JWT Paris takes aim at CO2 Emissions

Though seemingly harmless, driving a car for even a short journey through the mountains can be harmful to the environment.

Mountain Riders, a French nonprofit dedicated to educating the public about the importance of protecting mountainous environments, partnered with JWT Paris to help make people aware that CO2 emissions from cars can contaminate the snow and threaten the health of animals, plants and people that live on the mountains.

How? With “Untouchable Cars.”

Launched on December 11, the UN’s International Mountain Day (HYPERLINK), “Untouchable Cars” revolves around beautifully crafted snow sculptures of animals whose habitats are threatened by car pollution. The snow sculptures were placed on top of some cars, leaving their owners unwilling to touch them lest they ruin the sculptures.

Nine snow sculptors helped to cover dozens of cars in the Mont Blanc valley with the, generating a serious social media buzz driven by the hashtag

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