5 Extremely Useful Digital Marketing Stats: December 2016

Last month, we explained five extremely useful digital marketing stats. This month, we’re sharing five more!

What advertising trends will drive profits next year? What does shifting spend say about a given industry? How do you make sense of the numbers coming out of Black Friday weekend?

To answers those quesitons and more, we put together our second edition of our monthly stat round up, sharing contributions from the EVP of Sales and Business Development at Liquidus, Greg O’Brien; Senior Content Marketing Manager at Vibes, Debra Filcman; and Cofactor’s own Director of Content, Lindsay DeVore.

From left to right: DeVore, O’Brien, and Filcman


CPGs are expected to spend $5.97 billion on digital advertising in 2016, an 18.2 percent gain from 2015 that will see this sector account for 8.7 percent of total U.S. digital ad spending for the year. (eMarketer)

What does this mean?

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