Social Media Lessons from the US Presidential Election: 7 Hashtags to Follow

With the 2016 US presidential election inching closer, candidates are ramping up their social media efforts. While 2012 was considered the first social media election, its 2016 successor will likely blow it out of the water in terms of engagement and overall impact. Below are seven election-related hashtags to follow over the next few months.1. #Election2016If you’re following the race for the White House, #Election2016 is a hashtag you’re not going to want to miss. As the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rages on, this hashtag will provide you with a quick rundown of the latest dealings impacting the election.2. #TrumpHashtags related to Donald Trump are getting the most exposure per hour. It’s not difficult to see why. Trump is by far the most divisive presidential candidate in recent history. For his latest musings, look up #Trump.3. #Hillary2016Hashtags with the other major candidate are also trending this election

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