Friday Reading #100

One of the lovely things about working in this industry is that we’re in the business of great ideas, and great ideas can come from anywhere.

Friday Reading is all about this inspiration – sharing stories, ideas and developments from which we in the media and advertising industries can learn, and pinch ideas. There has never been a precise brief as such, when coming across something which might make the cut we merely ask ourselves a few simple questions: is it interesting? Does it have a point of view, not just state the news? Does it make you think? Does it make you smile?

We’ve been writing this weekly email for over two years now, and it’s vindicating to see that now over 500 people are still reading our little push for great ideas every week.

To celebrate, we’ve taken the very best of the past 99 editions and wrapped them up into a beautiful printed magazine, with fresh contributions from some of the most interesting people in Tech, Design, Trends & Culture, Smart Thinking and Advertising & Media. We’ve posted these out across the country today, but in case you didn’t get one (we’ve only got email addresses for most subscribers) you can download the PDF below. Hope you enjoy. 

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