TUI Launches Data-Driven DOOH Activation Promoting Thomson Cruises

This month TUI launched a nationwide digital OOH campaign to promote Thomson Cruises. The dynamic campaign reacted to different data triggers to deliver a targeted and contextual campaign across city, roadside and mall formats in May.

The creative showcased a range of activities and entertainment available on-board Thomson Cruises and tailored messages to match the real-time conditions at each DOOH site. On a sunny day, the creative could suggest “a round of golf on-board,” whilst at nighttime, the creative invites you to enjoy on-board dining and firework displays alongside a geo-targeted call to action to fly from the nearest airport.

Live updates are managed through OpenLoop, QDOT’s dedicated campaign management platform for DOOH. OpenLoop analyses Met Office data, time of day, and location, to automate creative playout across four different media owners. The DOOH campaign was planned and booked by Mediacom and produced by Grand Visual and supports wider campaign activity.

Ben Smith, Account Director, Grand Visual:

This campaign demonstrates the ease of centrally managing dynamic digital OOH campaigns with automated, data-driven creative play-out across a range of formats, locations and media owners. Data triggers allow campaign messages to be highly targeted, delivering a deeper level of engagement with audiences on the go.


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