“Today we lost a creative icon” – President Obama.

On April 21st 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota the world was given a prolific musical visionary that would go on to win seven Grammy’s and an Academy Award.

Following in the footsteps of his jazz singing mother and song writing father, Prince wrote his first song “Funk Machine” at the age of seven. The visionary artist we know today as Prince cut his teeth in high school playing clubs and parties in the Minneapolis area with his long time collaborator Andre Anderson and cousin Charles Smith. Their early work inspired by the pioneers of Funk, Jazz, and Rock laid the foundation for Prince’s non-confirmative style.

Prince released his first album “For You” in 1978, and became an international sensation in 1982 when he released his ground breaking album 1999. His legacy includes 67 albums (studio, live, compilation, and video), 136

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