Keeping the buzz going – Big Cat’s 12 tips for marketing your restaurant

Here at Big Cat we specialise in restaurant marketing, having previously worked with Turtle Bay andSan Carlo, to name a few. Using his vast knowledge and experience in this sector, Big Cat MDAnthony Tattum, highlights 12 top tips for maintaining interest in your restaurant after the launch.

Make your busiest times even more busy

A crowd attracts a crowd! If your lunchtimes are busy, work on making them even more of a hub. You want the ripple effect: people telling other people what a great place they’ve been to. Word of mouth recommendations are the most powerful form of marketing, and they’re free!

What’s your second busiest time? Market that next

After maxing on your busiest time, move on to the next successful slot. You’re best to work with what’s already working well.  This second time period should be highlighted to customers during the busiest time via point of sale (POS) offers, as well

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