Australian Scientists Just Set a World Record for Solar Thermal Efficiency

97% conversion of sunlight into steam.Scientists at the Australian National University have set a world record for efficiency for a solar thermal dish generating steam for power stations.The team halved energy losses and achieved a 97 percent conversion of sunlight into steam through a new receiver for a solar concentrator dish. This beats commercial systems by about seven percentage points.”When our computer model told us the efficiency that our design was going to achieve, we thought it was alarmingly high,” says John Pye, from the ANU Research School of Engineering.”But when we built it and tested it, sure enough, the performance was amazing.”The ANU team has already had commercial interest in the solar thermal system.”We’re actually talking seriously with a company that’s seeking to use our new receiver in some large mine-site applications, for provision of both heat and power to the site,” John Pye stated.Here’s the solar dish in

Latest 2016 Global Digital Trends Show Strong Growth

25 years ago, on August 23, 1991, a British computer scientist made the World Wide Web available to the public.Tim Berners-Lee, who was then working at CERN, could not have imagined the impact his actions would have on the world over the next two and a half decades.However, even 25 years after what some call its inception, the World Wide Web is not nearly as universally available as its name suggests.According to the latest estimates by the International Telecommunication Union, a UN agency specializing in information and communication technologies, “only” 47 in 100 world citizens use the internet in 2016.While internet access in regions such as North America and Europe has become a commodity, not unlike electricity and running water, people in less developed regions often still lack access to what has arguably become the most important source of information of our times.The chart below shows how widely internet penetration still

Celebrating International Youth Day

On August 12th, the United Nations is celebrating International Youth Day with the theme of “eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable consumption and production.” In our latest study, the Truth about Youth, we found that social good and philanthropy are completely entrenched in global youth culture. What’s more, when we asked young people around the world what causes are most important to them, the number one cause they said was “eradicating poverty”!

In honor of this day, we’d like to share a few highlights of our findings with you. For more information on the Truth about Youth, check out our study page.

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UK charity Street League appoints Livity for first ever youth marketing campaign

UK charity Street League has appointed Livity to relaunch its brand and create its first national marketing campaign targeting young people to date. Livity won the work following a competitive pitch.

Street League, which aims to bring an end to youth unemployment by harnessing the power of sport, has enlisted Livity to help it launch a nationwide recruitment drive targeting young people not in employment between 16 and 25, with the aim of getting them to join Street League’s Academy programme. The programme runs for 10 weeks and involves two hours of sport and two hours in the classroom every day, teaching vital employability skills, such as CV writing.

The campaign, which will launch in August, will tap into increased awareness about the power of sport to improve and transform people’s lives, heightened by excitement around the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will also coincide with the nationwide

Articles: Spotlight on the Shadow a Student Challenge

PBS NewsHour airs a segment on the Shadow a Student challenge, an initiative from School Retool in partnership with IDEO and the Stanford to help school administrators build empathy for students. The segment features assistant principal Karen Ritter (East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, Illinois) who spent a day following one of her 9th grade students as part of the challenge.

Watch the segment here.

Is Amazon still in Prime position?

A big question for a big retailer…our very own Rob Sellers took to Campaign to check in on Amazon, Prime and Prime Day:

“Amazon Prime encourages shoppers to sign up (for the cost of £79 a year) to get a raft of benefits ranging from faster delivery time, access to Amazon’s content platforms and online storage.

The first Prime Day ran last year as a celebration of Amazon’s 20th birthday, and was so successful that it looks like it will become an annual event.

But does this PR spin mask the dot com giant’s true priorities, namely driving subscriptions and reducing their exposure to stock levels of their own soon-to-be-obsolete tech products?

Retail and marketing experts will be watching Prime Day closely to see if this is a trend towards deep and drastic retail sales events, such as Black Friday, that prey on shoppers’ fear of missing out.

Flash sales and discounting “moments” will be advertised throughout