Educating for an uncertain future

Left: Mat Heinl Right: Derek Yates

This is a guest post from Derek Yates, Programme Leader of Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art

Moving Brands CEO Mat Heinl joined author and educator, Derek Yates to deliver a keynote presentation at the bi-annual conference of the Graphic Design Educators Network at Cardiff Metropolitan University in South Wales. The theme of the conference was Exploring Territories. Derek and Mat discussed the benefits of open ended, prototype driven enquiry and why embracing failure could be the real key to survival for today’s creative graduates. This is an expansion of an interview featured in Derek’s book ‘Communication Design Insights from the Creative Industries.’

The presentation kicked off with a screening of Play, a short film that explores Moving Brands’ approach to research, development and problem solving. After the film, Derek and Mat discussed how the company makes space for an expansive and exploratory approach outside

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