Instagram vs. Snapchat: Who’s Doing It Better?

Instagram has figured out a way to capitalize on existing ideas, and make them their own. But who’s doing it better? Instagram or Snapchat?

It’s no secret that Instagram has been making a name for itself as the “The Fat Jewish” of the social space in recent months. They’ve essentially copied others’ work, but are managing to do it better, or at least better than Snapchat.

How is Instagram Succeeding?

Much like the instafamous account, Instagram has figured out a way to capitalize on existing ideas, and have succeeded in making them their own by sharing them with their enormous audience.

What’s New?

This spring, Instagram introduced Direct, the uncannily similar tool that allows users to send photos and videos to friends that disappear after a few seconds, like the claim to fame feature of Snapchat.

Not to be outdone, Snapchat is rolling out Paperclip, a new feature that allows publishers to link to websites within their stories. This could be a game changer for Snapchat users who can now drive traffic to their sites without needing to buy an ad. And, for brands that don’t have large social media budgets, this will most likely drive large volumes of organic traffic. Lastly,  the update gives Snapchat a leg-up on Instagram’s “link in bio” system.

What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

As they say, competition breeds success, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. The ongoing rivalry between Snapchat and Instagram is making advertising easier and more effective on both channels. Now, with so many brands vying for the attention of their cherished viewers, advertisers have more placements for their ads and more options for creative.  

It’s clear, social advertising is the future. With the rate of brands advertising on social consistently rising every month, channels will have to continue to improve and create innovative options to stay at the top. Is your brand advertising on social yet?

Final Thoughts

So, with all these new features, who’s coming out on top?

With over 250 million users actively engaging with Instagram stories (100 million more than Snapchat), IG has clearly won this battle. However, with all of Snapchat’s new features continuing to roll out (voice filters, Snap Map, backgrounds, Paperclip), there’s no saying who will win the war.

Lauren Mello is a Social Specialist at Genuine where she assists in the strategic preparation and management of social profiles for Genuine’s clients.

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