Chuffed to have won three UK Sponsorship Awards last night!! ‘Best use of PR’ for Barclays Premier League, ‘Best use of Research & Evaluation’ for Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and Natasha Cabral walked away with the hugely prestigious Barrie Gill Award, given to the rising star in the UK sponsorship industry. Fantastic work.

Bing Ads: The Most Must-Use Features

Most PPC specialists find it challenging to break out of their usual “optimisation routine”. It’s human nature to focus on what we know that works and to concentrate the majority of our time on it: Google.

In the meantime, Bing keeps growing (faster than Google according to comScore) and it already accounts for 33% of the search paid advertising market in the US, and 23% in the UK. So, marketers shouldn’t disregard Bing as easily if we really want to achieve comprehensive paid search strategies.

In this blog, I’d like to list some of the latest additions to the platform which have contributed to making it a more robust platform than it already was before. I will also mention some of the features that may not be used as regularly, and that should be a must. All this with the aim of encouraging you to explore Bing Ads a bit further in your search paid strategy.

Trademark Keyword Policies

Bing changed its Trademark Keywords Policy last week by removing the restriction on the use of trademarks as keywords. While Bing Ads’ protection of trademarks in ad copy still remains unchanged, we are now able to expand our Bing Ads campaigns by bidding on competitor’s keywords. According to Bing, the user will benefit from it as “we often see consumers searching for trademarked terms with the expectation of receiving broader results”.

Website URL (Publisher) report

This is a really helpful feature and guess what – it isn’t currently available in AdWords! It allows us to see which syndicated partners our ads are appearing on and how they are performing. After analysing the data you can then make adjustments to improve campaign efficiency by excluding poorly performing partner URLs at a campaign level.

Negative Keyword Conflict report

We all know how important extensive negative keyword lists are to the health of a PPC account, regardless of which engine you are using. The Negative Keyword Conflict report is a great way to keep an eye on any negative keyword conflict that might crop up. It basically tells you the negative keywords you currently have in your account that are preventing your ads showing for keywords that you currently have live. You can then remove these manually in Bing and make sure you’re not blocking your ads from showing to a relevant searcher.

Share of Voice report

Unlike Google, the Share of Voice is not available as a column in the Bing platform. However, we can still access this data through this report. It helps you visualise areas for potential campaign growth and yet it is often unused. You can confirm you’re maximising reach across Bing by using this report in your top-performing areas. Take a look at data for the last six months and make sure your top converting areas are hitting their maximum share of voice. You can do this by adjusting bids and targeting higher ad positions, as well as improving overall ad relevancy.

Expanded Text Ads

bing expanded text ads

Expanded Text Ads were released in August last year on Bing. As in Google AdWords, the aim was to standardise ad formats to work across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Similarly to Google, title character limits increased from 25 to 60 characters (30 + 30) and for descriptions from 71 to 80. This extra space enables users to create more compelling messages while increasing the ad’s clickable space.

Age and Gender report

Bing allows you to make bid adjustments based on the performance of certain age segments or gender, all the way down to ad group level. Implementing positive or negative bid adjustments for the age/gender segments that work best, or that you know do not work well for your account, will help optimise and capitalise on the traffic you are bringing in.  In order to set these up, download an Age and Gender report and pivot the data in Excel to use calculated fields for conversion rate by age/gender segment.

Shared Budgets

PPCers know the pain of manually updating individual campaign budgets, which most of the time result in underutilised budgets. How wonderful would it be to distribute a single daily budget across all campaigns or a specific set of campaigns automatically? That’s what Shared Budgets were conceived for and announced back in October. We can now savour further streamlined budgeting without the hassle of constantly having to alter and to manually adjust.

Bid Modifiers

Recently, Bing expanded their device targeting capabilities to allow advertisers to completely stop appearing on tablet and mobile devices, should they choose:

  • Desktop 0% to +900%
  • Tablet -100% to +900%
  • Mobile – 100% to + 900%

In addition to expanding device targeting capabilities, Bing also allows for targeting of location, time of day and device, and demographic (gender and age):

Demo-based bids modifiers:

bing ads Demo-based bids modifiers

Comprehensive Campaign Planner

Bing has made specific enhancements to their campaign planner to help assist in research efforts for both setting up new campaigns and expanding existing ones. With the Comprehensive Campaign Planner, you can research what your competitors are doing, what keywords you should (or should not) be using, and of course what search trends you should be looking out for.

Using the new campaign manager, you can:

  • View insights by vertical product or keywords
  • Check performance data
  • Identify search traffic trends

More than just seeing average monthly searches you can see search volume and see distribution by device and location, plus the average cost per click.

bing ads Vertical Insights

If you are beyond the research phase and you are looking to verify how you are faring vs your competitors in the search space, you can pull industry benchmarks by vertical or industry. Also, using the top 10 competitors in your space, you can view ad coverage and where they rank versus how your ads are performing.

bing ads Vertical Insights - Competition

Bing Shopping Campaigns in Editor

Before this update, managing Bing Shopping Campaigns directly from the UI was, let’s be honest, a pain in the neck. Bing Ads released Bing Shopping Campaigns integration into Bing Ads Editor in September 2016. This update allows users to create, update or delete Shopping Campaigns directly in the editor. And just to make thing a bit easier, it also provided a Google import option.

Bing UET Codes

Bing UET tracking is nothing new. We all know that the Bing UET tracking codes allow you to track multiple goals, including:

  • Visit duration
  • Custom events
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Pages per visit
  • Destination URLs

This is more of a reminder of what it can do, including enhanced attribution. Using Bing UET tracking, you can implement one tag and share that tag across ad accounts too. Then you can re-engage past visitors, engage new visitors, and broaden your audience with different remarketing strategies.

While the world of PPC is ever-changing and new features are being released constantly (sometimes on a daily basis!) it is always beneficial to be reminded of what is already currently at your fingertips and how you can better use the tools available to you. I hope this blog helped you get a better idea of the potential of using Bing Ads in your future strategies and I encourage you heartily to give it a go!

Want to explore how Bing Ads could help you drive more conversions? Drop us a line at and see how we can help you.

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Snapchat innovates, Facebook commodifies

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And over the course of history many businesses have stolen the best bits from their competitors and improved upon them in some way. That’s progress right, Vorpsrung durch Technik and all that.


Facebook is seemingly taking that to it’s logical conclusion, copying the best bits from Snapchat, known for it’s popularity amongst teens and millennials (who it unsuccessfully tried to buy in 2013).


We take a look below at all the features that have been imitated either by Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, all of which have a strong focus around video.


This was probably the first instance in which most observers, thought “hang on a minute”.


Taking inspiration from Snapchat’ Stories (they didn’t even bother changing the name), it allows users to create images or short videos that only remain for 24 hours after being posted. Users are given access to a number of editing tools to make their content more interesting, including paint type features, text and emojis.



It also made the most of every pixel of a user’s screen in portrait orientation, something brands have been fairly slow to adapt to.


Previously Instagram content was slave to the “fast swipe” down, meaning your content could easily be passed over, especially if it was in anything less than square 1:1 format



Whereas other social media is all about what you have done (and show off about it), Messenger Day centres around making plans and having fun with friends.



Using frames, filters, stickers and painting features, it allows users to create fun content to entice your friends to engage with you



Whereas all of the previous Snapchat imitations have been tested on Facebook’s sister platforms, this is the first rollout that will be visible to Facebook’s huge user base; and could be the one that deals Snapchat a huge blow.


Much like Instagram and Snapchat Stories, it allows users to upload and edit fun images and content using the aforementioned editing features.



And, something that has been expected since Facebook bought camera app MSQRD, new enhanced filters, often seen as Snapchat’s killer feature.



Like Snapchat, Facebook is expected to partner with businesses to create branded filters around product launches and seasonal events. This could be a crucial battle not only for users, but brands too, as Facebook’s ad platform is much more developed and accessible than Snapchat’s.





Undoubtedly, Snapchat will continue to innovate and Facebook will soon follow in its footsteps. For some early adopters this is reason enough to stay with Snapchat, but for the majority they want access to features in their most used product, and that is Facebook 99 times out of 100.



Snapchat may remain a place for brands to talk to their young fan base, and be seen as innovators in advertising formats. However,I believe Facebook will continue to dominate the marketplace, opening up features to the masses and hoovering up advertising spend.


If you would like to discuss your advertising needs please call us on 0330 995 0212 or click below



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Why We Can’t Wait for Apple Clips

Snapchat have got competition ahead this April as Apple are upsetting the status quo in social video with their latest introduction of Clips  – an app to make snappy video creation seamless.


The most revolutionary thing about Clips is that they show just how much SnapChat is limiting users. The fact that you are unable to easily find other members in search and the lack of analytics available are two of the biggest weaknesses of the network that could well be its tombstone.


What made these social networks and their versions of the “stories” functionality so novel has now been superseded by this latest IOS release.


Clips is channel agnostic and allows for sharing of video to any social platform including YouTube and Vimeo.


This is one element that we think would be perfect for use by vloggers already active on YouTube who are looking to stand out from the crowd. Another is that video can be up to an hour long. This is a breath of fresh air if you are long tired of 60 second time restrictions.


When you create content for a single social network you limit your reach – if Clips works as well as promised it will make utilising all possible video assets far less of a difficult task.


In the example below you can see how the finished content looks and how it could be perfect for creating explainer content for a product or accessory.


The demo also highlights the use of Apple’s voice to text feature called Live Titles. Tediously transcribing your video to create titles is now a thing of the past. This is yet another highlight which was created in mind with Facebook’s standard muting of video within the timeline.


apple clips example


Advertising Considerations


One of the most interesting elements that has potential for marketing professionals has got to be, what are our options depending on customisation and the use of their version of filters?


Will branded filters be an option? (and will they be at a higher premium than SnapChat’s already astronomical costs?)


As we haven’t been able to test the tool out we can’t know yet, but we really hope that Clips have found a way to encapsulate the community spirit that SnapChat did so well in the use of filters.


We can’t wait to find out – in the meantime we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for its release.


If you’re looking for an agency on the cutting edge of video production and digital strategy for your campaigns, contact us today.

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In the world of business there are several wanky terms that are chucked around far too much. Things like blue-sky thinking, bandwith and low-hanging fruit are thrown recklessly around offices in an attempt to sound professional and credible, when in fact all that happens is you’re let wondering what happened to normal words and if you’re losing your grip on reality. (Note: if you’re using these terms you have indeed lost touch and we implore you to check yourself).

In the world of retail, omnichannel is one of those business terms that people use with a reckless, and quite frankly irresponsible, abandon. We have this odd tendency to get completely carried away with ourselves when we hear big words, but it’s time we all calmed down and stopped throwing the term at every single piece of online marketing.

In it’s very essence omnichannel means beautifully linking every single shopping channel into one seamless experience. THAT’S LITERALLY IT! It doesn’t need to get any more complicated than that, so is there really any need for quite so many roundtables and conferences about it? Probably not, but that’s a conversation for another day.

The key here is ‘linking’. If your brand runs an amazing social media campaign, has an app and a responsive website, that doesn’t automatically make it omnichannel. Channels need to deeply integrate for it to work well.

For instance, there are some retail brands out there doing a flawless job and actually have license to throw around omnichannel as pretentiously, and as much, as they like.


Yes, it’s the obvious one, but they’ve integrated a brick and mortar café and an app into one beautifully efficient dream. Users can log onto the app, or their mobile responsive site, to top up their credit, check rewards and order drinks before actually getting to the store so there’s no nasty waiting around time. No matter what site their using, it updates in real time across every platform so you always know exactly how much you’ve got to spend on liquid happiness, aka coffee.

Marks & Spencer

Despite a long and traditional history, they have been quick to embrace the omnichannel trend to create an easier shopping experience. Online hubs are dispersed throughout shops and if you can’t find something in a particular size/style/colour, all you need to do is scan the barcode and order the right one, either to the shop or to your home. You can also order online and go to the shops to pick things up creating incredibly easy access to products online and offline. Not to mention a 24 hour Twitter account that responds to customers, and more importantly, fixes issues instead of referring people to an automated phone line.


They always deserve a mention when discussing omnichannel as they’ve been doing it well for some time now. Throughout stores they have sales people armed with iPads that can take payment for your purchase, give you updated product information, and their Seek & Send service will search all their stores to find a product you’re looking for and have it shipped directly to your house. Clearly they understand that shopping should absolutely not be the hair-raising, nervous breakdown inducing experience it normally is.

Naturally we could go on and on about this stuff and who’s doing it well, because apparently this is how we get our kicks these days, however, for the sake of everyone’s sanity we won’t. But it is worth noting that if retail brands don’t get involved and start integrating their various channels, they’ll be missing out a huge chunk of the market, and not even the best brands can afford that.

If you need any more information on how you can use omnichannel marketing, or you just want to have a good ole chin wag about your upcoming summer holiday, then just give us a shout.

Why PR is so Important for Consumer Electronics

Electronics are applicable to all walks of life. With the emergence of influencer marketing, it’s vital that your brand is on point with its PR messaging. Here are some tips on why a strong Public Relations campaign is needed for your Consumer Electronics brand.

Social Media

Consumers electronics are particularly popular with the younger generation. The recent expansion of social media has made advertisements, notifications, and marketing more accessible than ever. If a company has a proficient PR team, they will be able to easily connect with the public. Familiarity with this sort of technology should not be taken for granted. Due to the wealth of settings and personalized features on these applications, there are clever ways to spread the word efficiently. Therefore, a strong presence on social media is essential for any consumer electronics business.

Evolving electronics

This is a rapidly evolving industry. Every year, improved electronics appear on the open market. Unlike other industries with forms of longevity, consumer electronics have predetermined shelf lives that come and go. In order to inform buyers of these new products, PR is an absolutely necessary department. If a company has a weak PR team, their consumers might be unaware of innovative and exciting products. In particular, people are interested in upgrades for their current devices. It is important to organize PR and inform the community of recent developments.

Size of demographic

Compared to other industries, consumer electronics is unusually large. Consumers include homeowners, students, the elderly, and more. Because everybody values electronics for productivity, these devices are a priority for nearly all buyers. The best way to spread information is through repeated PR. While other smaller industries might spread the word via bulletins or local conventions, these methods fall short when it comes to electronics. It is necessary to use mass communication to reach all of the population.


PR is also responsible for upholding community relations and standards. This includes constant communication via email and feedback systems that allow anonymity. In the consumer electronics industry, there are naturally a large number of complaints and concerns. If a PR team is able to quell these problems without a hitch, they will be able to maintain a solid reputation. When the public is highly judgmental, it is this department’s responsibility to uphold a good image. Future electronics sales are on the line.

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The Ultimate List of Social Marketing And Marketing Resources For 2017

Here at Magnafi we love to stay on top of all the current trends in marketing, advertising and digital by using a combination of some of the best free, paid and freemium tools on the web. This is roundup of some of our favourite tools that we use here and outside of work.


We love to test new tech on our campaigns so if you’re a developer feel free to tweet us @magnafication.


Social Automation and Scheduling


  1. Hoot Suite – Our favourite tool for scheduling our social posts to sync between all our devices has to be Hoot Suit. It doesn’t take a second’s thought to make sure to post regular content to all of our platforms. A little mentioned benefit of the tool is when used for social media outreach you can schedule all your posts periodically so that your current followers aren’t bombarded all at once when you send tweet copy to twenty different influencers.
  2. Social Quant – One of the single most effective social media tools behind our Breathe Life campaign. The tool is in a sense a bot that based upon your keyword research performs a set amount of follows and unfollows per day. How well the tool performs in terms of engagement around your content relies on what you put in. For managing engagement and partnerships that might be generated by the tool you’ll still need to make the time to form connections and follow up with those who want to know more about your project. At the moment, the tool only works on Twitter and to date I’ve not found a comparable tool for Instagram. As well as the tool works, I do think they could improve upon the billing and KPI dashboard from a usability perspective.


Organic Outreach, Research and Content Discovery


  1. Social Bakers Analytics – Easily the most comprehensive tool we’ve used to find every popular Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account worth knowing about, divided by sector, genre and country. Whilst using this to find the most popular accounts out there will leave you at the mercy of their own advertising placement fees, the tool is best used when finding smaller niche communities to contact.
  2. Is – A human curated tab takeover of the best digital marketing and tech articles, updated every day. The quality of the app is very high thanks to the curation aspect of the platform, so much so that you may even forget to check The Drum and MarketingLand at times because you’ll have already bookmarked so much reading material just from opening a new tab!
  3. Growth Hackers Community – An incredibly well thought out platform of content creation and curation. The highlight of Growth Hackers is the wide and varied range of marketers and senior entrepreneurs that are selected for regular AMAs. It is amazing how you can so seamlessly share your conversations straight to Twitter to show that you are talking to some of the most influential marketers today.
  4. org – The Reddit of marketing professionals. A huge community marked by some spam. It seems engagement per post has been lower in recent months. It is still a very valuable tool as the sheer numbers of members they have in the marketing and advertising sector can’t be beaten by any near competitors.
  5. FollowerWonk – Find the most relevant influencers in your sector by taking a list of common keywords used and organising results by location and popularity. Also provides wider analytics on your own account as well as that of competitors.
  6. Buzzsumo – Discover the most popular content in the past year for your sector, free plan is limited to only one page of results per day. Make sure to take into account that any fake blogging networks that pay for tens of thousands of fake likes will appear as “popular” results. For results like this, the tool isn’t perfect and should be taken with a pinch of salt. One nice little extra that they have recently implemented is drawing in backlink data for top content results directly from Majestic SEO.
  7. Pingroupie – If you’re looking for group boards on Pinterest (and you should!) Pingroupie is your only option for searching effectively through the noise. The biggest reason to include group boards as part of your Pinterest strategy is that it only takes a few shares to triple or even quadruple your monthly views on the platform. This also leads to more engagement across your pins if you happen to curate visually stunning content.
  8. Twitter Lists – For everything the Social Bakers miss, Twitter lists have – for free! The quality of a list varies from user to user. When you get it right though selecting the right list that includes a major influencer will also connect you to ten, twenty, maybe even the top thousand that are most similar. You can find the lists connected to any account by entering /memberships to their profile URL.
  9. Similar Web – A great free tool for website overviews providing everything from traffic referrals to similar sites in your sector and more in depth data around how different social networks are performing for you and your competitors. Audience insights is probably one of the most underated aspects of the tool in letting you know what percentage of your traffic is actually relevant to your site.
  10. io – Is one of my top essential plug ins currently taking up space in my toolbar. When I’m performing outreach, Hunter saves me a huge amount of time looking at third party sites for the contact details of prospects and bloggers I want to work with. With a single click the tool gives me a list of emails for all contacts on any webpage. Invaluable when you need to send hundreds of emails in a given day.
  11. Check My Links – When using a broken link building strategy to support your wider content promotion, a link checker such a Check My Links is essential and a very quick way of sorting through a page that may contain up to around 3,000 links. Combine with Ahrefs for locating high quality resource pages in order of authority.
  12. Hashtagify – The perfect hashtag research tool. Use the site before posting your content to Twitter/Instagram to find like audiences connected to the keywords you already know and love. My favourite part of the site is where you can see the crossover between audiences between two or more hashtags by percentage. The Top Recent Media sidebar also shows you the type of content your post will sit alongside. This can be highly important for reputation management and keeping on top of current trends or controversies.
  13. Google Trends – Have you ever been interested in finding out exactly when a word started trending? Are you also interested to see if that term has yearly ebbs and flows to help plan when you create content? Google Trends is yet another free tool that proves essential in providing real insights on what people are actually searching for, when and where those searches are more prominent and can help predict patterns of purchase intent from consumers.
  14. Profiles Lite from YouGov – Whilst this popular audience insights tool supports a much smaller data set than the professional platform, YouGov Lite is a great starting point for those first venturing into researching their current customer base. Striking visuals really bring the site alive, something you can’t get from viewing audience insights through a tool like Google Analytics.



Content Creation and Mockups


  1. Giphy – Create gifs to use on social media from existing video content in a matter of seconds from your most stunning video content.
  2. Promo Republic – Create beautiful social media posts from a suite of assets that look fresh and interesting. The inspiration section is great for examples of social posts to promote your site and even includes ideas for flyers and assets for newsletters.
  3. Io – Get a mock-up of your brand’s chatbot before launching.
  4. Plagiarism Checker – A tool you might not think to use whilst writing but really should. Plagiarism isn’t just a matter of hurting the feelings of content creators but also that of search engines. With duplicate content penalties-a-plenty it is important for the quality of your site to make sure that whilst you may be writing on an already well documented subject, take an original stance or face the wrath of Google!
  5. Afterlight (for IOS) – Gorgeous social posts that are curated by an art director are little needed when Afterlight brings the artist to the palm of your hand. My favourite reason to use the tool when I’m out on the go is because your audience is always looking for exciting content. The app is easily the most comprehensive free tool I’ve used to make sure my Instagram posts are perfectly colour balanced before posting to keep in key with any existing branding. I rarely use the more in your face elements of the app, but if bold frames and burn effects are your thing then you’ll also find that in this self-contained editing platform.



SEO is one of those areas where I’m not too loyal to any one source of data. As you’ll most often fine that not all websites are crawled equally. I’ve found many domain exceptions in which Majestic outperforms Ahrefs and vice versa. Below are the tools we most often use in both their free and premium formats.


  1. Majestic – One of the more affordable backlink and authority checkers out there, the tool is very good for an overview of your own and competitor activities. Use Clique Hunter to find audience and link crossover between up to five comparable domains of your choosing.
  2. Ahrefs – The pricier of the most popular backlink comparison tools provides more insights on yearly activity, anchors used, referring content and even has a discovery tool that works in a similar manner to Buzzsumo included within the package. The single most valuable function of Ahrefs isn’t it’s use as a link scraping tool but it’s superior functionality for keyword discovery, unlink Advanced Web Ranking which relies on data you have to discover yourself, Ahrefs cuts out the middle man by pulling the data in for you before you even have time to think of linking Webmaster Tools!
  3. SemRush – The most useful aspect of SemRush is the amount of technical and on site detail that they provide. From blank meta descriptions to dead links and errors that that the previous two tools never alerted me to, it is the major thing that kept it in my arsenal. Out of the three tools I also prefer SemRush’s newletter format for weekly rankings I’m sent just for being a free member. Breakdowns between competitor and keyword rankings are more concise and perfect for viewing whilst out of the office.
  4. YoastSEO – Yoast is one of the few plugins that is used alongside WordPress on the Magnafi site. It is so often used to optimise our pages and articles that it can be easily forgotten as one of our staple tools. Whilst a few of the metrics they judge upon have been outdated by Ahref’s 2 Million Keyword Study (which you can read here), it provides excellent guidelines to any beginner in SEO who creates regular content.
  5. Advanced Web Ranking – One of the best keyword ranking tools out there. Especially valuable for agencies in that it can be used for white label reports for your competitors. Weekly rankings are supplied as standard, with daily and on demand keyword results available for premium subscribers.
  6. StoryBase – If your looking for some new insights and are tired of relying on the Adword’s keyword planner, Storybase might just be for you. With 5 billion long-tail keywords, 100 million question keywords, and 2 billion related LSI keywords they are hardly short of data! The aspect I most like about the tool is the fact that questions have a clear separation from the rest of the other keyword results. This can make answering a customer query a lot easier to view than in Adwords, as in Adwords you have to specify terms that would be most often included in a question (e.g who, what, why?) to get the same results. This can be a bit fiddly to sort through especially in results which may not use who, what, where, why in their sentence structure.
  7. Moz (specifically their toolbar) – The free Moz toolbar is great for searching for discovering new linking opportunities for your SEO strategy. Finding the different between followed and no-follow domain links is done in a fraction of the time. It also provides you with the site authority and spam score almost as soon as the webpage is loaded – very helpful when avoiding harmful websites.


Don’t forget to check out our own tool that we created for any business owner to audit their YouTube account to poise themselves for video marketing success!

We’ve also launched our first email course for beginners in video marketing – over the course of five days learn the most essential elements of starting a successful advertising campaign that harnesses the power of video.

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Herstory: Jack Morton Boston Attends the Women’s Leadership Forum

“HerStory: Stories told. By women bold.” Six attendees from Jack Morton Boston spent the day living through six remarkable women’s experiences at the Ad Club’s Women’s Leadership Forum.

Herstory 2
Pictured: Lois Casaubon, Account Director; Angela Tisone, Account Supervisor; Laura Voigt, Business Development Director; Carrie Mahoney, Strategist; Alicia Durfee, VP, Sr Account Director; Allison Kromer, Finance Director

Account Supervisor Angela Tisone said it best when she said, “To me, the most amazing thing was the diversity of the speakers. Whether it was a mathematician or a musician, each speaker brought her own story to the conference and somehow, despite their different backgrounds and personal experiences, they were able to relate to all of us in the room.”

Business Development Director Laura Voigt’s favorite quote was the following: “Always remember that your curiosity is a vital organ,” from Lizz Winstead, comedian, writer, & co-creator of The Daily Show.

One of the speakers, musician and entertainer Grace Kelly, mentioned her once-in-a-lifetime experience performing an original composition with the Boston Pops Orchestra before the age of 15. Her secret, she shared, was this:

“Jump in, and learn on the go. Say yes as much as possible, even when not always sure, with the belief that the decision to succeed is just as important as actually doing it. It can be a good thing to be uncomfortable, as it results in growth.”

Dr. Miriam Meckel, expert on media economics and communication, explained the importance of understanding oneself and others – and appreciating the emotional layer of our lives as a strength, not a weakness.

Madge Meyer, former EVP and CIO at State Street Corporation, shared inspiring stories of her growth up the corporate ladder, including her ability to make deals with skeptical male managers throughout her career, one of which saved her company over $40 million dollars a year. Her advice included:

“Promote yourself. It’s not bragging, it’s just speaking up….Don’t accept ‘no,’ but find a way around it.”

The event also included the conferral of an Admiration Award to Collette Divitto, a talented baker with Down syndrome who started her own cookie company after she was rejected multiple times for jobs she was qualified for.

For Account Director Lois Casaubon, the award ceremony was the most memorable moment. “While [Collette’s] story in itself is completely inspiring, seeing that young woman get up on stage in front of 1100 people to accept the award was totally incredible. She was clearly nervous, but didn’t let that stop her from saying what she wanted to say, and making sure her story got told. She was incredible!”

Herstory 3


Strategist Carrie Mahoney said, “To me, one theme kept reappearing: carve your own path. Each speaker talked about the importance of identifying a need within an organization, finding a solution and taking on that role. None of them sugarcoated their setbacks, their doubts. But the times they succeeded the most were when they were doing something no one else was.”

Looking around the table at our JACK group, I thought about how we work together. And rather than compete with each other, we often support and lift each other up. “I’ve got my own thing, ya know, instead of competing and chasing the fad… ” said Grace Kelly. How remarkable is it when we can all have our own thing, and still be able to connect to create something extraordinary?

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Jack Morton Boston insights from Cindy Gallop’s Be the Change talk

On Thursday, March 9, following International Women’s Day, the women of Jack Boston gathered to watch IPG’s Women’s Leadership Network webcast, Be The Change, featuring Cindy Gallop.

Be the Change Image

Cindy is one of the most outspoken advocates for diversity in business, tech and advertising – not to mention a total badass. She spoke about skills and talents that can bring more creativity and impact to what we do, the everyday barriers that may get in the way and how to break those down and the inspirational opportunities to realize your own ambitions.

Cindy Gallop is one of the most outspoken advocates for diversity in business, tech and advertising – not to mention a total badass.

Here are 10 key takeaways from the webinar that influence how our Jack Boston women will continue to ‘be the change’ in the workforce:

Say what you think

Own your ideas and make sure you get credit for them. You diminish your own worth when you hold back.

State your ambition

Consistently remind people what that ambition is. Make it clear you want to be a leader.

Take up more space

Understand how your company brings in revenue and recommend new ways to bring in revenue. Women will influence men more than men will influence other men.

Be your own filter

Identify your own beliefs and values. Everything in life and business starts with recognizing what you believe in and what you value. Do what you believe in, and stay true to your values.

Say yes. Say no.

Put yourself up for everything but say no to the “housekeeping” tasks that are often relegated to the women in the office.

Make sh*t happen

Be the person everyone can count on to make shit happen.

Call out barriers

The unfortunate reality is that unconscious bias exists in the workplace. Men are hired and promoted on potential, women are hired and promoted on proof. Call it out, and change the optics. What are the optics of our industry today? Check out TooManyGuysOneGirl on Tumblr.

Build your personal brand
Manage your descriptor and your elevator pitch. When you do this, you are creating value for your company by showing off your talents and capabilities.

Find champions, not just mentors
Find a champion who will make things happen for you. Mentorship is nice and important, but this takes it one step further.

Help change the numbers
Hire groups, not individuals. Boards with three or more women on them have better quality discussions and better results.

Ultimately, as Cindy said, “it’s not about diversity, it’s about humanity.” It is our responsibility make sure our workplace is representative of the communities it serves. How will you be the change in your organization?

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Infographic: UK Spending on Mother’s Day

In the UK, Mother’s day is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and five weeks after Valentine’s Day meaning brands have a very short space of time to roll out new and effective marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day.


But the short time period does not appear to have a drastic effect on spending in the UK.

It seems the nature of the celebration between mothers and the maternal bond with their children is just far too strong.

In 2015, it was estimated that Brits spent over half a billion on gifts for Mother’s Day and in 2016 Mother’s Day spending equalled that of Easter.

In general, Londoner’s and men spend more of their Mother’s, and Mother’s Day knocks Father’s Day spending out of the park (Sorry Dad’s).


But, it’s not just flowers and chocolate’s that we’re treating our mum’s to these days. We have seen a huge increase in popularity for personalised gifts in the last few years.

Shoppers are in a bid to make their gifts stand out among the rest.

First with cards from Moonpig and boutique gifts from Not on The High Street, and now towards personalised food and drink products like Biscuiteers, Coca-Cola, Nutella and Marmite.

There has been a huge rise of this trend in recent years, and with an expected £1billion being spent on personalised gifts in the UK back in 2015, we can only wonder how this year’s Mother’s Day will contribute to the 2017 personalised gift spend.


This infographic is a round up of Mintel’s 2015 study into UK spending on Mother’s Day.


Spending on Mother's Day


Do you have any of your own spending stats for Mother’s Day? Sound off in the comments below or let us know @HarvestDigital

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