Join SapientRazorfish and Adobe at Innovation Day at SXSW ‘17


We’re hosting this year’s Innovation Day, a collection of talks dedicated to how artificial intelligence (and its brethren) is helping brands understand, predict, and more effectively engage with the wants and needs of people in a deeply personalized way. Spend the day getting your fill of boundary-breaking insights from trailblazers such as Sideways Inc., TUNE, Adobe, NEW INC at New Museum, The Community, and SapientRazorifsh. Then, get your chill by attending our happy hour!

Innovation Day | Sunday, March 12th
Time: 10AM and 4PM CT
Location: Palm Door on Sabine, Austin

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See the schedule below for details and follow this link to RSVP and attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!


10AM – 10:50AM Augmented Intelligence: The Next-Gen AI
With Melanie Cook, Head of Strategy & Content, Southeast Asia, SapientRazorfish

The Super Intelligentsia believes that AI and Armageddon go hand in hand. Robotics and AI have integrated human and mechanical capabilities at work, with jobs lost and skills condensed to a keystroke. But human intelligence is far from obsolete. With crowd-computing, we have knowledge exchanges like Wiki and real-time, curated news. Semantic technology helps leaders understand what is happening in the workplace, but neurology shows that these leaders cannot make choices (and therefore take action) without emotion. Augmented Intelligence takes human intuition and imagination, and combines it with AI’s ability to automate and scale, making the Intelligent Workplace hard to beat.

11AM – 11:50AM The Future of Content Creation
With Ron Nagy, Senior Evangelist, Adobe

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are transforming the way content is stored, retrieved, displayed, and created. We are creating more content for more channels vying for ever-dwindling attention. While social is driving a lot of content explosion, personalization across channels is driving higher content velocity. You’ll learn how Adobe has consolidated a number of technologies under Adobe Sensei to enable our customers to deliver more experiences faster. Join us to see a variety of demos from the not-too-distant future of content creation; and hear how you can leverage AI/ML to create better experiences.

12PM – 12:50PM Building the Cognitive Business
With Simon James, Global Head of Performance Analytics, SapientRazorfish

Technological innovation has fundamentally changed human behaviour, but perhaps no technology has been hyped as much as AI. How do businesses prepare for an AI-first world when they are still coming to terms with mobile-first thinking? Find out how AI is changing and challenging businesses today, why AI is a platform play and not a product play, how any business can start down the road to becoming AI-first, and how to overcome internal blockers to generate real business value.

1:15PM – 1:50PM HeyMap: Blending Social Media with the Real World
With Andy Amendola, Director of Digital Strategy, The Community; Juan Aguilar, Art Director, The Community; Lindsey Stormer, Copywriter, The Community

Join Juan Aguilar, Lyndsey Stormer, and Andy Amendola from The Community as they discuss the possibilities of merging our physical and digital worlds. Get a sneak peak of HeyMap, an app that lets you connect with friends through physical places by sharing posts in specific locations around the world.

2PM – 2:50PM Same, Same, Different: A Conversation on Changing the Ratio in Creative Technology
With moderator Keri Elmsly, CCO, Second Story and panelists Ian Sefferman, GM, TUNE Marketing Console ; Julia Kaganskiy, Director, NEW INC at New Museum & Aina Abiodun, Head of Strategy, Sideways Inc.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. It’s time to discuss some different tactics our industry can take to create a more vibrant, inclusive, and diverse environment.

3PM – 3:50PM Lessons Learned from Birthing a Bot
With Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag, former Googler, and proud participant in the open source/open web communities

For nearly a year, Chris has been incubating his own mini me, which he lovingly and accurately calls “MessinaBot”. It lives on Facebook Messenger and can tell you all about him, as well as pull content from all places he publishes to across the web. You can access cocktail recipes from MessinaBot, and if you connect your Uber to it, then it’ll send you his Foursquare tips based on your destination. In this session, Chris will share his journey to birthing his own bot and what it portends for social technology more broadly.


4PM – 6PM Happy Hour Drinks
Unwind with authentic Austin musical flare. Co-sponsored with our friends at Adobe.

Follow this link to RSVP for any and all of the above!

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