Zayum, Truth Central: Back At it Again with

Not to throw subs or anything, but some people are so basic. It makes me salty. If you want to glow up then being fluent in Gen Z is major key. Preach. Learn how to fire shots or tell your bae they betta werk. Or maybe you wanna come thru to get hype. Whatever you do, don’t act thirsty now.

Reading the above, you’ll likely fall into one of two camps: either this is your native language (ok, maybe it’s trying a little too hard; we’ve exaggerated for effect) or this is complete and utter nonsense (in which case, you’re most likely over 25).

For those who fall into the latter camp, our new website may be your lifesaver (clutch, if you will). It’s Urban Dictionary for the next generation—the website is a living, breathing alphabet that breaks down today’s most common Gen Z slang. It features candid and,

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