How behavioural theory and social media influenced Public Health England’s ‘One You’

Article first published by Marketing on 31.03.2016 


This month saw the launch of Public Health England’s One You campaign, a major new initiative that puts the spotlight on adult health, writes Jane Asscher, CEO and Founding Partner at 23red, and co-author of the Change4Life strategy.

It’s a campaign motivated in part by the need to reduce the £11bn we spend each year, via the NHS, treating avoidable illness and disease.

It’s six years since the Department of Health launched Change4Life, starting its long-standing crusade against childhood obesity.

Both brands have a clear aim – to enable and encourage people to make better choices about health. But the world today is very different.

It is almost compulsory today to talk about behavioural theory as part of a campaign strategy, and its teachings are evident in what we have seen to date of

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