Icons endure. So, it’s fitting (pun intended) and no surprise that Levi’s 501s have been an enduring icon for over a century.

Daring and rebellious. Maverick and individual. Bold and tough. 501s have accompanied cowboys, rebels, greasers, bikers, punks, blue-collar and desk workers, musicians and artists as they each strike out on their own; pushing the boundaries and living hard. Arguably, there is no icon more symbolic of Western idealism than 501s. Over 125 years, these pants have proved more valuable than state-issued currency and more appealing than any one person’s status as flag-bearer of a cultural movement.

Immune to fickle fashion trends, unbounded by gender, race, or orientation, and tough enough for any test of time; icons endure and Levi’s 501s can’t be ripped.

Chris Robertson – Planning Director, mcgarrybowen Chicago

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