Break “Secret Santa” Traditions and Fight Hunger

14 million people in South Africa suffer from hunger every day.

Non-profit FoodForward SA already tackles the issue, currently feeding 250,000 people daily. Last year alone the organization distributed more than 3,300 tons of food.

This year, continuing their commitment to helping South Africa’s hungry, FoodForward SA and JWT South Africa have unveiled a new fundraising campaign that turns Secret Santa into an opportunity for people to donate to FoodForward SA.

Instead of more typical holiday gifts, the campaign encourages people to purchase a festive card from FoodForward SA for just R35, which will go toward helping to feed a hungry person for a month. In return, people receive a beautifully designed card that they can give to their colleague or loved one.

Once you make your donation, three card options are emailed to your inbox and the card informs the recipient that a donation has been made on their

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