DrupalCon 2017 Recap:

Members of Genuine recently traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to attend DrupalCon North America 2017. These are their stories.The Drupal community is one of the largest open source groups in the world. Each year, members of this distinctive community participate in and attend various DrupalCamps, meetups, and other events in more than 200 countries. But, once a year, the entire community unites at DrupalCon North America, the largest Drupal event in the world. Here’s what our @WeAreGenuine developers had to say about their annual trip to the mecca of all Drupal events.

“My biggest highlights and takeaways from DrupalCon Baltimore centered around the people. This year, we were able to send a larger number of our PHP team and, for some of them, it was their first time attending. It was awesome to hear what they experienced each day. Their energy was contagious and helped make this one of the best DrupalCons yet.” – Mike Miles, Associate Director of PHP at Genuine, DrupalCon speaker

“Every year at DrupalCon, there’s always one topic that’s really the talk of the town. From my perspective, the trending topic focused around “de-coupled” content (aka. “headless” or “Content as a Service” (CaaS). Folks involved with Drupal recognize that platforms like Contentful and Prismic.io (among others) are onto something; they could potentially be competition in the future. The truth is that these platforms are impressive, but currently lacking features that would make them real Drupal competitors. They could eventually get there though, so it’s a smart approach for organizations to think through their CaaS offerings.” – Mike Norman, SVP Technology at Genuine

“Where to begin with my first Drupalcon experience…At first glance, you can’t help but notice the passion the Drupal community has for its coveted CMS. Attendees speak about Drupal from a place of praise and concern (mostly praise, not just drinking Kool-Aid). Like a pair of good parents speaking to their child, the criticism is always constructive and meaningful. Drupal itself is constantly challenged from within, and that leads to great discussion and improvements to the system we’ve all come to love and depend on in our day to day professional lives.” – Les Peabody, Sr. PHP Developer at Genuine, DrupalCon newbie

“This year’s event in Baltimore was home to my first Drupalcon. First stop, keynote speaker Martin Coady gave an in-depth explanation about the future Artificial Intelligence can play in the systems we build. The talk displayed how created content can be integrated into AI algorithm systems and natural language interpretation devices, like Amazon’s Alexa, in order to automatically give the user custom curated content based on their interactions with the system. Super cool!” – Chase Barrett, Sr. PHP Developer at Genuine, DrupalCon newbie

“This was my first Drupalcon and, I have to say, I was impressed by how self-aware the community is about important issues such as diversity and career/personal development. This was reflected in the session track dedicated to “Being Human.” In particular, Joe Shindelar’s session on “Why is Drupal So Hard” had some sincere insights, which actually surprised me and  left me in a reflective state of mind the rest of the day.” – Josh Bolduc, Sr. PHP Developer at Genuine, DrupalCan newbie

Though it only comes around once a year, the attendance at DrupalCon North America continues to grow. And with such a vast collection of enthusiasts all united under one roof, it’s easy to see that the true heart of the Drupalcon experience, much like Drupal itself, lies within the community.

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