OFFF Festival 2017 Insights

Last week, we flew over to Barcelona to take part in OFFF Festival and to hear a keynote from Moving Brands Co-Founder and CCO, Jim Bull. We were also on the ground to hear what’s top of mind for some of the world’s best designers.

We were also in the right place to find out what some of the world’s best designers are thinking and doing. One thing, in particular, became clear, our digital lifestyles expose us daily to sensory overload. Our devotion to technology, with its constant bombardment of experiences and messaging, is dulling our senses.

In a world where brands are struggling to be heard, we need to harness the power of feeling to connect and encourage action.

Domestic Data Streamers opened the festival with a unique take on data – a topic we are all obsessed with. Big Data is often hailed as the answer to the world’s problems, from discovering life-saving medical treatments to, as Adobe showed us, taking the perfect selfie.


The challenge is, data doesn’t evoke many feelings. Which is a problem when we want to use it as a tool to build an argument or nudge people into action.

“The tools we have aren’t sufficient to understand and act on the amount of data we have access to.”

Domestic Data Streamers offered a simple solution: to connect, we need to find new human ways in which to present data. They showcased some exciting projects where they switched infographics for “info-experiences”. In one example, they represented data on real age and life expectancy with black and white balloons to significant effect.

By creating these simple experiences, large data sets can be made to connect with audiences more efficiently.

Similarly, Stink Studios demonstrated how they are harnessing the power of technology to create entertaining but resonating brand experiences, hoping to break apart the ‘creeping culture of sameness.’

By transforming a corner shop, they created a musical experience, sparked into life when unsuspecting customers chose Red Stripe from the chiller. What was exciting was the reaction it generated by making the end experience immersive and tactile.

Stink Studio's Musical Corner Shop for Red Stripe

New York based designer, Kelli Anderson reinforced the idea of lo-fi simplicity to create exciting experiences through the power of paper.

“I provide as little as I can, only what is necessary and sufficient. What happens between the user and the object is where the magic lives.”

What was brilliant about her projects is the surprise and delight factor inherent in her work. From her pop-out pinhole camera to her paper record player, her MO is to keep things as simple as possible, but in doing so, she sets the user up for a brilliant experience which makes you smile.

It is within these simple reactions that the power lies. By making someone feel, you can get them to act.

Kelli Anderson's Paper Record Player

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