicit ongoing feedback.”

LinkedIn data shows best content types for maximum engagement

LinkedIn has published data that shows the content types that employees should be sharing for maximum engagement rates. Employee advocacy strategies are often the most successful when it comes to extending your brand reach across social networks, particularly for professional networks such as LinkedIn.

According to data by LinkedIn Elevate, SlideShare presentations are the most popular type of content for sharing. In the past year, SlideShares received 44% more shares than other content types. Other successful content types are those that grab attention, and rather unsurprisingly video content sees around 6% more engagement than articles, images and SlideShares.

Amazon Spark looks like Instagram for e-commerce

Amazon’s latest mobile app feature is a scrollable feed of photos and captions uploaded by other users with links to product pages, reminiscent of an Instagram for e-commerce. With Amazon Spark, Amazon is working to turn reviewers into advocates and influencers within its own unique community.

While the feature does feel like Instagram and Pinterest, it has some advanced features geared towards e-commerce. Most notably, products within posts are linked through to their respective pages on Amazon, so users can make immediate informed purchases via click-throughs. It functions like a shoppable Instagram feed, including products related to pre-approved categories by the user.

Amazon is building its own stand-alone messaging app

Amazon is reportedly working on its own full-feature, stand-alone messaging app that is compatible across desktop and mobile devices. Suggestions have been made that the so-called Anytime app will be an all-in-one service, enabling a whole host of different features such as group messaging, photo and video sharing and games. It is also likely to allow users to engage with other Amazon services such as shopping and Amazon Music.

NBC News is producing a daily news show for Snapchat

Beginning next Wednesday, NBC News will be producing and broadcasting a live news show called Stay Tuned twice a day for Snapchat. According to sources, the show is the latest in developments by parent company Snap Inc. towards making the network a go-to destination for exclusive shows.

Each edition of Stay Tuned will cover the day’s biggest news stories in a crisp two-three minute segment. The company’s head of original content Sean Mills believes that Stay Tuned also represents an increased focus for Snap on the specific genre of news. Of their ambitions, he said:

“Our ambition is very much that when something happens in the world or there’s a news event, that our audience would turn  to Snapchat increasingly to get that news.”

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In conversation with… Owl & Dog Playbooks


So, what’s your story?

Owl & Dog are Yeonju Yang and Claudio Ripol. Designers by trade, we have worked for a number of years for corporate clients on a wide range of products, spaces and branding from our London-based design studio Yang Ripol Design.

We always liked designing toys, and one day we had the idea of developing a cardboard-based toy, and it led to adding a story, and then became something between a toy and a book. It happened very quickly, and now we have five books published so far and are working on more publications.

Although we are very new to this industry, we are fascinated by the possibilities when you look at books with an open mind – not as a set format, but as an object. 


How did you develop a love for making books?

It started when we were reading books to our son. We really liked the physical interaction with a book, the bond between a child and a parent: the theatricality and role playing involved in the process.

This is something very special that I can’t replace with screen-based content. We love children’s books, and only after we had stumbled upon the idea of making a mask-book we realised we could provide something new in the market – not only the mask but the idea behind it.

Books are very rewarding as the development process can be very quick if you are a small publisher, and the result is also a democratic object that can be enjoyed by anyone.


What techniques do you use?

There are three aspects which make up a children book: text, Illustration and format.

We use various tools and methods depending on the title, but our process always starts with the format of the book. We design how it will fold out and how it can transform. We might have an idea of the content at this point, but it is very flexible.

From then on, we decide a fixed number of pages, shapes and size, and we start developing the story and the illustrations, which in turn affect the format again.

This means that during the process of creation we keep the three concepts flexible and interactive, all the way to the end. This is challenging as it means the artist, the writer and the designer need to be constantly challenged and ready to update during the whole process.


Which one are you most proud of, and why?

It is difficult choose just one, as they all work differently. I think The Adventures of 3 Bears has had the most impact on customers, and seeing someone’s face light up when they interact with it is very rewarding.


What’s the story behind one or more of the works in this gallery?

The Adventures of 3 Bears was a development of the Guess Who! idea; a mask book. Where Guess Who! had been a quick riddle, and a very simple mask, this time we set out to achieve a storyline as well as a volumetric mask. Something that was larger but still folded into a manageable format, both in terms of manufacturing and usability.

We initially worked out the way the mask would fold out, and then decided to have a three-book format. We also decided that bears were our preferred animal, as there could be variations of characters while keeping the same basic shape.

The stories are short, but with the basic premise of a fantastic, far-reaching journey to adventure, and back – just in time for the child to go to bed!


Remember, our 3×3 instagallery is refreshed every month. Catch our latest one hereOr see more of Owl and Dog’s work here.


Claudio and Yeonju Photo

Muji ventures into hospitality

This is for all you people who have dreamed of furnishing your home entirely with Muji products. The Japanese retailer is expanding its business from home goods to hotels. Set for the end of this year Muji is launching a property in Shenzhen. A second hotel, situated above its flagship store in Tokyo, will follow in 2019.

Muji’s expansion into the hospitality industry feels like a natural evolution. Popularizing a minimal but chic aesthetic, the lifestyle brand provides everything from household goods to clothing. The company has even dabbled in tiny prefab homes and airport terminal design.

We wondered how Muji’s use of materials and design will inform the aesthetic of its hotels, so we asked MB Design Director Dave Cameron: 

“Simply kitting out a hotel with Muji’s furniture, furnishings and fittings could result in a slightly surreal experience — a sleepover in one of their stores, which could be enjoyable for some?! But this would be an underwhelming and crude creative solution. It will be more authentic to design the Muji experience — one that is simple, peaceful and well-designed — reflecting their products and expressing their brand.

Clearly the hotel will include some of the Muji products (I’m a big fan of their bed frames), but it will be more interesting to see them design some of the signature hotel moments — what happens if Muji designed the booking experience, breakfast, or even the lift music?”

Muji enters a hospitality market adjusting to changing times. The ease and locality offered by Airbnb is pressuring hotels into streamlining their traditionally stuffy experience, introducing online check-in, digital keys and a renewed focus on local, unique cultural experiences. Meanwhile, Airbnb is introducing new guidelines for its hosts, encouraging them to provide a more luxury, hotel-like experience.

Words: Lauren Ebeling and David Cameron.

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Diversity in Advertising Award


We’re proud to be one of only five agencies shortlisted from more than 50 entries into Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award, an annual competition with the important goal of improving diversity in advertising. Here’s hoping our idea for Panasonic, for this year’s theme of non-visual disabilities, can go one further and scoop the prize of £1million in free media.

For more on the awards click here

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Immersive Tech Meets Sustainability

By Sheila McLean, NA Citizenship & Sustainability Practice Director, MSL Much has been said and written about how immersive tech will transform the communications industry, ushering in a new era of evolved storytelling. While that is true, it will also considerably impact – and transform – social purpose in sectors like food and beverage. Imagine, […]

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