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In 2011, there was one Trussell Trust foodbank in Scotland. Now there are more than fifty. There are nine in Edinburgh alone.

This story ran two days after Christmas last year as we grazed on turkey soup and the pesky coffee Roses that no-one really enjoys. Over 7,000 people visited foodbanks in Scotland during Christmas week.

A few of us at Leith have been doing a bit of research into foodbanks as part of a training course we’ve just completed. IDEO’s Human Centred Design Research was made available online by Acumen and set us a brief as part of the course.

Our research took us to foodbanks and we learnt that there are actually two kinds of parcels given out to people needing help. A box of food that lasts three days for people with access to cooking facilities. And the equivalent if your only cooking equipment is a kettle.

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