5 Extremely Useful Digital Marketing Stats: December 2016

Last month, we explained five extremely useful digital marketing stats. This month, we’re sharing five more!

What advertising trends will drive profits next year? What does shifting spend say about a given industry? How do you make sense of the numbers coming out of Black Friday weekend?

To answers those quesitons and more, we put together our second edition of our monthly stat round up, sharing contributions from the EVP of Sales and Business Development at Liquidus, Greg O’Brien; Senior Content Marketing Manager at Vibes, Debra Filcman; and Cofactor’s own Director of Content, Lindsay DeVore.

From left to right: DeVore, O’Brien, and Filcman


CPGs are expected to spend $5.97 billion on digital advertising in 2016, an 18.2 percent gain from 2015 that will see this sector account for 8.7 percent of total U.S. digital ad spending for the year. (eMarketer)

What does this mean?

Join the Leith Foodbank Appeal

In 2011, there was one Trussell Trust foodbank in Scotland. Now there are more than fifty. There are nine in Edinburgh alone.

This story ran two days after Christmas last year as we grazed on turkey soup and the pesky coffee Roses that no-one really enjoys. Over 7,000 people visited foodbanks in Scotland during Christmas week.

A few of us at Leith have been doing a bit of research into foodbanks as part of a training course we’ve just completed. IDEO’s Human Centred Design Research was made available online by Acumen and set us a brief as part of the course.

Our research took us to foodbanks and we learnt that there are actually two kinds of parcels given out to people needing help. A box of food that lasts three days for people with access to cooking facilities. And the equivalent if your only cooking equipment is a kettle.

Break “Secret Santa” Traditions and Fight Hunger

14 million people in South Africa suffer from hunger every day.

Non-profit FoodForward SA already tackles the issue, currently feeding 250,000 people daily. Last year alone the organization distributed more than 3,300 tons of food.

This year, continuing their commitment to helping South Africa’s hungry, FoodForward SA and JWT South Africa have unveiled a new fundraising campaign that turns Secret Santa into an opportunity for people to donate to FoodForward SA.

Instead of more typical holiday gifts, the campaign encourages people to purchase a festive card from FoodForward SA for just R35, which will go toward helping to feed a hungry person for a month. In return, people receive a beautifully designed card that they can give to their colleague or loved one.

Once you make your donation, three card options are emailed to your inbox and the card informs the recipient that a donation has been made on their

STC Unveils a Fresh Side to Saudi Arabia’s Image

Saudi Telecom Company has unveiled a major new campaign aimed at dispelling the stereotypical ideas around Saudi Arabia to both the world and to Saudis themselves.

J. Walter Thompson created ‘Unveil Saudi’, a project that invited local bloggers, social media influencers and photographers to journey with STC through the Kingdom’s lesser-known villages, towns and small cities to document a side of the country beyond oil and desert.

“People outside the Kingdom are unable to view the country the way Saudis do,” explained Ahmed Al Sahhaf, general manager of Consumer Marketing Communication at STC. “All too often, images and mass media portray desert and oil.

“But sometimes, even Saudis need to be reminded of the beauty and diverse landscape across their vast country.

“The images on Unveil Saudi are a reminder of our colorful and joyous land; green mountains, clear streams, cloud-covered cable car rides, fields and parks, dusky night

It’s Official! You Can Now Download Netflix Shows To Watch Offline


Image Source: Netflix.com

Netflix is taking the world by storm and even has South Africans mesmerised, pitting themselves as strong competitors against local broadcasters and satellite TV.

And while the population is cosying up to a constant stream of series and films, Netflix has even more great news!

Customers all over the world can now download series and films, from old favourites such as Gilmore Girls to new favourites like Stranger Things, at no extra cost. These downloads can then be viewed offline at a later stage.

It’s as easy as clicking the download button on the details page for a film or TV series. Just be sure to update your Netflix app to the most recent version.

In an online statement Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation Eddy Wu said, “Many of your favourite streaming series and movies are already available for download, with more on the way,