We are Undivided #wedemand

It began the week after the referendum; it launches today; it could change the face of British politics.

Thousands of young people from across the UK of all political persuasions, backgrounds and beliefs are rising above differing opinions to focus on their uniting principles as we head further into Brexit negotiations.

They’re doing this to rise above hate; to demand their voice be heard in the negotiations that will affect their generation longest; to get the best deal for young people from Brexit; to prove their differences make them stronger; and that they are not divided as we’re too often told.

Today I’m proud to share the launch of www.weareundivided.co.uk

In the four months since the referendum, young people from all corners of the UK have built a brand, developed a site, secured funding, created a team, designed a campaign that’s digital, physical, social, local and interactive, and today

Beyond the Surface of Crystal River’s New Website

Client: Citrus County
Project: Website Design and Development
Our team was challenged with designing and deploying a website for Citrus County, better known as Crystal River, Florida, through which potential visitors could immerse themselves in the destination, learning what it has to offer and how to make their dream trips come to life. To create an engaging and functional user experience, we went to new depths in the digital realm, creating a highly user-friendly Trip Planner. Visitors can add activities and lodging to their itinerary builder as they navigate through the website, and easily organize their selected to-dos using a drag-and-drop interface.

See the website live at discovercrystalriverfl.com.

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All the winners at the 2016 New Generation Awards

It was a night of wins for Conversation LAB at the 2016 New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards.

We picked up an impressive 13 awards for our work on Inecto Plus, Renew, Varsity College, Coo-ee and Environ Skin Care.

Our Community Manager, Silindile Nkosi, also took Silver for Best Community Engagement Manager.

Congrats to our team! You can take a look at the complete list of winners here: http://bit.ly/2e7fSlj

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How Non-Profit Organizations Can Raise Awareness with Social Media

Do you ever wonder how far the messages you see on social media come from? Thanks to the vast amount of changes in technology and social media platforms, any company, even the smallest non-profit organizations have the ability to reach the other side of the world.

Non-profit organizations’ greatest asset is a free tool: social media. However, in order to make your organization stand out among the millions of other things vying for your audience’s attention, you must market smarter than the competition. Creating a lot of buzz about your organization or fundraising cause can be made easier with these helpful tips.

Have Consistent Brand Design

The first thing your potential donors and supporters are going to see is how your website, blog, social media pages and other brand materials look. If your campaign materials don’t come off as appealing to the eye or are not in sync with one