Friday Reading #98

So here we are. Election results day. Not quite sure what to make of it mind you, so let’s just carry on as normal eh? No politicised infighting seems to have occurred yet, and we’re coming together over smoothies in aid of Goodcause. Speaking of making drinks, know of a brilliant young person who’s looking for a first job which involves more than making the tea? We’re taking applications now, entries here. See that

segue? Seamless.


Kids are no strangers to a few bumps and bruises,
particularly if they’re interested in sports. Grazed knees from skateboarding,
broken bones from rugby – they’re all a rite-of-passage for young athletes, and
we’re usually told to stand up, dust ourselves down and power through. Parents
in China, however, seem to be slightly more concerned than most about the risk
of injury. In a bid to ease their worries, Nike have produced a series of
colourful bandages that aim to shift the focus away from injury and danger, and
towards perseverance and courage
. It’s a great message that applies to all
sports enthusiasts (and also gives them some nice, creative branding around
budding athletes).


Summer is fast approaching and along with seasonal change comes the overwhelming excitement/dread of booking a family/friends/couples holiday. You’ll be inundated with all the latest summer deals except none of them appeal to you because 1. They’re expensive and 2. They’re just not your thing. Well for all you wanderlusts, to celebrate the very cool and the very nomadic Swedish principle of ‘Allemansrätten’, Sweden recently listed itself (yes the entire country) on AirBnb. Encouraging people to wander freely through forests, to get lost in the ethereal woods and to pitch a tent by the beautiful lakes, all in support of Sweden’s motto ‘Allemansrätten’ – “the freedom to roam”.


Lucozade is helping it’s drinkers “find their flow” through London with limited edition contactless enabled bottles. The bottles will be given away across the tube network, and the lucky commuters who get one of these special bottles can use them to take a free ride on the tube, made possible by swiping the contactless bottle. This joint venture between Lucozade, TFL and Exterion is a great example of how advertisers can make more of traditional brand to hand sampling, whilst giving Londoners a valuable experience.


Years of playing Championship Manager and trying to break Cambridge United into the Champions League proved to me that while football can’t be spreadsheeted into submission, a key eye for stats can take you pretty far. I didn’t have millions of pounds, dozen of tracking systems or my own data centre to measure my teams though.

Benfica’s record for buying promising young players and selling for a packet to the Premier League (see David Luiz, Nemanja Matic) and La Liga (Jan Oblak) is down in part to their obsessive relationship with data. Every player is measured and quantified by an array of sensors, with personalised training, fitness and nutrition plans created for them in order to squeeze every amount of efficiency and minimise injuries. Sounds like Arsenal could take a leaf…

Working through this years Goodstarter programme, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to get young people off to the best possible start in their careers. It’s bloody tough to know how to get where you want to in life, especially in the mad world of the creative industries. Handily, It’s Nice That have spoken to a range of successful creative people to shed some light on how they progressed through their careers. There are a series of articles here, just scroll down to “from there to here”. 

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